Monday, January 29, 2007

Daisy Picot and Hanging Cluny

Today Wally has tatted a daisy picot flower with hanging cluny leaf. Lots of fun stuff to be done with these techniques! Wally has also shared the snowflake that she made for her birthday on the Tatting Pattern Calendar.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tatted Bookmarks and Butterflies

Did you see the challenge Ruth has posted in her blog? Has anyone given it a try yet? Ruth has also posted a White Paisley Heart & Fleurs Edging, a yellow Celtic butterfly and a green and purple butterfly. The Tatting Pattern Calendar has featured a couple of hanging cluny designs recently.

Lynda is working away on her Christmons, but the design isn't co-operating. She has decided that it's time to put it aside and try something else for a while.

Jon's entry for today is a bookmark with split rings and long woven picots. She has almost finished her challenge pieces and wants to make 2 more doilies to complete it. Awesome work Jon, it's been fun to see what you come up with.

Laura has tatted Dianna Steven's snake bookmark and has plans to frame it with the letter "S" for her grandson's nursery.

Dawn has designed her very first bookmark. It's a lovely Celtic design of interwoven blue and white.

Charlene shares a picture of some laces intended for CQ embellishment.

Mary designed a very simple little beaded butterfly for her granddaughter to tat and will do another design for her grandson.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Ruth has created a slide show of the patterns from the Tatting Pattern Calendar
Gail's daughter has taken up spinning and Gail has posted a picture of some yarn she spun.
LaRae has done pattern #54 from Patti Duff's "Minitats".

Dawn has made a whole collection of mitten bags embellished with tatting. She has created some heart motives and used Ruth's trefoil knot cross and celtic knot flower.

Charlene is showing pictures of her quilt blocks embroidered with cretan stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Multi Talented Tatters

Have you ever noticed it's hard to keep up with Ruth's tatting? Ruth has posted a bracelet of hanging clunies, the Beeton edging for the Tatting Pattern Calendar, a cross made with the same basic design and another variation of it which can be used as a bookmark. She also shares with us a Christmas decoration she made when she was about 12 and she's wondering if anyone recognizes the pattern.
Gail made a felted purse for her daughter and shows us the before felting elephant purse and the after felting normal size one.

Clyde is working out, taking care of the neighbor's cat and making a tie dyed polar fleece coat for his new puppy. Clyde is another candidate for a 48 hour day.

Many tatters dabble in several different crafts. In addition to tatting and bobbin lace Mark also paints lately he has been working on a watercolour of his great aunt Mary Ellen who was diagnosed with liver cancer. Please pray for her and her family.
I have just noticed that Jon has a second blog and she posted a thread comparison Does Size Matter? It gives a great visual for thread sizes as she made the same motif in several threads and shows them side by side.

Riet has done another flower. this time she has added leaves the way HelmaSiepmann does. These flowers get better and better.

EeKoon is addicted to blog things, What colour are you? What artist should paint your portrait? You could get lost for days following up all of the quizzes out there.

Looking for something as far from a doily as possible? Carol has designed it. It's a 3D alien.

Marilee has completed her "Mystery tatting" This is just a corner of it, a tease take a look at her blog to see what she has created.
Laura's wondering how other people can tat and talk or watch TV.

Today LaRae posts her Thankful Thursday list.

Charlene added the gorgeous peacock to a quilt block and she shows us some lovely hand dyed threads she received today.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From Flowers to Flamingos

In between tatting up enough celtic designs to produce a book and teaching an on-line class on hanging clunies, Ruth has still found enough time to keep the Tatting Pattern Calendar going. Today's entry is a tatted edging provided by Gina Butler. Don't forget to give Ruth your designs if you'd like them to be used in the calendar.

Riet thought of an idea in the middle of the night and then got up and tatted it in the morning. The results is a beautiful flower.

Laura shows us the next round on her friendship doily. The post office seems to have lost one of the doilies. Lets hope they find it soon.

LaRae has posted a picture of a great horned owl, her contribution to Wordless Wednesday.

Martha has posted a picture of a remarkable heart she designed. It features a bunch of grapes and leaves surrounded by the heart shape. She did several variations to get to the final heart and shows us how she attained the final design.

Pamela has tatted a flamingo. Well, actually she's tatted a whole flock of them. She started with Martha Ess' design and eventually she'll be using them to make a picture. Then she tatted Jane Eborall's flamingo and made a slight change to show the bird standing with one leg raised.

Look at all the amazing variation in laces!

Ruth recently taught hanging clunies to the on-line tatting class. She has listed a number of patterns that use this technique and shows us a snowflake and a beaded feather.

Lynda is back to working on her Christmons and shows us her latest additions, a Star, a Candle, and a Stacked Heart. The star is a Teri Dusenbury pattern, the Candle is by Nancy Tracy and the Heart is by Betsy Evens. Aren't they wonderful?

Jon has done 2 variations of the daisy picot heart and both of them are different from the one done by Ruth.

Riet also did a daisy picot heart and her design is different again. Look at the amazing variations!

Elizabeth launches into the challenge with a modification of a pattern which she thinks is from the summer of 1993 "Treasures in Needlework" magazine. The addition of beads and a change of stitch count made a lovely necklace and it doesn't look anything like a bib.

Laura was asked to identify a piece of lace. Is it machine made? Chemical lace? Needle lace? She has also taken another picture of the cross back lighted so that we could see the lovely colours in it.

LaRae has done another of the motives from "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Blomqvist and Persson, but this time it was done in metallic gold. The other motif she has posted is from Patti Duff's Mini Tats.

Mary has finished her winter cleaning and cleared the deck to get started on the challenge. Her first entry is a heart motif she designed by accident. I wish all of my accidents looked like this.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tatted Hearts and Butterflies

Ruth has designed this daisy picot heart thinking of hearts for the February calendar. She spent today demonstrating tatting at the Harrisonville Mill Walk Mall in MO and gave away lots of tatted butterflies. Today's motif from the Tatting Pattern Calendar is a snowflake designed by Teresa Woods.

Gail has posted a picture of the lovely butterfy that she put on one of her housewives.(Housewife or hussif, a folded pouch with pockets for sewing implements like needles, scissors, shuttles etc.) This butterfly is a variations of an Adelheid Dangela design from the book Tatted Butterflies. Beautifully done!

Clyde is working on another curtain tie back but he doesn't have a lot of time for tatting these days.

Barbara has posted a design from Dover Needlework Series titled Tatting with Anne Orr. Tatted with Anchor Variegated 20. Another lilac motif for the Pashmina shawl. Barbara keeps giving us a tease with the motives laid on the shawl, but I'm anxious to see the final results, the whole shawl in all it's glory.

Dawn is working on another mitten gift bag. This one has been adorned with 2 entwined hearts done with Multi's embellishment yarn. She wasn't following any particular pattern, just going with the flow of the thread. Tatting which is sewn down doesn't need any particular shaping as you can coax it into the shape you want as you sew it into place. A mitten bag is such a clever idea.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lots of Lovely Tatting

Ruth has reproduced an ancient Celtic design in tatting. Look at all those colours weaving in and out.

Gail is on a roll knitting socks.

Jon has redone her heart switching to ring and chain rather than split rings. She can't decide on how to finish the tip and thinks she might try a couple of variations. Jon has also created an edging -complete with corner and has given it to Ruth for the calendar. It's been added for the 19th which is Jon's youngest daughter's birthday.

Riet has done one of Jane Eborall's adorable patterns. This one is a little face meant to be used as a zipper pull.

Laura has done Jane's Celtic cross in Sulky thread and doesn't think the picture does it justice.

Charlene had an unexpected day off due to the weather and embroidered and absolutely stunning peacock.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A day for starting tatting all over again

Jon has been working on a heart using the daisy picot technique, but she thinks her first attempt looks more like an apple. Apples are nice.

Fani received several Peter Cua shuttles for her birthday and the for Christmas she was given Elgiva Nicols' tatting techniques book and a good copy of Lady Hoare's book.She also managed to acquire some thread in the local thrift stores. She has now started on doing some small square motives that she wants to use for a shawl. Lots of possibilities.

Sharon has been working on a project that uses several connected motives but something went wrong with the design, so she's doing a lot of cutting out and retro tatting. Looks like today is a day for starting over and making some changes to tatting designs.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tatting from the Calendar

We're seeing people creating designs for the Tatting Pattern Calendar, and we're seeing others look to the calendar for motives to tat. Ruth took the antique design from yesterday and did some different corner treatments for it.

Laura tatted the snowflake from January 13 in size 20 Cebelia and plans to do it again, this time with beads.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

50 Tatters Tatting

We have hit another milestone as we now have 50 participants in the challenge. I used to be able to check the pages and report on them every day, but with more people joining in it gets harder to do frequent checks.

Ruth has posted an edging which is one of the Riego designs. This one is thanks to Wilma Walker and might make it into the calendar. We are coming in to the time for hearts and shamrocks so if you have any appropriate patterns don't forget to let Ruth know.

Gail is back to posting after a long break and begins with a lovely pink tatted ball cover adapted from a Konior design.

Clyde has been teaching some ladies to tat.

Jon used this motif to show a friend how to do beaded tatting and notes that climbing into the second row of the motif required starting at a different point.

Riet has created a wonderful edging using pearl tatting and daisy picot techniques. Riet has generously given this design to Ruth for the calendar.

Snowy has been away from the computer for a while, first on vacation, then to the hospital with her daughter and she posts some motives she worked on in between.

EeKoon has posted her resolutions along with some cross stitch pictures she is working on.

LaRae used metallic gold thread for this Myra Piper snowflake design.

Dawn has re-tatted the horse's head and added beads so that it looks much more realistic. She's also done the earrings from the tatting pattern a day calendar.

Sue has started the Here-Be-Tatters Yahoo group which now has 259 members. This isn't leaving her much time to tat, but things will settle down a bit when everyone has moved over from the etatters group which is closing.

Charlene has been progressing with her TAST blanket stitching and also managed to do another tatted basket that she can fill with Silk Ribbon Embroidery flowers to be used on her Crazy quilts.

Pamela is our 50th participant in the challenge and she has decided to tat 25 realistic looking critters. Her first critter done several times in different threads to see how he looks, is Dianna Stevens' snake bookmark. The final sample was done in a variegated Flora 20 with opaque yellow lustre beads.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Winning with Tatting

Ruth has finished her Snowstar and sees a variety of snowflakes within snowflakes. Just beautiful Ruth. The calendar for today is a motif called snow wheel.

Jon has created another Chines coin motif. This one has picots on the inner opening and on the outer "corners" which means that the rings had picots on only one side. Not a typical arrangement, but very interesting. Jon has had another bonus recently in that, she was able to teach her daughter how to crochet. She's not ready to tat yet, but give her time.

Kathy did a motif from a May 1976 Workbasket in Valdani thread. The colour is called Santa Fe and it has some really wonderful colour changes.

Maria has added 2 new motives to her blog, but she is having trouble with her computer and sent me the following e-mail.
"Hello, I wish all of you a happy New Year, with peace and love.
You know, I'm still having some problems with PC, so I'm sending you this message. The snowflake and the other one that is suppose to be another snowflake but I made it as a pin, I took them out of BURDA MAGAZIN. I wish I could have some tatting books, ( now I know how to get them), But I just have BURDA TATTING MAGAZINS!
I must say that I really admire all the tatting I've seen in the challenge and I'm very happy to be with all of you, even you don't know me, but most of the times I visit your blogs and I feel amazing with the beautiful tatted things!!
My best wishes and regards, Maria"

Carol did LaRae's Celtic bracelet in green and she's found an interesting use for it.

Congratulations are in order for Marilee. We all knew she was a stellar designer of tatted lace jewellery, and now a lot of other people do too. Her Vision necklace won first place in the Halcyon yarn contest in the Wild Card category. We're not the least bit surprised. Way to go Marilee.

Dawn has been working on making the little horse's head more life like. It's a nice size for a necklace but a little big for earrings. Maybe some more tweaking is in order. Her other entry today is a hand sewn penguin mitt. Not tatting but cute all the same.