Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Animals, Motifs, Doily, Crosses and Collars

Corina has finished the mate to Iris' earring and although she doesn't usually wear such long earrings, working on these has sent her back looking for more patterns to try.

Agasunset has re-done her Inara necklace in black.
Liyarra worked on Round Medallion No.150 from Tatting a Potpourri of Patterns from Handy Hands. The variegated colour was too loud so she toned down the outer round by adding a plain olive green, but it seems to have lost it's character so she's doing it again in black.
NancyD has tatted some more of Gina B's bookmarks in Flora size 20 and the blue trim is Lizbeth size 20. She has also received Heather's new book and is excited to begin tatting some more ladies to put on a quilt. Linda won the contest to name Miranda's newest snowflake, "Angels in the Snow" and was pleased to to receive the new pattern and the tatting book, "New Twist on Tatting" by Catherine Austin as her prize.
Vinnie was intrigued by the way Iris used rings to create a dimensional effect in her earrings and she tried it out on a bracelet. The she tried for an even more three dimensional effect and did another bracelet. Which led to a swirling heart which will make an outstanding pendant.

Claudia was playing with the Monster or Loch Ness picot from the online class, where she used Dan Rusch´s technique using a variegated lilac colour and a pink, DMC # 8. She added a ring inside the monster picot, to make it just a little different and for the stem she tatted a zigzag chain in two colours. She's thinking of calling this the Lochness ring flower.
Fox has lots of tatting news. After all of her hard work she finally has her TAT Master. She had time on her trip to New York to tat Jennifer Williams' pattern from the Ring of Tatters Magazine and Jon's Enchanter in Yarnplayer's Garden Afternoon HDT. Taking a page from Suneeti's book she has added tatted motifs to the little one's outfits. She has found a cute ladybug tin to hold those pieces that she doesn't have a use for but can't bear to throw away. She finished the beaded necklace, but found it boring to work on.

Martha was at the zoo, which inspired these little guys.
Mica tatted this pattern from A New Twist on Tatting by Catherine Austin with Signature size 40 quilting thread.

Wally has 2 fairs in May and she's doing a lot of tatting including this burgundy collar made with a cotton #10 thread from Egypt called Helwan. The pattern is from Needle Tatting with Style Book 1. This other is from a Russian Book called "Tatting" from 1993 and she used #10 thread Aunt Lydia's in a light cream.

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