Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snowflakes, Flowers, Doilies and Earrings

BSOTF tatted this round motif in Lollipop Lizbeth for the rings & Mountain Breeze for the chain to be hung where little eyes will see it.
Marta found the earring pattern that Iris shared on her blog very interesting. So much so that she did it over and over again and now had 4 pairs of earrings in different colours.

Magda attended a craft and handicraft fair and shares pictures of their stall. Sue has plans to tat a blizzard so that she can have snowflakes to give at Christmas. The first is Minaret Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman in size 10 white thread.
Agasunset has yet another anklet to show. This one is in blue. Wendy has a new creation, a design she made using a 4 ring motif which is just perfect for little accents under favourite treasures.
Krystle tatted a simple ring and chain edging to make a charming border for tea lights. She has also just finished am awesome floral design that will be in her shop soon.
Maria has turned a simple snowflake design into a flower.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doily, Bookmarks, Heart, Bracelet

BSOTF tatted a bracelet in embroidery thread & Aunt Lydia's red thread. Freedom bookmark is also made of embroidery thread with Aunt Lydia's red thread for the chain with white beads hooking it together.
Marta came across a doily made from hearts on Carla's blog and best of all the hearts are made in one continuous round. Aileen finally finished her bookmark order of 40 size 10 bookmarks in Elizabeth Zipay's pattern.

Anne has been working on a reconstruction of an unfinished doily made by
Sofie Dragseth, a lady who made lots of tatting including a wedding dress for her daughters wedding in 1955. Anne;s version of the centre piece is made in Mölnlycke 12/40 and has a diameter of 62cm (2feet). After it was done she counted jus how many rings, chains and stitches were in it.
Shirl had a hard time with all the reversing of work to join in weird places on this bookmark, but it really worked out well. The thread is Lizbeth Bright turquoise Dk in size 20.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Edgings, Motifs, Doilies, Bracelet and Necklace

BSOTF shows us her version of magic mushroom, a tatted, mushroom shaped ornament, whose cap lifts off to reveal a cavity big enough to hold a shuttle and small ball of thread. Marta bought this multicolour thread because she liked the colours, but when working with it the colours changed too abruptly. She began with a design for a round doily from "The Tatter's Treasure Chest" and converted it to a square design using a muted green thread to tone down the contrast of the multicoloured thread to get stunning results. This multicoloured thread on this round doily reminds her of forest berries.

Nami has watched scrapbooking on several blogs and had to give it a try. This is one of her samples embellished with tatting. This bracelet was made with silver and black thread in a Celtic design but the pictures don't do it justice.
Paige has been acquiring threads from the Thread Exchange and shopping. The turquoise thread is Oren Bayan Turkish size 50 and she had to tat a flower out of it as soon as it arrived. She used 3 strands of Coats & Clark Metallic Decorative sewing thread, but found it a pain to tat with unless it was paired with another thread. She was tatting a round a ring in black, but found it hard to work with so she switched to the Oren Bayan thread, which was easier to work with, but the thread broke. The motif design by Kersti on top will be made into a pendant the thread is Flower Child by LadyShuttleMaker (?) and the lower thread is a combination of three pieces of embroidery floss. The square motif uses some of Heather's HDT. The pièce de résistance is the necklace that she created from flowers made with all her new threads.

Kat tatted Patchwork from "Tatting with Visual Pattern" by Mary Konior tatted in Lizbeth size 20 Country Turquoise Med.
Sue has been working on Sarah's Heart by Teri Dusenbury in Lizbeth Caribbean thread size 20 and purple seed beads for her daughter whose name is also Sarah. Then she did This 'n' Tat-Snowflake III from Lisa C. Trumble also in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20 and the tiny purple beads. Sarah's Heart has been finished with some minor adjustments. The top center chains are supposed to attach to the tops of the rings next to them, but it was easier for her to join them between the rings. The Curds and Whey edging is now 7 inches long.

Agasunset used the motif she saw on IsDihara's blog to create another anklet which can be worn front or back. A second anklet done in organic thread is a casual design that works well with even with flip flops.

Steph's new seaside friend is a dolphin, another of Martha's creations.

Anne has 1/10th of the last row left in this photo of the reconstruction and it will be done and ready to block.
Fox had to give the square motif IsDihara was working on a try when she got this injury. (The worst thing about tatting injuries is that they sometimes keep us from tatting.) The first motif worked so well, that now she's doing it again with the colours reversed and adding beads.

Heather has also suffered an injury, this one inflicted by a dog. She still managed to tat one of Martha's critters, a black and white skunk.

Kelly has also been injured in a slip and fall. Ouch! It does make for some tatting time though. This is one of the finished hankies for the bridal store with an edging in Lizbeth size 20 thread. She's thinking of charging $25 for it, what do you think?

Shirl found the pattern for this green and pink edging in the May/June 2010 issue of Piecework magazine and it was from Irene Buckland’s sample book of tatting.Tatted in Lizbeth cotton Leaf Green Lt, and Dusty Rose Lt in size 20.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bracelet, Motifs, Necklaces, Doilies, and Hearts

BSOTF joins the challenge with a pendant done in Lizbeth Island Breeze and the second in some vintage Star thread.

One heart is not enough so Marta did 2 hearts in Jon Yusoff's Hearts Entwined/Crowning Hearts pattern in Aida. She's not sure of the size or colour because the label is missing.

Nami's sister wanted a necklace to match the earrings. So Nami designed using malachite beads.

Kat figured out Jane's lock join and proceeded to work with black so that she could see the contrast. Then she wondered what 2 would look like and now she has a string of them just right for a bracelet.

Sue had a mistake on round 2 of the Loop-di-Loop doily that she had to cut out and there's one little section she's not happy with. She finished the last round and it turned out lovely and it's done in time to be a house warming gift for her mother in law.

Agasunset is tatting lots of anklets one she calls Maverick and another with skulls and one she calls Arabian Snake done in chocolate brown.

IsDihara is working on the Summer Fun bookmark with motif #2 nearly complete. Tatted in two colors, size 20 Lizbeth #104 and #642, each motif measures 2 by 2 inches. The two doodles tatted in Lizbeth size 40, color #100 Autumn Leaves, were added for perspective. Barbara Foster sent her this photo of a square motif tatted in the soon-to-be-released Lizbeth size 80. This color is #122 Caribbean.
Wanda is making a hatband for a floppy brimmed hat and it's about half done.These stars are done in size 20 thread, Hakelgarn color 2011 (red) and Manuela color 019 (blue).

Diane brought out her box of finished pieces to share with her mother and sister. She's not sure of the pattern names except for Kersti's Stumpy that her Mom chose. The green and purple piece that Janet chose is her tribute to Myra Piper. The center is Myra's motif #12 and she designed the green edging.

Fox has yet another tatted ring done. This one obviously ready to hang off of something.

Martha has been using a new custom made shuttle that holds lots of thread to make these pieces with beads and buttons.

Marty tatted a mini Beatrice from from Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies using YLI machine quilting thread in a very subtle variegated blue/green/purple called "Alaskan Twilight" and it measures about 4 inches across.

Wally was stuck on a long drive without her tatting supplies and found some curly ribbon and used it to finger tat a heart.