Thursday, April 29, 2010

Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Bells, Hearts and Edgings

Sue used a modified Tatted Flower Pin pattern in Easy Tatting by Rozella F. Linden to make earrings for her daughter. She missed a picot on the first one so she turned it into a necklace for her granddaughter who's almost 6.
Tattips started with a simple pattern in mind using white thread and black beads, but after a few rings there was a problem and as she fixed it these utterly delightful 3D bell shaped earrings emerged. That's the kind of problem I like. Agasunset has used silver thread and Swarovski crystals to make this familiar cross. The leaf is not one of her designs, but a necklace she bought from Jennifer aka "Snappytatter".
Alba Alicia has tatted for Ernesto and Marisol's wedding. The ring bearer's pillow is lovely with an edging that has been embellished with silver beads and heart motifs.
Claudia tatted the fan from the book Frivolite by Evain Lucette. It was shuttle tatted using split ring, split chain, scmr, and inverted picot without cutting threads in Coats mercer crochet size 40 in ecru.
Heather posted a better picture of her Envoy medallion.
Krystle is back in the jewelery mode. The necklace and earrings incorporate vintage swarovski crystal pieces and roll tatting done with 2 shuttles so that the chains could intertwine. She has a flower on a chain, a petal perfect necklace with beads, and a new design called "Festival" earrings. Rose coloured rhinestones framed in black tatting and another earring design with shell drops.

Marty sent off the phone charms that Wendy won in her giveaway but they seemed to have gone astray in the mail, so Marty tatted these as replacements in Wendy's favourite red, Oren Bayan metallic threads actually, one with silver beads and one with red beads. Then of course there was that volcano that grounded all air service so it looked like first one, and then the other package, got lost... but never fear, they have arrived. Wendy got both packages eventually.

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