Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bookmark,Snowflake, Horseshoe and an Antique Collar

Shirl has tatted another bookmark to keep on hand for gifts. This one measures 5 1/2 inches in HH Lizbeth thread size 20 color 691.
LauraRose has tatted Jon's Quantiesque snowflake in another Perle 8 thread.

Wanda tatted a horseshoe to go with her horse's head, although it looks a bit more like a U. That kind of thing happens when the family is visiting. She plans to re-do it and tweak the design since the colour doesn't go well with the horsehead she's done.
TattingChic found a wonderful antique tatted collar comprised of medallions with needle lace centres. The individual motifs have been tied together as you would expect in an antique piece, but the outer border is a cloverleaf edging that uses the standard joins. This looks like it might be a transition piece created just at the time when tatters started using joins.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bookmarks, Bangles, Butterflies and Earrings

Ladydoc joins the challenge with this butterfly tatted in Pearl Crown Rayon.
Vanessa tatted this bookmark in a variegated yellow/white Coats Mercer crochet cotton size 20.Thelma found this pattern on the Bella online site by way of the online tatting class. She's lost the original picture so she's not sure what it was supposed to look like, but the results of her tatting look lovely. Krystle made a pair of earrings using Yarnplayer's Garden Party, first batch with top drilled bi cone Swarovski crystal beads.
Charlotte tats on the go and shows us her tatting corner is really a red silk bag.

Hye-Soon has been busy. She did this tatted version of filet crochet as shown in Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns which is very effective done in 2 colours. Two more of Mary's patterns are Masquerade which Hye-Soon has made into a mat and Black Magic which is currently bookmark size.

Jeanne has posted a collection of decorative paperclips based on patterns by Ellen Lai as posted on Georgia Seitz' online tatting class website. The left Butterfly is the Shuttle Brother's SCMR Butterfly and the next one is based on it. The 2 on the right are Jeanne's Ruffled SCMR Butterfly, check her pattern blog for the pattern.

Joy used that last of her white Irish linen embellished with tatting to make this adorable bonnet.

Wally redid the motif with the errant picot and added some sequin sparkle before mounting it in a bangle. This jumble of tatting are the tatted and crocheted items she did last year.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Give Away's, Work Baskets and a Bad Picot

Ellen has a lot to celebrate she received a couple ATC's and made some really nice ones that included tatting. She has designed an owl on a paper clip for the on-line class that is really cute and the pattern is available for everyone. He is also motif #4 of her second 25 motif challenge.
Best of all to celebrate her 100th post Ellen is having a giveaway with some tatting treats, be sure to visit her blog for details.

Aileen has joined a bunch of new tatting clubs. The first is the group that has tatted Jon's Quantiesque Snowflake. She has also joined the tatting space challenge be sure to check out her blog to find out the details about Aileens tatting space and some of her favorite tatting things.

Martha has information posted on her blog about the Fringe Element Tat Days Conference September 25 and 26 in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

TattingChic has posted about what is in her work basket and about Work Basket magazines that have been given to her. She also shows us her special box that holds her collection of Work Basket Magazines that her Grandpa made for her Grandma.

Wally is asking for everyone's opinion about what to do with the bad, evil picot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hearts, Doily, Earrings, Maple Leaf, and Ornaments

IsDihara tatted the SweetHeart pattern by Birgit Phelps in Tatskool's lovely Rainbow Bright HDT in size 20 and did it again in a solid pink thread from an estate sale. Krystle started this lovely doily before the baby was born and it stayed as a UFO because it needed just a little more HDT than she had on the shuttle. The thread is Yarnplayer's Roses and the last round is Scarlet that she dyed to match this colorway. HDT at it's best.

Kelly tatted these earrings in some metallic thread and she liked how they turned out so she learned how to do a beaded center split ring in needle tatting so that she could make a matching bracelet. The set is made in Altin Basak size 30. Bonnie has been away from tatting for a while, then she jumped back on the bandwagon with some of Ellen's tatted paperclips, but they were so fast and easy to do that she has given them away without blogging first. This tatted leaf done in variegated DMC size 30 was the first piece to stay long enough to get it's picture taken. Diane's tatting corner with some tatting essentials, thread, shuttles, computer, good light, comfortable chair. Wally made a couple of sequined ornaments from a pattern I created a few months ago. I remember when she did them her finished pieces were not quite the same size as mine probably because the sequins were a different size and she had to modify the design a little to fit the bangles. The ornaments have given her an idea for a new design.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hair Clip, Edgings and Tatting Corners

IsDihara, who started Tatting Tea Tuesday has joined the challenge. She not only shows us this week's tea and tatting but she also shares with us a pattern for a dramatic black tatted border that she has tatted in size 70 thread. Does anyone recognize the pattern? Shirl doesn't have any tatting to show but she shares with us her delightful tatting storage chest.

Krystle has issued a blog challenge for tatters to show their tatting corner "as is".

Vinnie has a little crochet bag she made to carry her tatting supplies.

Jeanne shows us her tatting corner.

Heather shows us her tatting corner complete with her little helper. Plans are underway to teach her daughter to tat. Wally has finished and mounted her fairy hair and flower on a hair clip.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jewelry, Butterflies, Bugs, and Hearts

Pam is just learning to tat and has decided to jump right in to the challenge. She began with needle tatting and is trying to get a handle on how much thread she needs to have on her needle to finish a project so her first little butterfly has one deformed wing. The next try she made with ample thread. Then it was on to hens and chicks.

Krystle has sealed some lovely little motifs done in HDT in resin to make jewelry but notes that the resin makes the thread colours look wet.
Kathy modified Jon's entwined heart pattern and created a larger enclosed heart. The finished lace has been added to a Victorian shoe Christmas stocking.

Heather has an assortment of new HDT ready including Bali, Waves, Turquoise Violet, Turquoise, Pink for Link, Harvest and Halloween. Heather also has a Mystery Contest going and has tatted some pieces in her new HDT Harvest Time in size 20 and again in Turquoise Violet the size 30. Joy has tatted her version of the Mary Fitch Handkerchief Case from the 1915 Crocheted Yokes and Tatting book.

Martha has a bag of "buggy" buttons and she has used them to make more lanyards.

Sherry has also been dying more HDT. Available now are Middle Earth, Tropicana, Royalty, and Pastel Rainbow.

Wally discovered the tatting trimmed hanky on an outing with her sister. This marble stone has been encapsulated by tatting using Lizbeth thread. Now she has to find the right cord for the pendant.