Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Necklaces, Earrings, Doilies, Edging, Butterflies, Bracelet, Wheel Barrow, Dreamcatcher and Motifs

Cigdem modified the pattern by Mrs. W. M. Odum, called Tatted Daisy to created this necklace worked in a high quality mercerized cotton in variegated red with red seed beads.

mb duke used Perfect Quilter thread to whip up this pair of earrings using a pattern called "Mirror" from Jan Stawasz's Tatted Treasures. She also attempted to make the "Tiny Square Teapot" from Martha Ess' Tea is for Tatting, but missed a join and then skipped a line in the pattern and decided to call it quits.

Laurie is declaring this doily finished because she's run out of time and is just plain tired of working on it. Sometimes, with larger projects, you just run out of enthusiasm before a project is done and it's OK to give yourself permission to quit and move on to something you'll enjoy more.

Jane suggested making mock rings so that the beads can be kept on the ball thread, then tried it to see how it works. It does work as you can see from her trial of Frivole's Christmas Tree edging in red and it is easier than fussing with beads on a shuttle. She's tatting Frivole's Christmas Tree Edging to go around the neck of a blouse. The blouse was originally white muslin, but she always planned to use the same dyes  in the thread to dye the fabric and she's pleased with how it turned out.

Lelia has tatted oodles of doodles, most of which she gives away.

Jessica finished her entry for the fair, but missed the registration date for this year so she has a year to sew something to the centre of this piece done in size 20 thread.

Marta's holidays were short and intense and she wasn't prepared. Now that she's back here's another necklace she finished. The bracelet is reminiscent of sandy beaches and white pebbles.

Linda has her tatted wheelbarrow filled with silk ribbon flowers, and accented by an embroidered bunny and dimensional daisies.

Diane managed to join a ring to the wrong place and closed it before she noticed her mistake. With some threads that would have been a problem, but the Perfect Quilter thread was easy to undo. She had a wonderful surprise in the mail today, a sun catcher and a thread sample from Sue.

Fox had her Pine Plains Picot pattern test tatted by Marta and this is the results, both front and back. This is the largest piece Fox has done with size 80 thread, which she transitioned to Perfect Quilter. There are many mistakes as a result of changing her tatting style, but she's enjoying how things are going. The new style is even working out on the Trellis pattern making it easy and fast. She's glad she decided to scale back the pattern, as this is a perfect size for her working in Cebelia size 30. This is a good size to get the benefit of the pattern, without the large size.

Jess is finally moved and back to dying threads. Her new colourway is Birds of a Feather paired here with Lizbeth's Gold.

Marie received a package from Manisha, her exchange partner, that included several pairs of tatted earrings. A pair of goldstone cabochons surrounded with tatting in two strands of Sulky, gold thread. A pair of Spencer opal cabochons, from Spencer, Idaho were paired with two strands of Sulky, gold metallic thread for these earrings.

Martha tatted "Cintamani" from Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems which she worked in size 80 thread by Anchor.

Sherry not only won first at the fair, with her Empress headpiece, she also won Best of Show.

Sue has done a tutorial of how she makes her dreamcatchers from wrapping the hoop to adding on the feather charms. Check out her blog for full details.

Wanda finished the wedding gift, using an unfinished frame with an opening of 5"x 7" from Michael's that she painted black. The edging is made with Lizbeth #646 Purple Iris Lt size 20, with silver beads which perfectly matched the bride's colours of lavender and silver.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Motifs, Dragonflies, Flowers, Edging, Snowflakes, Ornament, Doilies, Bookmarks and Earrings

Mistene used DMC Cebelia No. 30, Colour 699, Christmas Green to tat this Mary Konior motif.

Jane has discovered that dragonflies are good for using up short lengths of thread and she wants to put them onto a food cover. Blue organza should give the impression of water, but a waterlily makes it even better. An enormous mock ring made with a double double stitch for stability works as a leaf.

Lelia is working on Marguerite edging by Mary Konior from A Pattern Book of Tatting in Lizbeth Size 20, colour 603 for Lafayette Lacemakers. The pink motif is from pattern is from Minitats; 69 Petite Motifs by Patti Duff and is worked in Lizbeth size 20, colour 622.

Ginny shows us her fair entries. Rose window by Jon Yousoff, with a small change received 3rd place. Christmas Ornament patterns by Ruth Cocran (Canada) 1st place. Celtic Doily, her pattern, 1st place. Tatted Poseys her pattern 1st place.

Kristen received a lot of lovely things from Fox just before leaving Seoul that were perfect for travelling with tatting. Travel left her lots of time for tatting Jon's Two By Two Bookmark which she did with lots of reverse working on the inner part because she didn't read the instructions that said to use 2 shuttles. She re-did the inner part later with two shuttles and really didn't see much of a difference. She was delighted with her fair results. The Tatted Bookmark: First place. Home Accessory over 12": Second Place. Tatted Trim: Third Place. Needle Tatting: Fourth Place. Tatted Accessory: Fourth Place. Then there were two entries that didn't have a ribbon. Overall she was thrilled with her results and especially thrilled to win the sweepstakes ribbon which meant that she won the most of all the people who entered tatting in the fair. The mobile, finished and floating in the air was dismantled and put away since it would have been too much trouble to bring back to Russia in good condition.

Nancy was visiting her daughter and left behind a little bit of tatting, the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat by Mary Konior.

Ancolie tatted Stuttgart, a new design from Iris Niebach Book: Tatting Fantasia 4.

Diane loves the triangular spokes of Mustika snowflake which took her a long time to tat since she couldn't seem to concentrate. Long drives make for lots of tatting time, but it's nice to work on a familiar pattern like  Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat.

Fox was glad for a chance to meet up with Frivole in person and get a few pointers on how to hold the shuttle which made her stitches tighter and was easier on her hand. She cut down on the scale of the trellis doily and she thinks the centre will block out well enough to show those centre bits. Using the new method of holding the shuttle she tatted the Clover Doily by Ellen Stafford  with #80 DMC and when that ran out, carried on with Perfect Quilter which is quite a bit thicker than the DMC. She was so intent on changing her hand position that there were lots of errors in this motif. Because she is at another row of Victorian Sets in the Trellis Doily, she wants to wait till she is completely comfortable with the shuttles. Muscle memory can be a stinker when you make that kind of shift.

Margaret has written up the pattern for her 3D Cymbidium Orchid earrings and it will be in her Etsy shop soon. Grace from intatters has just started a blog this snowflake is one she designed last year.

Marie used light yellow amber cabochons surrounded by two strands of Sulky, metallic silver thread for these tatted earrings. Nancy's Christmas Cat by Tat's All was tatted in Lizbeth, size 20, Mocha Brown Med and Fudge Dark to make this commemorative card for Pepper, a Maine Coon that succumbed to cancer.

Martha has had to put in extra time at work which will further delay the production of her new book, but she keeps tempting us with these little snippets.

Orsi is giving us glimpses of her next creation, sequins and tatted lace meet haute couture.