Thursday, January 30, 2014

TIAS, Motifs and Pendant

Sue has day 9 of TIAS done and she's told Jane it's a Thingummybob with a Jigamatwist on the side and a Hurududu underneath. Maybe we'll just wait and see.

Diane settled down with Lizbeth #149, a shuttle, and Patti Duff's Minitats to make some motifs for her students. She is adding them to her tin so that the students can chose one they like whenever they achieve a goal. 52 third graders have asked to learn how to tat. Isn't that amazing?!!

Kristen thought she would start on her fair projects and began with some size 80 ecru thread and repeatedly broke the thread on a starter motif. Then she went on to day 9 of TIAS and spent a lot of her time undoing what she had just done. Sensibly, she decided to step away for a while.

Marie used Lizbeth, size 20, Springtime to tat around this pin, which has a bail on the back so that it can be worn as a pendant.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TIAS, Motifs, Heart, Bookmarks, Doilies, Easter Egg, Pin and Earrings

Sue has day 8 of TIAS done and she thinks it's looking like daisies in a plant pot with a leaf hanging off the side.

Claire thinks day 8 of TIAS are the sails of a boat. She tried a small motif by Mary Konior, from her book Tatting With Visual Patterns  called Dress Trim, in Aunt Lydia size 20. She might use it as a pendant or tat more of them to make a coaster.

mb duke is working on this heart bookmark in time for Valentine's day. This Vinegar Spice Cake was decorated with snowflakes sprinkled with icing sugar. TIAS after day 7 and then after day 8. Is it a gnome? a character from Duck Dynasty? Everyone will have to keep tatting to see.

Lelia has been working on Motif 3 from Motifs for Marie by Kaye Judt, practicing her Double Picots in size 20 and size 40, trying to empty some shuttles.

Diane is easing herself back into tatting with a motif from Patti Duff's Minitats and since she didn't think she had enough thread on the shuttle she turned it into a bookmark. Her Mom's dark green Spinning Wheel is coming along slowly but surely.

Fox has day 7 of TIAS and has no idea what this one will be. Venus #40 thread was used for this Easter Egg. Day 8 of TIAS is done and she's still in suspense. Read Fox' thoughts on tatting and blogging and what it means to her.

Kristen tatted a pendant from a Russian book and day 8 of TIAS. Maybe it's a windmill?

Marie made 50 Guardian Angel pins in Lizbeth size 20 purple using a simple doodle for the Lutheran Women's Mission League. She used two strands of gold thread to tat around these opals and make earrings, which remind her of a bird's nest.

Sue's niece wants a set of tatting in photo coasters so she tried Mary Konior's Ring A Ring O' Roses from Tatting with Visual Patterns in size 40 Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus, but it was both a challenge to tat and too big to fit.

Wanda has day 7 and day 8 of TIAS completed and like the rest of us, still has no idea what it will be. She found the centre of this long picot motif in her bag and doesn't remember what she was doing with it. She decided to tat a row around it and now she has to figure out what to do with it. Maybe a cover for a Christmas ball?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

TIAS, Dragon, Bookmarks, Necklaces, Motifs, Hearts, Easter Egg, Doilies, Earrings, Flowers, Purse, Garland and Mice

Sue has day 6 of Jane's TIAS done and a start to Anne Bruvold's dragon. TIAS is a plant pot, or maybe a duck house. The Minor Norwegian Dragon is done and ready for his first flight.

Claire has a bookmark done; her fifth motif. Day 6 of TIAS, is it a sailboat? Day 7 is definitely something different.

Cigdem named this necklace Deep Purple, but it also looks good as a bracelet. It was made with Altin Basak polyester-6 ply thread in deep purple color with purple fire polished gem-cut beads, purple AB faceted beads and Darice purple seed beads.

Lelia tatted another of the Minitats, this one in Lizbeth size 20, colour 686. The next Minitat done in Lizbeth size 20, colour 620, was a delight to tat. She's working on Janes TIAS in Lizbeth size 20, colour 129. Motif 51 also from Patti Duff's Minitats was made in Lizbeth size 20, colour 680. She needed to empty some shuttles and this little triangular motif is from Kaye Judt's Motifs for Marie, as is this little square one.

Nancy has tatted lots of hearts using a pattern by Rosemary Peel in Lizbeth size 20 thread in the colors of: Purple Dark with beads, English Rose Medium, English Rose Dark, Red Burst, Azalea Medium with beads, Christmas Red, Purple Dark.

Ancolie has tatted Tina Frauberger's Schiffchenspitzen from the online tatting class.

Diane's third graders are bust tatting some very long chains. Some spend time learning from YouTube videos that they can view on her iPad. Others are learning from one another in small groups. Fox sent some goodies for them and they are able to choose one when they have six inches of fancy pants.

Fox has another Easter Egg done, all sparkly with lots of beads worked in size 40 Lizbeth. Gian, the cat, isn't impressed with TIAS day 6. This motif was tatted in between doilies and promptly lost. It turned up later in the coffee cup. Wendy and Fox did another challenge, working through Iris Niebach's Annarita Fox did hers in size 80 Lizbeth.

Kristen has finished her "stealth" doily otherwise known as the Celtic Sugar and Spice Doily which she has been working on, but not blogging about. This one was shuttle tatted and she had some issues with it especially when she ran out of thread two rings before the end. Then there were some tension issues on the row of maroon split rings. Blocking seemed to fix it. Here the are side by side. After the drama of the doily she decided to try something new, and tackled cluny tatting. There's only one way to make great clunies; practice, practice, practice. Day 6 TIAS is done. So is day 7, but she still has no idea what it is.

Margaret won a prize from a competition Rachel did last year, which includes, Lizbeth threads, the cards of hand dye and Lizbeth threads and a beautiful wood shuttle made by Grizzly Mountain Arts as well as a cross Rachel made in size 80 thread.

Marie tatted this Flowery Cross a pattern from Roger at "Needle Tatting" done with size 30 crochet thread. Two strands of silver sewing thread tatted around blue cats-eyes, make these earrings. Pink shell earrings are made with two strands of silver sewing thread. Two strands of gold sewing thread are used in the tatting around the hematite stones in these earrings.

Martha is starting her new Challenge with 3 motifs from the Priscilla Tatting Book, No. 2. These are all chain-only designs, which meant she could use one shuttle and the ball thread and not have to reload, even with all those picots. The purple one didn't lay the way she wanted following the instructions, so she modified it on the dark pink one.

Mica used Lizbeth size 40 in black for the Radiance snowflake from Jon's Tatted Snowflakes Collection. This large doily surrounded in butterflies is a work in progress that hasn't been progressing. A lack of enthusiasm has it stalled, but she's hoping posting it in it's unfinished state will prompt her to get going again.

Orsi has discovered that Lizbeth size 10 is great for making jewelry.  A very simple but elegant motif decorated with a big pearl made this necklace and she has lots of ideas for more. Turquoise Lizbeth made this one. She has plans for a tatted purse, currently under construction.

Sue's friend bought some ivory coloured garland that she asked Sue to tat and here it is done in Lizbeth Cranberry Bush in size 10. She's working this doily in pink for her Mom.

Wanda has TIAS up through Day 6 done and while she's sure these pieces will join together, she's not sure what it is. Are these 3 blind mice? What will they be used for?