Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Motifs, Doilies, Earrings, Flag, Heart, Edging, Butterfly and Necklace

Muskaan discovered interlocking rings and had to give them a try. Using several online instructions she started with Karen's single shuttle interlocking rings video and used Jon's instructions on how to get the last ring to overlap properly. Then she tried Frivole’s Rose & Crown motif. She used Anchor size 20 Cadmium Orange 4054-0307 shade for her first attempt but the centre seemed tight so she gave it another try. Anchor size 20 Purple 4054-0101 was used for the next one which worked out much better when she left a tiny length of about 1 mm before starting the next ring. Then she found another tutorial by Kathy and using Anchor size 20 Maroon 022 it worth out even better. So she started another on in Royal Blue 4054-0133.

Batty Tatter finished Renulek's Spring doily, which is 19 inches across made with size 30 DMC. The last row is fun but takes some concentration.

Lilas found these lovely earring in a book by Pascale Provost. She used black DMC thread size 80, and Miyuki pearls 15/0 and silver hooks. She used a blue DMC thread size 80 with 2 big lapis lazuli pearls to make these earrings with woven picots.

mb duke remembers Memorial day with this representation of an American flag.

Lelia is participating in the Online Tatting Class group project to tat and share 40 patterns of Nellie Hall Youngburg, which she began with Lizbeth size 20, color 164. She had some more thread and  beads on a shuttle and made Grace Tan's Three Little Hearts.

Grace is continuing her step by step instructions for Renulek's Summer Napkin. The post includes detailed instructions for Rounds 5 and 6.

Diane gathered with the Tollway Tatters for another good time, the highlight of which was meeting a police officer who expressed interest in tatting and went off with shuttles and thread and a business card. So far Diane has manage to get about half way around this row of Renulek's Letnia and she's really enjoying it. She has found that one of the side benefits of teaching her students to tat, is that they are occupied while she is doing organizing shelves in the library.

Fox struggled with this Burda doily and had to cut off the last row, which is the penultimate row in the pattern, because it was too tight and cramped, possible because she used size 80 thread instead of the larger thread used in the pattern. She attached the centre bit, weaving it with gold thread to the outer piece as she messed up the picot count throughout the joining row. This border is designed by Robin Perfetti and is a nice relaxing tat for a change. It's half way there now.  

Marie participated in a tatting implement exchange and received these goodies from Joyce, a beautiful butterfly and thread in Lizbeth, 20, Spring Garden; scissor fob, and a shuttle decorated with fabric. Her mom came for a visit and selected this pendant which she wanted on a chain so Marie crafted one for her.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Doilies, Leaves, Motifs, Bracelet, Pendants, Earrings, Heart and Crosses

Jenn tatted Round 3 of the Renulek Summer Napkin all in green as she wanted the pink to stand out.

Muskaan has created a 3D Rustic Leaf pattern and shares how she created it. To give it a more realistic look she added veins to the leaf. It began with the smaller, inner leaf using the techniques she has been playing with. Then she did the larger leaf before combining them. Then she added the central rib. Long twisted picots form the veins.


Lilas finished the doily she was working on in subtle shades of white and ecru, just in time to give to her mother.

Diane's students just keep on tatting. One of them even made her a bracelet in pink and gold. You know she has them well and truly addicted when their eyes light up at the prospect of more shuttles. Little by little her students are gaining proficiency in tatting chains and making picots. Keeping up with her students doesn't leave her much time or energy to work on Renulek's Letnia, but even it is slowly progressing.

Fox is using #80 Venus, DMC and Lizbeth on her doily and this last round just about did her in repeatedly cutting and fixing. Some lilacs from a neighbour's yard are sitting atop a design of Liyarra's that she did last year.

Marie made earrings to match the Silvery Snowflake pendant. the Silvery Gold pendant was made with two strands of silver sewing thread and a gold cats-eye. The earrings, of course, were made to match. She used two strands of metallic red sewing thread on the outer rounds of the design made for this cabochon.

Martha shares a group of hearts she made when she was still in "heart mode" after Valentine's Day, scanned together so you can judge the size and all done in size 20, except as noted. The Heart Within by Frivole, the Basket Heart by Rosemarie Peel worked in King Tut quilting thread, the Peacock Heart by Birgit Phelps, the Ruffled Heart by Vicki Clarke tatted in Valdani perle cotton and Minnies Love by Heather Johnston.

Sue tatted Mary Konior's Large Cross in size 10 Celery HDT for a lady in her Sunday night group. She did more crosses, the first cross, which she didn't get a picture of, was The Heritage Cross by Dee Powell in red and blue that's the same as the one shown in the picture in red. These crosses are all size 40 Lizbeth threads, with the first two in Rainbow Taffy, and the red is Christmas Red.

Wanda found this elegant tea cup and had to bring it home. The doily was designed to complement the cup and done in Lizbeth size 20 in #617 Magenta Med and #644 Boysenberry Dk.