Friday, February 28, 2014

Motifs, Doilies and new tatters

Stephanie started the Lucky Clover doily in Tatting Patterns & Designs by Blomqvist and Persson in DMC 80 Ecru and Sulky #12-wt, but now now that the centre is done she doesn't like her colour choice.

Diane's third graders have been tatting up a storm. All of them are excited to finish their edging projects and choose a finished motif from Diane's tin of tatted treasures. Owen is one of the boys in the class and he was determined to get his tatting done, before someone else chose this bumble bee. The Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in pink Flora thread is done and now she's looking for a new project.

Marie finished the two rounds of this doily and only has two more rounds to go.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Heart, Butterfly, Pig, Necklace, Doilies, Snowflake and Edging

Batty Tatter created a greeting card using the heart pattern from Pam Palmer's book Tatting Treats. She made the full butterfly, but the wings didn't match so she cut off the offending wing and made a sideways butterfly. The Petal Pig from Pam Palmer's Tatting Treats is a big pig done in size 20 thread which she plans to frame on a blue background.

Lilas did her Feather necklace again in white using ivory thread with little transparent pearls.

Stephanie has the next round of Renulek's Spring Doily done and she's again anticipating the next row, leaving her threads at the ready.

Fox is satisfied with the way the Stawasz doily turned out. She has Renulek's Spring doily done up to date and is looking for the next post.

Mica found that her large picots work very well on the Feathery Snowflake from Vida Sunderman's book.

Sue is working on Dagmar Pezzuto's Ankars style edging and is finding it challenging.

Wanda is working with G├╝termann silk quilting thread in color 386 and it only broke once. The challenge is going from the size 10 thread she is using for her vest to the very fine quilting thread.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bookmarks, Butterfly, Doilies, Motifs and Bracelets

mb duke likes tatting bookmarks because they don't take long to do and it's easy to try out lots of different patterns. The first one is from Lene Bjorn's Tatted Bookmarks - Cross-shaped, done in size 40 Lizbeth Scottish Thistle and Country Grape medium. This rainbow coloured bookmark was made for her husband using Jane's bookmark pattern tatted in size 20 Rainbow Splash by Tat-ilicious. This lovely flower/butterfly pattern by Ladytats is done in Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus size 40. She tried out Martha Ess' butterfly pattern which was great for emptying a couple of shuttles.

Diane is finding the the current variegated pink Flora thread that she is using on the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat is reminding her of pink bubble gum. She has just received this lovely batch of motifs from Tatting Marie to share with her students. The students are continuing to do well spurred on, no doubt by the reward of these motifs.

Fox has completed another round of Renukek's Spring Napkin which looks amazing. The Stawasz doily is turning out to be her favourite piece of tatting so far, but it may be because it's in her favourite colours.

Marie is half way through these 2 rounds of motifs on her doily.

Sue made matching bracelets for her and her friend with Jane Eborall's Celtic or Overlapping Friendship Bracelet pattern in Lizbeth size 40 Lilac Dk., Caribbean, and Royal Blue, finishing them with Heart Toggle Clasps.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Necklaces, Doilies, Motifs, Edging and Easter Eggs

Lilas has turned her drawing into a necklace. She loaded 1080 Miuyki size 15/0 beads on size 80 DMC thread, but only used 900 and added a ribbon tie.

Stephanie completed Round 4 of Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin and is hoping that the picots join to the next round so she climbed out of the last round with a split chain.

Claire tatted motif 121 from the book Schiffchenspitze, by Rita Frauberger in Lizbeth Ocean sunset #155 size 20. She indicated the stitch counts on the picture for anyone interested.

Diane's junior tatting brigade is progressing nicely with lots of little rings and rings in strings. The hanky edging grows slowly. Since the average hanky is 44 inches of tatting, the only way it grows is slowly. The Spinning Wheel Glass Mat has given way to computer games.

Fox has finished the green Easter Egg for Graham and has the whole set ready now.

Marie has 24 of 25 motifs done for the doily she is working on.

Mica has a little more done on her doily which has been a WIP for a long time. It will get finished...eventually.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

TIAS, Rocking Horse, Doilies, Earrings, Motifs, Heart and Vest

Batty Tatter has joined the challenge and has just finished off her TIAS with a flag at the top of the mast. She's on a rocking horse kick at the moment, her last one having been bought, she's eagerly awaiting some size 40 Lizbeth thread to make more.

Stephanie is using DMC 80 ecru and Sulky Blendables #12-wt teal variegated for this doily designed by Jan Stawasz. She was sure a full 5-gram ball of DMC would be plenty, but she was wrong, and had to dig through all her small thread stashes to find a last ball of DMC ecru.

Sue has named her ship Humber Ella and it gets along very well with her dragon named McVroom. These earrings are made with Tropical Punch by Lizbeth and a mid pink Coats from her stash, and beads are Gutermann size 9 seed beads. This pair she made last year were done in what she thinks is Rainbow Taffy and a Coats thread she was given.

Phyllis dyed some thread to tat a couple of Prostate Awareness Ribbons for a friend. This particular ribbon color is done in sky blue using a pattern from Lenore English. She forgot where to change colours so her sailboat is camouflaged for sailing the high seas in  thread from Yarnplayer, size 20, Peaches 'n Onions.

Lelia made A Tat Different, designed by Betty Alderson of Snowgoose and featured in The NeedleWorker Magazine, Spring 1999, in Lizbeth Size 20, off white and Marilee Rockley's HDT.

Diane's third graders are doing well with their "Fancy Pants" which is the name of a book by Donna Edwards where she shows that a doublestitch is like a pair of pants with 2 legs and a waist. After chains full of Fancy Pants they are ready to move on to rings and choosing pieces of lace as rewards for their efforts is keeping them enthused. They're finding out that even simple chains can be put to use. Diane played with some pink Flora, making the heart from a Handy Hands pattern. The piece on the right is Hope from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. The bottom piece is a fragment of Hope. Here is Posy from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. The fragments were practice pieces before tatting the motif which she likes to do using up left over thread on the shuttle. Her third graders have attracted the interest of some 5th graders and they're using the minutes after they finish their lessons to work on tatting. You'll never guess what Diane is working on. It's another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in the pink Flora thread.

Fox noticed that there was something different between her doily and the one pictured, then she realized that she had only 5 picots instead of 6 on the last row. Rather that cut off the whole row, she just cut off the last bit she had done and modified the pattern to fit. She actually likes it better this way so it was a serendipitous mistake. With all those teeny tiny beads, this row will be taking a while.

Wanda chose Lizbeth size 20 # 130 Island Breeze and # 657 Ocean Turquoise Dark for her TIAS project, which turned out to be perfect colours for the subject. This is the progress on the centre back of her vest which she started in April of 2013, finished the collar and then put it aside until recently.