Monday, February 29, 2016

Snowflakes, Medallions, Techniques, Heart, Doilies, Earrings, Pendant, Bell, Sheep, Cat, Butterflies and Crosses

Sarah tatted motif 30 from the Japanese book, "Tatting Lace Nice Items"#3440' by Sumi Fujishige although she changed the centre rings to SCMRs and threw off the hearts instead.

Elsa tatted Medallion # 50 from Nellie Ellison's  Corticelli Lessons in Tatting in Lizbeth size 40 and reproduced the pattern in visual format to save others the headache of working with an older pattern.

Melanie wasn't having great success with design ideas but she did create a stitch gauge in size 20 thread to help in future designs.

Sue was set a design challenge for which this was her first try plain. Then she did a beaded button version with more pizazz.

Grace has posted a series of left handed pictures of a cloverleaf showing how to avoid gaposis, that tiny little extra space or gap at the base of the rings.

Claire made this card for her sweetheart, mixing calligraphy and the Kiss Curl Heart by Nicola Bowersox tatted in Lizbeth size 20, colour Falling Leaves #100.

Diane used her snow day to tat finishing the second round of her Concentric Rectangles doily. She completed another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat by mary Konior in size 20 Lizbeth, Antique Violet Med. #640. More snow day tatting resulted in the next round of her Concentric Rectangles doily being done. Another round is started, in Lizbeth Wedgewood DK. Another Spinning Wheel glass mat is started in size 20 Lizbeth, Vineyard Harvest #131, which she thinks she's going to love. She's made progress on it, but not a lot and she isn't in a hurry. She's really pleased with the progress on her Concentric Rectangles doily.

Fox was sure that her tatting was achieving the desired crispness due to the thread she was using, but she realized with this Design by Pascale Provost that it's due in fact to her improved tension. She found the last of her Karey Solomon #40 HDT, opened up the Mary Komior book and tatted this.

Margaret tatted these earring using a Pinterest pattern, no 18 Modello Frozen, from She thought it would look lovely as a pendant but the earring size was too small so she doubled all the stitch counts adding three beads on rings B and D the chains are long and the rings are very big and she finished it with a very small ring with a large bead in the centre.

Marie made a bell, but with this thread it looks more like a tree.

Martha found the pattern for this sheep on Pinterest which linked to Dora's blog which also had the pattern for this cat.

Muskaan found a butterfly inside a snowflake and shares the pattern for not only a flat butterfly, but also a 3D version with various options for antennae. Butterflies and flowers are just natural companions.

Phyllis made these snowflakes from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting for the tat-along over in Craftree Snowflake no. 2 is made with size 20 Lizbeth, Blue Ice.  Snowflake no. 5 is Artiste embroidery floss from Hobby Lobby.

HisKid tatted Elaine P. Gan's Justification Cross in size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch. She has an update on the Celtic Cross which she thinks at this point would make a lovely doily. It's done tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Sky Blue Med and about 7 inches tall by about 5 1/2 wide and she may attach it to a shirt. She has another round done on this doily which Muskaan is calling her Hide and Seek doily as she's having to work on it in secret.

Wanda's Tat and Chat group gathered again and these were some of the tatting finds they brought; a small doily, a silver shuttle and a French ivory (faux ivory) shuttle with tatting still attached.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snowflakes, Dragon, Necklaces, Heart, Edgings, Doilies, Motifs, Earrings, Pendant and Cross

Sarah was looking for snowflakes with hearts in them and tatted Darling Josephine from my Tatted Flurries book but added another JK between the pattern repeats of the last row. If you're looking for a snowflake with a heart, you can always make the Grace Snowflake on my web site.

Batty Tatter made another Regal dragon from Flights of Fantasy by Martha Ess, this time in red and purple for her daughter, who has a different take on the story, as her princess weilds the sword and saves the day, but sadly not the knight, who is reduced to a helmet and ashes.

Mary Lena created a lovely necklace in a simple design made elegant by black glass beads.

Lelia thinks Yarnplayer's HDT is a yummy colour for Georgia Seitz' Tatted Heart.

Claire has copied, with permission, Gloria Nelson's tutorial on when to reverse work and when not to reverse for use with visual patterns.

Diane made considerable progress on her hanky edging, but had to stop when she ran out of thread. Her next Spinning Wheel is well under way. This one done in Leaf Green Lt is the 14th one she's completed this year. She has started the base for the Concentric Rectangles doily which can be made to any size, so she's thinking maybe she should attempt a tatted tablecloth.

Fox can't remember where this pattern came from, but she's using up the left over thread from the hanky for it. She's thrilled with the edging, which was the exact size for the hanky and didn't need any pinning or coaxing, but just fit on the first time without any difficulty even though she used 2 different thread sizes.

Lilas  is now working on the large cabochon that will be part of the choker section of the grand necklace. She's following the same idea, first tatting around the cabochon, then adding another row to extend it outward.

Marie is impressed with the Italian magazine, "Il Mio Chiacchierino, #6" and made these earrings from it. She used three strands of sewing thread; 2 rayon and one metallic and after the earrings she also tatted the matching pendant.

Martha, after a long hiatus to deal with real world stuff, plunged back into tatting making the Sweet Heart Valentine by Pop Lenuta Maria and of course she had to star making it in 2 colours which presented some difficulties. She re-tatted it in one colour and discovered that a lot of her issues were resolved.

Muskaan started with The First Day of December Snowflake by Lene Bjorn working in a painted tatting effect. In the end she can't decide if the finished piece is a snowflake or a sunflake. Branching out into more designing, The Spiral Snowflake Medallion she has created has lots of possibilities and she has generously shared, not only her steps in designing it, and numerous ways in which it can be used, but she has also shared the pattern.

Sue tatted Ninetta's Quad # 8 in size 20  Lizbeth Western Sunset which she found challenging until she realized there was a mock ring involved. The Flower with "spiral knot" stitch by Jennifer Williams is tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Western Sunset, and while she likes the effect, she hasn't quite mastered it. She made a little more progress on the test tatting of the cross and it's coming along.