Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Motifs, Doilies, Ice Drops, Runner, Seahorse, Bracelet and Tablecloth

Marthanne tatted Motif 72 from A Tatter's Workbook, but the finished work didn't look like the one in the book. She did it again with a decreased number of ds on the rings making them smaller and you can see where she skipped that last repeat, but that still didn't work.  On the third attempt she increased the number of ds on the centre ring, increased the number of ds on the chain with the little rings, and made only seven repeats for a design she likes.

Elsa had plans to decorate 3 pillows with lace and the first used a Jan Stawasz design which she thinks she'll sew on with the corner of the lace to the side of the pillow. The intricacy of the design doesn't really make the individual motifs stand out and the edging further camouflages it.

Diane says the gem in this Ice Drop reminds her of a root beer float so this one is called Root Beer Fudge. She liked the pink one so much she had to revisit it. She decided to change the construction a bit and it isn't a big adjustment but she likes the results. She did another Pink Fudge variation with orange. She had an idea to add beads on the side rings and it gave this Ice Drop the perfect amount of bling. The Fudge Dark thread hides the pink of the glass gem, but it's really pretty in person. This is a glow-in-the-dark gem that she'll have to go in a dark room to see if it really does glow. Time to go hide in the closet. She's still working on her SIL's runner and she likes the way it's coming together. She was straightening up her tatting supplies and came across these pearl beads, so she had to tat an Ice Drop to go with them. Rainbow Taffy thread just blends so well with so many different coloured gems and beads that it's been her carry-along project for several days.

Eliz tatted a variation on Jane Eborall's Large Seahorse and even omitting beads and some rings it's still a lovely seahorse and another finally, finished, project.

Marie test tatted Muskaan's beautiful Heart Bracelet. Finished and fitted.

Muskaan tatted Cherry Blossom Doily 1 Variation by Hye-oon Lee in size 40 Anchor Mercer Art. 4054 : pink - 052 and brown 00352. Tamara posted information on making a cardstock shuttle, which Muskaan tried out and gave feedback on. A more durable version was made out of a shampoo bottle for the times when she needs to load on lots of beads. (Personally I refuse to tat with beads on anything but a bobbin shuttle where the beads can roll easily around the centre on the bobbin, but that's me.)

Sue has been working on a tablecloth that she started in 2011 and she finally figured out how to achieve the half-moon shapes that the centre strip has, which breaks up the design and gives it some character.

Wanda picked up some wires that had been part of a cable and finger tatted them just to see if she could, but tatting with wire is hard on the hands so she quit after this bit.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Ice Drops, Easter egg, Earrings and Motifs

Diane is calling this Ice Drop, "Minty Fudge" but she thinks something is missing and she's not sure what it is. Thanks to the suggestions from tatting friends to add a bead at the top of the frilly rings, she now has a Minty Fudge Ice Drop that she loves. When you view them together it's easy to see how that little beady spot of green really sets off the design.

Fox tatted these designs with size 20 Lizbeth thread, using the patterns from the Easter Egg book. Here they are pictured together with a shuttle for perspective.

Margaret used Renulek's Snowflake from her napkin sniezynkowa in 2012 as a base for these Ice Drops that have clear gem centres. (They kind of disappear in the picture and I wonder how they'd look with cracked gems.) She used a spiral chain for hanging because the gems are kind of heavy.

Marie has made earrings to go with her For His Glory pendant.

Muskaan shares a design from Usha called a Dot Picot Motif.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Earrings, Edging, Shawl, Ice Drops, Heart, Snowflakes, Crosses, Doilies, Pendants, Bookmarks, TIAS, Paperclip Bookmark and Star

Pop Maria saw these earrings some time ago on Pinterest and she likes them very much but she doesn't know who created them. Any ideas?

Elsa's large project for 2017 is her Flower Carpet shawl which she is doing in size 20 thread and the larger thread than she used for the Harlequin shawl means she only needs 9 rows to make it wide enough. She's working with Lizbeth size 20 Nos. 626 and 627 and Rocailles 11/0 Miyuki "Opaque Antique Beige".

Diane had a visit from family and Sophie fell in love with her Blue Fudge Ice Drop and wanted another one in pink, but Diane didn't get finished in time for her to take it home. A flu bug kept her from subbing so she tatted more St Patrick's Ice Drops. A friend suggested hanging the charm from the bottom, so she tried it, but didn't like the result. She's still enjoying playing with different gems and different ribbons. When she finds a large charm, she hangs it from the back of the Ice Drop. It took her most of a day to design this Purple Fudge Ice Drop and she notes that working with dark brown can be really difficult, especially when trying to retro-tat!

Eliz is still struggling to focus on anything for very long so she's been finishing off some projects that mostly just needed the ends hid. The Victorian Heart from an unknown magazine source and unknown designer, #2 in 25 Motif Challenge of 2017 size 16 Finca perle cotton, along with various other projects she has shown previously.

Fox is blaming the beads for the slow going on this lovely doily.

Marie is calling this embellished button that she used to create a pendant, "Crystal". "For His Glory" is the name she gave this tatsmithed cross.

Muskaan created a diagram for, as well as a notated pattern in modern terms for this sampler from Coats and Clark book #121 as requested by Georgia. Then she went a step further and tatted it as well. This was a single-sided scalloped edging from Book 5 by Marie Antoinette Hees but she returned back along the same path, and created a bookmark, complete with a tail and charm, all in one pass.

Phyllis made Jane's TIAS shown here going down a ramp, since she joined her head backwards, tatted in size 20 thread she hand dyed. She completed February's paperclip project, a delightful little heart whose pattern can be found on the Online Tatting 2017 page.

Sue has a start on a new project and she's sharing a teaser. Here it is, the Star from 6 Crowns from Schiffchenspitze 1919 Tina Frauberger, tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Elderberry Jam.