Monday, December 29, 2008

Tallented Tatters, Snowflakes and Angels

Heather is tatting a motif and she is going to surprise us with what it is. She is using a clay shuttle that she made herself.

Ellen who is so wonderfully talented shows us what she sent to Pamela for the Secret Santa Exchange and it includes an angel that she calls Angel Pam which is motif #19 of the challenge and a beautiful snowflake bookmark.

Aileen shows us the treasure trove of gifts that she received from her better half and Secret Santa. There are also pictures of a snowflake and bookmarks and items for the Secret Santa Exchange that she tatted.

Iris has 2 new designs that she is working on. One is for a one round collar. I don't know about you but I eagerly await the finished project as Iris is very talented and her designs are always a delight.

I have tatted the "Quantiesque" Snowflake in HDT. It really is pretty to see.
Jon is very pleased with all the tatters who have tatted her "Quantiesque" Snowflake and has listed the blogs who have posted pictures.
Marty has posted a picture of ornament #9 done in green and red. Very pretty.
Pamela has posted pictures of the goodies she received from Ellen Lai and some beaded versions of Jon's snowflakes.
Bob has posted a picture of his version of Darlene Pilachic's Ice Crystals Snowflake.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Stockings, Trees, Angels, Bookmarks, etc.

Heather is back to shuttle tatting! She had been using her needles for so long that she has to get her stitches smooth again, but she said it was no trouble picking it back up. Go Heather!

Kathy N. has posted a picture of her lovely stocking covered in tatting. I am sooo jealous, Kathy. I also appreciate the kind words of encouragement to the update team. Thank you.

Shirley has tatted a cute gray cat, a pretty angel, a snowflake and a turtle that is small enough for earrings. She has been busy, I think!

Tattingchic is sharing pictures with us of her lovely angel that she tatted 15 years ago and starched. She is still absolutely perfect. It is important to Tattingchic that angels have faces and she certainly picked a lovely one for this angel. She is made from 3 doilies tatted from the same pattern but modified to fit.

Eva has tatted a beautiful angel in a purple robe. Very pretty Eva.

Claudia has tatted a Christmas tree from Ellen Lai's pattern. This is motif #11 for her.

B.J. has posted a picture of her Secret Santa exchange. It sounds like a fun thing in which to participate.

Connie has pictures of things received and things sent. They are all very pretty. She has a new shuttle and is putting it to good use.

Joy tatted Jon's Quantiesque snowflake at 4:30 A.M. Christmas morning. Glad she found something to keep her busy!

Ancolie has a lovely new logo designed by Marianne. She has also tatted a very pretty multicolored doily.

Carol is sharing pictures of the exchanges she has recently been involved in.
Gina has some really neat pictures to share. Some tatting - some not. Have a look.
Laura has tatted her 3rd snowflake using Jon's Quantiesque pattern.
Marilee has gifted us with a cute little bell pattern. Thank you Marilee. She also received a lovely bag from Sherry P.
Marty has tatted three more beautiful ornaments. Way to go!
Pamela has pictures of her lovely, silver tatting tree. So Pretty!
Riet has posted lots of pretty pictures, starting with two of Jon's snowflakes and a cute little hedgehog. Then there are oval pictures frames and two bags with one snowflake on each of them.
Sapna has tatted a lovely "Lady of the House" in Marilee's Tourmaline thread. She also has two new wooden shuttles, some plastic shuttles and some beautiful new hand dyed threads.
Sharon has tatted a beautiful square motif.
Sherry is working on her T.A.T. master's program and is almost finished. She has given us a wonderful bookmark pattern that she has created and is making into a chatelaine.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Blizzard of Snowflakes and Merry Christmas

Tattingchic's blog is a blizzard of snowflakes that she has collected over the years including some that where a gift from her sister. Wow so many different designs.

Ellen has spent the last month tatting Christmas trees and still has a few to go. That is a lot of trees Ellen.

Ancolie has done an intricate motif called Beyond the Hexagon as #8 in the challenge.

I received a spinning wheel coaster from Tattycat (Laura) and have been busy tatting more Celtic snowflakes designed by Ruth Perry.
Marty has posted a picture of ornament #7 and it is covered in lots of frills.
Ruth has a Tatted Winter Solstice Snowflakes jigsaw puzzle on her blog if you are looking for some fun.
Sherry's students are making amazing progress. You must visit her blog to see the pictures.
As this is my last update before Christmas I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year and may Santa be kind to you and bring you lots of tatting goodies. Also if you are thinking about joining the 25 Motif Challenge as a New Years resolution please do it is a lot of fun and everyone really enjoys seeing what you are tatting as much as you enjoy looking at what they are doing.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ornaments, Book and Bear

Ancolie show us a funny face and asks is it primitive art or just tatting supplies? The two doilies are for a shuttle box. She made a modification of one of Mark's patterns, but the result wasn't as good as she expected.
Wanda re-did Bob's Coily in Manuela size 10 thread and added another round in the spirit of the original to create an 8.5 inch doily. It works for me!
Carolyn shows us the Tatters Round Robin for Beginners by Georgia Seitz done in an unknown thread. Heather's newest book, Motifs-A-Many is now available.
Kathy shows us a picture of her first attempt at 2 shuttle tatting, a snowflake that she photographed and used used for her Christmas cards in 1990.
TattingChic is contemplating a pink feather tree to display her tatted ornaments. What do you think?
Nita received back her needle felted teddy bear with it's tatted accents from Piecework magazine along with a tank you card.
Moni had a handful of little bells that she had to dress up. So here's a wreath with a bell in the middle, a beaded wreath with a bell, a star with a bell and Rudolph holding a bell in his mouth. I love them all! Joy has worked out the thread sizing and pattern to do some tatted hanky edgings. It's what I call auto pilot tatting where you can tat along without really having to think about what you are doing. Carol and Rebel are sporting Christmas hats with tatting. How cute!
Laura has tatted Jon's Quantiesque Snowflake in Pamela's Coral Reef HDT in size 20 with the solid blue to match for round 2.
Marilee shows us some tatted snowflakes with embroidered cloth centers she did years ago and a deep dark "Midnight Oil" HDT crafted into a new necklace design. Both are dramatically elegant.
Pamela has tatted "Minaret" in White, Rainbow Bright and Rainbow Bright with an orange centre.
Riet's guild member, Tine Vedder has created a nativity set in tatting and bobbin lace using patterns created by both Ineke Kuiperij and Jana Novak. Riet has posted the picture of it on her blog.
I was sent some pictures of gorgeous tatting done by Patricia Estrugo and it's something you have to see to really enjoy it's beauty.
Sherry is down with some kind of flu, but she did get some lovely thread winders from Laura and she share the picture with us.
Snowy was working on a tatted doily in England and she's discovered a couple of mistakes she's too lazy to fix. It still looks pretty. Her wrist was fractured in the fall and she has to wear a splint until mid January. Since tatting is out she's started a bobbin lace piece.