Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fair, Wedding Bazaar, and Presents

Here is Anne's second version of the Design Challenge snowflake using Oren Bayan size 50 and the colour variations worked out perfectly.
Sapna has "Cornelia" completed in Tourmaline HDT. In the same thread, Sapna tatted a heart necklace for a friend, who is getting married and leaving the country. Her next project is Iris Neibach's "Beatrice" using Sherry's thread and working with one of her new shuttles from Grizzly Mountain Arts.
Norma worked this bookmark in size 30 crochet cotton and it will probably be placed in the fall bazaar. The tatted butterfly heart is Karey Solomon's pattern and it's her 25th motif which has been placed in a prominent position on a Hearts and Flowers CQ block along with some other tatted pieces.
Mrs John and her sister are working on a butterfly display. All of these were made by her sister Karen, mostly from The Complete Book of Tatting by Rebecca Jones. The Adonis Blue-Boy and the the Painted Lady pattern are by Roger aka Freedman at the NeedleTattingTwo group.
Shay needle tatted the Scalloped Edging, from Weldon's Practical Teneriffe Lace and Irish Tatting in vintage Clark's Boilfast Cotton, size 30.
Jeff has started the "Lucky Clover" doily from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson. The thread is a 2 ply rayon thread that is about the same size as a size 50 thread from Gale at Tat's All, called Accent in a Mediterranean Blue. Note the FOUR ends, right at the end the thread broke and Jeff had to add in thread just to finish the round. Don't you just hate when that happens so close to the finish line? I love the colour, but then, I love blue.
Bonnie tatted Julie Patterson's Hearts and Flower Cross Bookmark pattern using Marilee's, size 30 "Roses" HTD. She's not sure about putting a tassel on it because there doesn't seem to be an easy place to join one on.
Ais had thread left on the shuttle and manged to tat half of of Mary Konior's Masquerade in this cute variegated colour.
TattingChic has posted pictures of some hand carved flat shuttles that are part of a blog anniversary give away.
Tara tatted Jeanne Lugert's rose and added them to a green tatted cover for a Christmas ball last year. It's gorgeous and made before she started the challenge. I think we should tell her it doesn't count, just so we can see more of her tatting. She used the same rose embellishment on a garter pattern by Gina Butler for a friend's wedding and it's just magnificent.
Joy finally has her Farm Show entries ready. It's hard to decide which one I like the best.
Mary is working on her vine edging and she took a break to add tatting to this ivory coloured heart.
Diane took lots of tatting and patterns with her to work on while in Alabama with her mother.
Pamela is tatting more of Iris' doilies in yummy colours.
Mark has posted pictures of the trip to visit Kim's folks and all the laces he did. Warning: Drool bib required to visit his blog!
Jon finished the tatalong doily and posted a bookmark with overlapping chains including the pattern.
Snowy is working with her first batch of HDT and finding it's a learning process.
Marilee shows us the "Lacy Treasure" pendant she is using in class. Lucky class.
Sherry has Middle Earth HDT in silk ready
Gina is still testing the August Mystery Motif and she has posted an assortment of things she has plans to tat with.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heart, Dragon, Motifs and Rosary

Iris shows us several variations of the second hexagon she used for the Japanese class. This one uses SCMR and Maltese ring but the effect isn't as nice as the first one. Maybe another round would help? The next hexagon is actually several triangles joined together. I thing they all look good. I love the designs Iris comes up with. We are blessed with some amazing designers.
Bev has tatted 2 are Thistles and a a Dandelion inspired by Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage. All three were done with DMC size 80 thread and it's first time Bev has done any shredding with a pin to make fluffy tops. She has plans to give the design challenge a try. I'd like to see what Bev comes up with.
Margaret's computer quit on her so we may not see anything for a while.

Aileen's sweetie sent her a package full of tatting threads. He's definitely a keeper.

Bonnie is working on one of those patterns that makes assumptions about what you know. It sounds like it uses a shuttle join, but it doesn't say so.

Ais tatted SweetHeart by Birgit Phelps in size 20 silk thread and added a split ring tail to make it into a bookmark.

Nita was given an edging pattern that she thinks came from a Workbasket. She tatted it in a variegated yellow size 80 DMC thread and it makes an interesting decoration for a clock.
Tara chose a lovely orange variegated thread to make Motif 10 of the 25 Motif Challenge, Martha Ess' Scallop Heart from Tat's Amore. Just working on it made her hungry for orange sherbet.
Jeanne has previously completed some pieces that are on her old blog, and she will be bringing them into her new blog. Jeanne has joined the challenge with a chaplet tatted in size 8 perle cotton followed by a rosary for which she has included the pattern. Her next piece is Marth Ess' dragon 'Paprika" done in Aida size 10 color 47, followed by a motif from Transitions in Tatting that she added another row onto, made in a lovely shade of variegated antique thread Daisy size 20 by Lily Mills.
Mary has been tatting butterflies and creating wonderful greeting cards.
Carol has done a little tatted gingerbread house just big enough to go in a card.
Clyde has given his thoughts on test tatting.
Marilee has another polymer clay heart that's looking for some tatting.
Laura tatted Nancy's beaded earrings in every colour of the rainbow and then started on one of Iris' doilies.
Sherry has a lovely batch of "Fuchsia" HDT ready in both cotton and silk in an assortment of sizes.
Gina has added a tatted stem to a pattern for a primrose.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bookmarks, Cards, Heart and Dragon

Meme has posted pictures of the tatting from the round robin. The first picture is the snowflake and bookmarks received from Ellen. The second picture are the bookmarks that Meme sent to Jennifer. Unfortunately Jennifer did not send out anything to any of the other participants.
Anne has completed the doily based on the pattern from the book Orkis Modeller by Eli Lund. She was enjoying the outdoor weather while tatting it and apparently the bumblebees approved of the colour and pattern and cam by to see what she was working on. Ann has been thinking about how to finish off her dragon and after learning some new techniques, here he is. Keep watching Anne's web site for the pattern.
Iris posted a picture of the beautiful doily she did in traditional tatting and now she has posted the pattern for it.
Jeff shows a preview of what he tatted for his partner in DMC Cordonnet size 50 thread and Oren Bayan Metallic thread.
Bonnie has been away from tatting for a while, but recently she tatting the Heart Frame from Tatting Hearts by Teri Dusenbury using Marilee's HDT a solid "Roses" colour.
TattingChic shares a picture of a T-shirt she embellished with tatting years ago. It still looks great after lots of washing.
Tara has been making some cards. The first is a Get Well card and the second is a Birthday card. They're both lovely.
Joy used the white area of the image on the Design Challenge blog to create her snowflake. Isn't it neat?
Mary has created a butterfly heart and tatted leaves from Mary E. Fitch's book Tatting Series # 6.
Diane doesn't quite have enough "Citrus LIMON" HDT to finish "Cornelia". It'll be about 10 inches across when it's done.
Mark has a wonderful half ring braid Icthus pattern done and shares the pattern in PDF format.
Jon created a wonderful edging with a corner and shares the pattern for it.
I took my own challenge and created a snowflake for the Design Challenge. Then I did another variation and scanned the snowflake with several repeats to see what it would look like as a doily.
Marilee has 3 new colours, Vibrato, Magenta and Cerulean. They all look yummy.
Marty was given a Round Tuit, so now she can get everything done. It's a good thing because she just received lots of HDT from Marilee and Sherry.
Sherry has a lot of things on the go and is feeling a bit overwhelmed. In spite of that she has 2 new dye lots ready.
Kathy is a Rat. You don't believe me? Check out her blog. She's a very active tatter for a rat and she's done several new motifs using exchange threads.
Gina is still working out what she needs to do for the tatted hanky edge.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cross, Bookmarks, Snowflakes and Doilies

Elizabeth has posted a picture of her mini cross that is 1.5 inches tall in size 20 thread. Elizabeth has also shared the pattern for this lovely little cross. Please let he know if there are any mistakes in the pattern or if the instructions could be written any clearer. Good feedback makes for better patterns.
Anne is testing Häklegarn 20 on a pattern from the book Orkis Oppskrifter by Eli Lund. The original pattern has a lot of rings with 98 cut and tie ends which she reduced to 4 by using split rings. Instead of making 7 separate motifs she was able to do it in one go using SCMR.
While Iris was in Matera, she found a design in he notebook that was a sample for the Japanese design class. She worked it out and incorporated a bit of the design challenge from my web site.The doily is made of six hexagons done in size 20 thread in cream. Isn't it gorgeous. I'm totally envious of Iris' designing skills.
Aileen won second prize in Sherry's name that doily contest and received 20 yards of silk thread. She has several WIP's and some finished pieces which are destined for exchanges so she can't show them yet. This is the centre bit of doily from a vintage mag done in 20 coats. She cut off the outer rounds because she didn't like how they looked. The bookmark is Kersti's Tabatha done in a variegated green size 20 Omega. Now she's on to Christmas tatting. Christmas!???!
Ellen has poster her version of the snowflake from the Design Challenge blog. I don't have favourites, they are all beautiful, but my personal preference is that Ellen's is the most beautiful.
Joy posted a picture of some of her Dad's tatting tools.
Diane tatted Elizabeth's mini cross, but botched the pattern so no pictures yet.
has a clever Icthus pattern done using half ring braid and he has included the pattern on his website in PDF format.
Jon has a n edging and corner design to show complete with the pattern.
Marilee has a polymer clay heart available in her Etsy shop, pierced with holes ready for adding tatting.
Laura plans to record the thread requirements for the things she has tatted.
Melissa has used pink and blue tatting on a CQ block.
Sherry tatted a bookmark inspired by a pattern in the Big Book Book of Tatting with size 20 SILK "Rainforest" and "Pear Glace". She notes that this silk tats up a bit smaller than size 20 cotton thread.
Gina did some fishy tatting for Jeff.