Monday, May 31, 2010

Necklaces, Bracelets, Bookmarks, Snowflakes and Motifs

Orsi is a fashion designer who has recently taken up tatting. She wants to use tatting to create her own laces to be used on dresses and accessories. These two pieces will be used in necklace and earrings. Kat tatted Jon's bookmark again without the picots, but she forgot that the joining picots were necessary. The small cross is from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior and it's tatted in Lilac Dark Lizbeth size 20 thread.
Carolyn tatted Snowflake 9 from Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments edited by Barbara Foster and she points out the since it doesn't have 6 points it isn't really a snowflake, but the finished size of 3.5 inches makes it big enough to use as a coaster. It was worked in an unknown light blue thread in size 20.
Steph attended the Great Lakes Lace Guild's Love of Lace at the Livonia Civic Library where she tried out some bobbin lace and bought some thread and she even managed to start 'Primrose Path' by Mary Konior. She's using size 80 Peach Pandorea HDT and vintage Lily in pale peach. There's a slight difference in thread size but she's hoping it won't matter.
Fox made an earlier attempt at clunies just to see the order of rings and chains in tatting them. Then she tatted one of my new snowflake designs to get some practice at it. I'm working on a book of 30 designs and I'm currently at 32? What can I say, math isn't my strong point. If all goes well, it'll be a book by the end of the week. Fox has been following Elisadusud's blog and Elisa says she does at least 20 wraps and my pattern called for only 10. So Fox made the cluny leaves longer and then had to adjust the chains to compensate. She used some lovely new HDT from Snappish on Etsy. Then she decided to try it again using the 10 wraps called for in the pattern. I think they both look wonderful. Kelly hasn't been blogging, but she has been tatting. She finished the beaded necklace pattern by Nina Libin in white size 20 thread and is working on earrings to go with it. She did some more of Pam's cameo pendants and gave her slave bracelet pattern a try. She used Nina Libin's pattern for the anklet in Lizbeth thread size 20 and is almost finished a bracelet in Lizbeth size 20 colour called Pistachio Green Lt.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doilies, Teapots, Combs, Necklaces and Bookmarks

Kat tatted Jon Yusoff's foldover bookmark in Lizbeth spring garden size 20 as a gift for a reading friend and she has plans to make another one.

Catherine is working on the field of clover doily from the Bestitched website. She doesn't really have anywhere to put doilies so she's thinking of taking a break from it and doing something smaller.
Corina shows us the bag she created to hold her needles decorated with a knitted leaf, a felted piece with a flower, embroidery and tatting.

Sue loves the Corsage thread she using for Ice Crystal, but the pattern is giving her some trouble. The four crosses she tatted for ladies at the church is displayed with the bear her daughter brought back from China.
Agasunset tatted these candle holders for Valentine's Day. This necklace looks like chocolate bubbles tatted in thicker but softer pearl cotton in chocolate brown with Amber colored glass beads that bring up the brown even more. It's complimented with a vintage pattern triangle motif embellished with the same beads for earrings. The Ice Cube Bracelet uses cube shaped crystal beads.

Aileens's mysterious project is a potted plant pincushion.
Fox has been experimenting with thread and beads using the Small Heart by Jennifer Williams.
Heather was using some vintage size 80 thread on a new design and when it suddenly snapped, so she started over again in size 20.

Krystle did some major tatting for a craft show. Here's her display table with all of her tatting and one of her new creations a little hair comb with some swarovski beads.
Martha finished her quilt block for Georgia which happened to have teapots on it so she added some tatted teapots and edgings. Marty hit an impasse and went back to tatting Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies until she got her tatting mojo back. This one is "Delia" made in Lizbeth size 20 in Light Raspberry Pink.

Mica tatted a bell and gave it to her friend hot off the shuttles. The pattern is from the Rebecca Jones' book and this one she re-tatted was made with DMC Special Dentelles 80 in white and gold seed beads.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bookmarks, Heart, Crosses, Doily, Motifs and Necklace

Corina has turned her black and red poppy motif into a necklace by adding a split ring band with alternating colours for a lovely effect.
Sue was trying out a square motif, but she lost concentration somewhere along the way. She'll try it again later. Marty's modified version of Ice Crystal from Tatting Patterns & Designs by Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson inspired her to give it a try in Yarnplayer's Corsage size 40 which is looking beautiful so far.
Ann has an improved "Tatting Press" design with pockets to hold shuttles or needles and plans for a tutorial on how to make your own.

Aileen has received an order to tat Forty that's 40 bookmarks to be done by July 1st and so far she's done 6. That's like one a day for a month.

Diane started Iris Niebach's "Stella Alpina" again. This time she's using Hakelgarn Nr. 20 in a lovely soft peach.
Fox has finished the bookmark and it's absolutely gorgeous. She has very bravely added 3 beads to the bottom of the heart she was working on, adding them after she had already started tatting. The finished heart is lovely and what's even better is that it's part of a planned giveaway.
Jeff used silk HDT from LadyShuttleMaker size 20 Pensacola Beach colour to tat Jon's Foldover Bookmark.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motifs, Butterflies, Angels, Bookmark and Edging

Kjellaug has joined the challenge with this design from Patterns from the Danish Association orkis magazine No. 19 -2003 tatted in DMC 20. The butterfly comes from the same publication, it's leaf nr18 - 2003 also done in DMC 20. The angel was created using parts of several designs. The skirt uses the lower part of the bookmark by Jon Yusoff twice then made a border around to frame the skirt the wings are from Lenore English's Dimpled Ring Angel. Lily tatted the butterfly body adapted from a pattern in the book 'The Gentle Art of Tatting Things We Love' as a birthday gift for a friend.
Wendy was neglecting the 25 Motif Challenge, so here are five motifs, to catch up a bit. The Angel is 'Ruth's Angel' from Mark Myers' book a 'Tatted Gathering of Angels' tatted in DMC 40 and the others are from Patti Duff's book 'MiniTats'. The variegated blue ones are tatted in Coats 20 and the white one is tatted in DMC 40.
Diane made the "Tatted 5-Point Motif" from Bev Dillon's Tatted Lace in size 20 Rainbow Sherbet HDT from LadyShuttleMaker and it reminds her of a schoolhouse. She thinks that done in primary colours it would make a perfect picture frame for school pictures.

Fox is making progress on the tatted bookmark. She has also added a row of tatted rings and a pretty button to the top of a crocheted cap. The lilac coloured thread will make a nice edging for the cap.

Mica tatted this square motif from one of the Japanese books. She had the centre done and put it aside only recently picking it up to finish it.