Saturday, May 01, 2010

Jewelry, Flag, Doilys, Edgings and Motifs

Patrycja has tatted something different. Blue Aida thread with azure cut shell in strands of zigzag tatting twisted together making a light summer necklace.

NancyD has finished her flag except for adding the stars.

Wendy received her Ring of Tatters newsletter and realized that the doily on the front cover was the same as the one on her coffee table, Mary Konior's Flowerpiece.
Fox received an adorable hand made card embellished with tatting from Tatskool.

Jeff tatted the Queen's Garter from Mary Konior's A Pattern Book of Tatting in Superior Threads Perfect Quilter thread. He thinks it would make a good bookmark if the chains were joined together to make it a bit more stable. No, Nay, Never by Mary Konior was tatted in Cobalt solid by Yarnplayer. Krystle has some more jewelery pieces done, earrings and a bracelet done in the same colour thread with different stones. Nita enjoyed tatting the doily in #80 DMC ecru Cordonnet that Georgia Seitz had on her website which is from an old book, possibly 1949. This is the first design of Ben Fikkerts Nita has tried. She used #30 Cordonnet thread to make the snowflake. and she is using smaller picots on the second two because she thought the size of the picots were a little overwhelming. They are lacy though.
Sherry is working on some edging in pink and green for her little Picadilly. She was surprised at Shuttlebird's by a gift from Krystle of these lovely earrings.

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finally able to a do a bit of tatting...