Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bookmarks, Leaves, Earrings, Snowflakes, Flower, Bracelet, Angels and Ornaments

Stacy figures that with all of her recent tatting she has finished her first 25 motifs including these Cross "Hope" bookmarks done in Christmas colours. The leaves that were sprinkled on her Thanksgiving table looked wonderful, but she can't find the picture she took of it.

Heather has created a very simple hairclip with a tatted button and she shares the instructions with us.
Marta shows us her plum cake earrings made in December.

Patrycja has more snowflakes done. This fluffy flake is from Lene Bjorn's "24 Snowflakes in Tatting". This one by Magbod was actually done in October. This snowflake that adds zigzag tatting for texture is her 24th and it also comes from Lene Bjorn's book.

SunshineCraft is fixated on flowers and found these pearly flowers from Tatting Lace by Sumi Fujishige done in Anchor variegated perle cotton 8 were perfect for her cravings.

IsDihara tatted Kira's Star, designed by Birgit Phelps and tatted in Lizbeth® 20 Snow White #601 as a Secret Santa gift.

Linda completed a flag block for an international quilt that will be sold and the funds will help the victims of the Sendai Earthquake. Included among the flags is a tatted eagle, pattern from Nancy Tracy.

Bonnie tatted the Slalom Bookmark from Martha Ess' book Playing with Picots for her Christmas exchange

Alba Alicia is addicted to tatting this bracelet pattern in a variety of colours with different beads. It looks good in all of them.

Claudia received her InTatters exchange package from Anne Bruvold which included an assortment of lovely tatted snowflakes.

Diane's partner from the Tatting Forums Christmas exchange was Patti Duff who sent her an amazing package including a tatted lanyard.

Fox was inspired by Marty, so she pulled out some DMC #80 in red and green and her Myra Piper booklet to tat these designs. There are actually three different beads in this frilly piece, where she used JK's instead of rings at the top. Tatted in #30 Cébélia thread. She received a sample of Jess' HDT to try out and she used it in in a small Konior design paired up with some Majestic #80 green. The edging incorporates roll tatting which she hasn't done for a while.

Isa shows us some of the tatting she has done for Christmas including an assortment of tatted brooch names for her nieces and aunts worked from her own design.

Kathy found Lynn Morton's 'Hearts and Flowers' pattern was a perfect fit for the centre of the flower motif on this table runner. The Victorian lady with the tatted over skirt is a perfect complement to it.

Michelle did a lot of tatting in December including this little angel from Anne Bruvold,although she wanted a skinnier skirt so she modified it. Then there was the 3D ornament she saw on Jolimama's blog, but when she tried it, the results weren't quite the same, although it looked round it came out more like a marshmallow. She participated in the InTatters exchange and received some fantastic gifts, including a wee doll pincushion decorated with tatting. She tried out another beaded wreath, but it came out somewhat lumpy. Then there were lots of little flakes that she made for her sister. Margaret sent her a remarkable tatted cross, so now she has a tatted bookmark of her own.

Sue tried Anne's SSSR angel using split rings, but somehow it didn't quite work out.

Wanda has been tatting angels using her own design and sending them off to their new homes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bookmarks, Dragons, Snowflakes, Angels, Necklaces, Bracelet, Earrings, Butterflies, Flower and Christmas Trees

Alba Alicia is re-joining the challenge and has several motifs already done. The little heart with beads shown with Barbie is for perspective and is a gift for her niece. Jon's daisy picot snowflake was a great way to master this technique.

Stacy tatted the "Hope" cross pattern available on In Tatters in size 20 Lizbeth thread, in white and Christmas green mix #601 and #152. Anne's Dragon is tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Black and Falling Leaves, colours #604 and #100. She couldn't make up her mind whether to tat a wreath or a snowflake so she tatted Jon Yusoff's Hearts in a Snowflake pattern in Christmas colors size 20 Lizbeth in Christmas Red and Leaf Green medium #671 and #684.

Heather tatted some tassel angels from a pattern in the Big Book of Tatting by Darlene Polachic. The wings and halo are tatted separately and then glued onto a small tassel with an added bow for a quick and easy Christmas decoration.

Axa is getting ready for the holidays with this Ruth Perry Celtic Christmas angel.

Jessica had an opportunity to stop by Lacis and she took some pictures to share with us of the lace displays. The square motif is the same one she is using for her shawl.

Marta created this unique flower bookmark for a competition. Look at the artistry and the techniques involved! Some broken strands of coral beads have been re purposed into a wonderful necklace and bracelet set.

Patrycja has added to her collection of snowflakes with a variation of one by Lene Bjorn. She already did this next snowflake in October, but she did it again. The interesting wreath shaped snowflake is a design by Magbod as is the next one which is quick to do. The stitch count has been included on the picture of this snowflake to provide the pattern that was requested. The first three rows of a doily pattern makes a very pretty snowflake. This 20th snowflake design is also shown with stitch count for the pattern. The 21st design is called Snow Sypie and Patrycja has plans to tat more snowflakes in the new year.

Nancy participated in an exchange and shows us the results. Bright red snowflake ornaments for the tree, a covered ball and a Christmas tree.

SunshineCraft tatted Jane Eborall's Large Fancy Butterfly in DMC Cebelia along with a large number of beads. After dealing with all those beads she went on to do Jon's Adan snowflake from Elegant Tatting Gems in heavenly blue Cebelia thread. She had a craving to work with SCMR's so she went straight to the Butterflies from the GR8 brothers. Nancy Tracy's tatted magnolia makes a lovely flower in full or in bud. The chains curve around in front on one side in in back on the other making clever overlapping petals.

Linda has created a Christmas card in tatting.

Cindy tatted the Wheel of Nine Rings from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn in size 30 Red Cebelia thread with large beads in the centre to make a lovely Christmas Poinsettia. That finishes another 25 Motifs for her. Time for another round.

Claudia was the happy winner of Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems and so far she has tatted 2 of the lovely snowflakes. These small motifs are from the book Minitats, by Patti Duff done in Anchor perle thread # 8 in white. That makes another 25 done for Claudia.

Diane just finished the edging for this linen hanky, done in size 30 Fincrochet.

Fox tatted a Monica Hahn design in Milford #40. The dragons were mounted on suitable backgrounds so that itty bitty fingers and superfine threads didn't result in massive destruction. The mail brought some charming greetings from global friends. Pink #50 Altan Basak looks good in this design by Karey Solomon. The Wheel of Nine Rings from Christmas Angels and Other Tattings by Monica Hahn is a design that she had done before, but she did it again using up thread she had already wound on some bobbins. The pattern by Julie Patterson was done in pink #80 and the blue, #40 and in spite of the different sizes it came out really nice. There was still thread on the shuttles so she tatted a Mary Konior design. Regal by Frivole was tatted with a variegated thread mixed with Milford violet and blue Swarovski crystals for truly majestic lace.

Gina hasn't had much time for tatting recently, but she did get this teapot bookmark done. The rocking horse from Pam Palmer's Tatting Treats Two was something that she did years ago for an exchange but always wanted to make one for herself, so this was the year.

Martha traditionally gives her coworkers a Christmas ornament and decided her Big Sister Angel from Playing with Picots would just about fit the bangles if worked in size 30.

Mary created a Holiday Bracelet and Earring Set in Red, White and Green as a special request.

Mica completed this little star made with Kreinik braid no. 4 and it's very sparkly.

Sue tatted these snowflakes from a design she found online in Lizbeth size 40 Blue Ice both with and without beads. Then sh tried Mary's butterfly again in size 80 DMC cotton and a metallic blending filament, but the filament looked prettier on the spool. The Christmas earrings from Linda Davies pattern were tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Christmas Green with glass beads.

Wanda managed to get a few snowflakes done. Three of these are in Lizbeth white size 20, the other two are in Lizbeth Blue Ice size 40.