Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Angels, Hearts, Doilies and Bookmarks

Brigitte tatted the flower fragment from Mary Konior's book Tatting Patterns and the Letter H from the new book Tatting ABC's and 123's in Lizbeth Size 20 for her Mom's Mother's Day card.
Mica finished off the centre of this doily which is work in one round. 10 repeats make up the centre and 30 repeats make the outer row. She has already worked this design once before so we get to see a sneak peak of what it will look like finished.
Shirl has tatted the centre of “Arches” a beautiful pattern by Marilee Rockley in DMC 60 in white.
Chiara saw how Jon tatted over a ring and using a wooden ring and DMC perlè cotton thread in variegated blue with the flower in DMC white n 30, she tatted celtic chains for this design. The next one is a bookmark using a plastic ring, covered with DMC moulinè color variation n.4060 using 6 strands. Then she tatted the "round" creating a "daisy" using only 3 strands. It was finished off with the little cord with the same threads and at the end a big floreal glass bead (1.3 cm).
Charlotte tatted Bina Madden's variation of Mae Taylor's floral bookmark using Sulky Blendables 12 weight quilting thread. It tatted up pretty nicely (if a little fuzzily), and is somewhere close to a size 60 crochet cotton.
Christine did this small snowflake from Jon’s book in Sherry's Easter Egg HDT, size 20 and added some beads since it was going on the crazy quilt block. She's on the third round of the gerbera daisy doily using 30 weight Cebelia thread. It currently measures 3 3/4″ across and she likes the way it looks so far.
Steph shows us Lenore English's snowflake, made using Lizbeth threads in Cotton Candy and the coordinating light peach. The adorable little fan is from Gina's TattingGoddess Yahoo! forum, tatted using Lady Shuttlemaker's "Spring Poppies" and DMC color 798 in size 80.
Vinnie is trying out some edgings and motif ideas to embellish the corners of a table runner and some mats, but she can't decide on what she likes. That's because they are all lovely.
Ancolie has tatted Teri Dusenbury's Pineapple pattern and it looks wonderful.
Wanda is still working on bookmarks. The first is her own pattern from several years ago made with DMC Pearle Cotton size 8 in color #115. The blue bookmark is a new design also made with DMC Pearle Cotton size 8 in a variegated blue. Shew was asked to teach several people to shuttle tat and these are the cardboard shuttles she used for those who didn't have their own.
Kathy is sharing two versions of a Celtic motif designed by Sue Hanson in 1999 where she incorporated the colors red, white and blue, all DMC perle cotton, size 8.
Jeanne has a doily nearly finished that starts with this medallion and will post that when it is finished. This cross is based on the pattern called Malene by Lene Bjorn from Tatted Bookmarks and the thread is Lizbeth size 20 in the color Spring.
TattingChic shows a 2 colour design done 2 different ways. One uses a Single Shuttle Split Ring and the other uses a Mock Split Ring.
Nita tatted this angel designed by Lenore English using size 20 Lizbeth thread.
Ellen has been having fun adding tatting to more ATC's. Her most recent ATCs are "Joy" and "heart" with tatted flowers on one and a tatted heart on the other. Ellen's latest paperclip bookmark is "Dad" being shared with the online class in time for Father's Day.
Aileen tatted the Flying Pig by Jane Eborall in 20 pink Coats and 20 white Hanklegarn.
Alan has been tatting but not blogging here is Anne's dragon in Flora 20, Sabina's Floral Bookmark in Flora #20 and Santa Fe Cross by Barbara Foster in Flora #20.
Carol tatted a patchwork elephant using a pattern by Jane Eborall. What do you think of "Elmer"?
Diane used a skein of Jungle Flower from Sherry Pence to make two Stumpy bookmarks by Kersti Anear after finishing the Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting With Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.
Eva tatted this angel for Dyan in Altin Basak thread in size 50 and col. 3004. The Pattern is a variation of Leonore Engels "Snow Angel".
Jeff is intrigued by chainmaille and tatted this Byzantine unit. He's using Countryside colour of Lizbeth thread for the full size Spinning Wheel doily from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns.
Maria tatted this lovely angel for Joyce in the round robin angels. The pattern is Joyce's angel by Martha Ess. The bookmark is for a bookmark exchange and the pattern is from Wally Sosa

Martha found one of her earliest designs created when she first got on the internet. The cat and the bat. Aren't these lovely precursors to her wonderful block tatted critters?
Moni tatted this doily as a birthday present for her mother-in-law. The pattern is designed by Cherie Wheeler.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We Have a New Tatter

Laurette has been busy tatting 3 motifs for her 25 motif challenge. A Maple Leaf from the Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf, a butterfly designed by Rozella Linden and the last one is a dragon designed by Anne Bruvold.

has tatted a snowflake from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting as her eleventh motif for the challenge and she also shows us some needle lace and reticella.

Laura has just one more row to go on her Lizbeth doily and she shows us some bobbin lace.

Krystle and family are pleased to announce the arrival of baby Meirah Nicole (pronounced Meee-rah) It means Shining One. Mother and baby are doing well.

Steph tatted one of Martha Ess's teapots for a friend. The tatting is good but she is not happy with the colours her friend choose. Steph is also doing some Hairpin Lace with tatting attached.

has tatted a couple of bookmarks trying to decide which one she will send to her partner for the bookmark exchange.

Shirley has added 5 more motifs to her 25 motif challenge.They are design #19 from a Japanese tatting book that she has, a Jon Yusoffs bookmark, a Karey Solomon's bookmark, an angel designed by Mark Myers and an angel designed by Patricia Ann Rizzo.

BJ has received her double shuttle from ShuttleBrothers which is made from deer antler and she describes how she learned how to use it. She also shows a picture of a lion bookmark that she made.

Joy shows us the progress she is making on her Grandmothers Flower Garden project.

Martha entertains us with tales from the past about her beginning designing days.

Wally has posted a picture of a cute hedgehog that she tatted using Ruth Perry's design.

Tattingchic has conquered the Single Shuttle Split Ring and has tatted a Teri Dusenbury heart as motif #4 for her challenge.

Vinnie has added another row to the doily she is designing and it now has a ruffled edge and she would like to know what we think.