Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ladies, Angel, Necklace, and Heart

Dale Marie is pleased to finally be able to show the necklace she did for the pendant exchange. It was inspired by Ruth Scharf's leaves and flowers and was tatted in Flora size 50 and Venus size 40 thread. She was also thrilled to receive the silver earring she won in Alan's giveaway.
Agasunset is working on a necklace inspired by the series "Firefly".
The pattern IsDihara wanted to work on calls for a single shuttle split ring which she hadn't tried before. She's working on Riet's Dragonfly, Libel to practice.
Steph was one of the test tatters for Heather's new book. This is Lady Marjorie tatted with Altin Basak 50 threads.
Bonnie was another of the test tatters and she did Lady Shannan in Lizabeth variegated SpringTime and Spring Green.
Diane finished Stacey's pillow and it looks gorgeous .

Heather has tatted some more half marbles just for fun. She came home from shopping with some new beads to try and made this flower design and it's inspired her to do more. Sh also has some new HDT in metallic and bamboo. Krystle had a blast at the Shuttlebird's workshop, except for the $144.00 speeding ticket. These are just some of the tatted treasures she saw and if you want the full story with names and faces, you'll have to check out her blog. Martha test tatted one of Heather's ladies. Size 20 Manuela dark green and Valdani size 12 variegated were used to make Lady Shauna and she came out about 5 1/2 inches tall. The Martha tatted her again. The diminutive version was worked with Oren Bayan size 70 brown and a vintage Coats yellow variegated and it's about 3 1/2 inches tall. Sherry was also at Shuttlebirds with all of her lovely HDT, books and ceramics. She taught this charming Angel but didn't take many pictures. She did get a shot of Mary McCarthy's hats which are pure eye candy.

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