Thursday, November 26, 2009

Edgings, Necklaces, Hearts and Snowflakes

Fox is stuck on the third exercise of T.A.T., having read the instructions incorrectly. Then she took a break to play with an insert from the Priscilla publication.
Katie re-purposed some small tins with hinged lids to hold tatting tools as gifts for her tatting friends. Then she filled them with colour co-ordinated tatting treasures like HDT matching beads and a small pic cushion made of felt. Then she explains how she uses decoupage on a shuttle. Rayanna tatted a lip balm holder from Heather's pattern. IsDihara has finished row 3 on her adaptation of the SweetHeart by Birgit Phelps, tatted in Rainbow Bright HDT. It's a bright and cheerful design. She also posted a bread wrapper design that is simply shouting "TAT ME!"
Wanda tatted these snowflakes to give to special friends and family. She thinks she will mount the multicoloured snowflakes tatted in Lizbeth Christmas Delight size 20 in bangles for hand delivery, but leave the bangles off of those she mails. The white snowflake is new this year, too it's pretty quick and easy to make. Aileen's Hallowversary prizes are on the way. She went to the local craft store and found some Silco thread on sale and tried it out for tatting. She found it was very smooth, about the size of 80 or 100 and it tatted up nicely. She also managed to complete another lipstick holder in 29 DMC cebelia - so it's a little chunkier. Carol's daughter Katrina received this awareness ribbon tatted by Rayanna, that has a lovely little angel pin in the centre of the ribbon. Carol used size 80 thread on Heather's tiny shuttles and had enough thread to tat this delicate heart. Carol was a winner in Clyde's giveaway and he sent her this beautiful, delicate bookmark tatted in Yarnplayers HDT Lavender Orchid in Size 100, along with a skein of HDT. Diane tested out one of Heathers itty bitty shuttles with great success. Her Raspberry Sorbet, that's thread, NOT dessert, finally arrived from Ireland along with a lovely tatted snowflake. Since Diane has the book with the pattern she plans on tatting this snowflake. Heather designed one necklace with a second variation and now she has orders for a several more.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Butterflies, Hearts, Bookmarks and Flowers

Liz shows her first motif for the challenge, a butterfly tatted in DMC Cotton Perl. Pattern by Soyloquesoy.

Fox has been tatting for a while, but she has just decided to join the challenge. She has been working on a pink rosette with a leafy green border that is cupping. However, as it is a decoration for a hat, the cupping has just added to it's charm giving it a 3 dimensional quality.

Katie found that the Sweet Heart pattern by Birgit Phelps was a perfect size for trying out her HDT. It was also the perfect size to fit in the little heart shaped frame she found. Another of her HDT threads was tatted in the same design and a bead added to the point to make a charming pendant. M tatted this Bookmark With Overlapping Chains in Lizbeth size 20, colours 601, 623 and 624 but she doesn't like how the shuttle joins look. A small mistake in how she tatted Heart o' Daisies tatted with Lizbeth size 20, colours 613 and 695, has put her off the design, or maybe it's the way the picots aren't laying flat. The instructions for this next Bookmark were in Italian and it was tatted in Lizbeth size 20, 144 and 623. Mark's Back to School Apple was tatted in Lizbeth size 20, 671 & 680. Tatty Turtle also by Mark Myers was tatted in Lizbeth size 20, col 690 and he promptly ran away.

Viv tatted Birget Phelps button cross to give as Christmas gifts as ornaments, this one is in Lizbeth Caribean size 20. The basic pattern for this beaded earring is from Be-stitched and she added her pretty sparkly new beads to the picots and the loop at the bottom, but there were supposed to be 3 loops. Oops. Linda has finished embellishing a denim shirt with tatting using a variety of patterns. The edging is a split ring pattern from Jane Eborall The bumblebees are block tatting by Martha Ess. The Hanging Cluny dragon fly by Zena Herbert is a pretty pattern but she left the Cluny head out. The small butterfly and owl are patterns by Roger aka Freedman. The worms are her own design using split rings. The front pocket has a butterfly by Jane Eborall and the heart by Heather Johnston. All of these were done primarily in size 20 Lizbeth Thread.

Steph wrote about her tat day at ZigZag and she was thrilled that her poinsettia was the ornament contest winner. Ellen created an assortment of tatted pieces like these hairclips and earrings to be sold at a bazaar sale at work. She pledged 15% of the sales for the Padang Earthquake Relief ans was please to give them a cheque for $73. The flower and leaf were tatted quite some time ago and finally assembled so that she could wear them for the occasion.

Diane has finished another of Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat designs. This one uses some of Krystle's HDT and Diane is hoping she'll make more of this colour. Maria found this star motif online but she doesn't know who the designer is. Any ideas? These delicate motifs are Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Butterflies, Edgings and Flowers

Katie joins the challenge with Yarnplayer's Keyed Up pattern tatted in Lizbeth Spring Garden colour. Her next motif is from Tatting with Visual Patterns, also in Lizbeth size 20 Spring Garden. She's also working on the little tatting tote by Sharon Albers using Lizbeth size 20 in a variegated color for the rings & a solid for the chains. Her next piece is Sweet Heart by Birgit Phelps done in her own HDT.

Rayanna joins the challenge and she has posted a turkey tatted from Mark Myers pattern, a leaf pattern by Heather, Karey Solomon's heart called "Heartful Greeting" out of her book called "Tatting Y2K". Her daughter is sporting a choker made from edging #5 in "Tatting Patterns for One Shuttle - Book 1" by Mark Myers. She loves doing motifs and here are a few she tatted by various artists. On the left is "Flower with One Picot in the Center" by Rozella F. Linden. The middle one is from the book "Minitats" by Patti Duff and on the right is a Tree Frame pattern by Roger aka Freedman.

M tatted "The Second Day of December" and from the book 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjørn in Lizbeth size 20, col 690 and "The Eleventh Day of December" from the same book in Lizbeth size 20, col 601.
IsDIhara shows us a lovely card holder adorned with tatting and silk ribbon embroidery that she found in an Etsy shop. She also shares her stash of HDT and asks, "What's in your stash?" Pam found the pattern for a Celtic Snowflake on Tatman’s Blog that she planned to tat in blue and white, but unfortunately she didn't put enough thread on the shuttle and had to stop at only 5 repeats. That of course meant that she could only do a corresponding number of repeats in the second half. She opted to stop there rather than try to modify the second round to fit fewer repeats. Brigitte discovered the Hearts for Tracy patterns on Heather Johnston's tatting blog and sat down over the weekend and tatted two of them. The red shaded heart is Lizbeth Size 20 thread with gold Size 11 seed beads. For the pink heart she used Gem Size 30 thread.

Krystle had to empty some shuttles so it was time to finish off some projects like this doily from the Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito worked in Heather's Ruths Irish HDT. She has also listed her own HDT in her shop, "Ivria's Afternoon" and "Windbreaker".

Charlotte tatted "Wild Rose" from Mary Konior's A Pattern Book of Tatting using Yarnplayer's size 20 "Roses" HDT. That makes 25 motifs for Charlotte, but she isn't finished yet. Ancolie prepares tatting gifts for charity with these bookmarks, but she loves doilies so much, that she does some of them when she is bored with bookmarks. Wanda spent her Tatting Tea Tuesday with IsDihara and received her giveaway prize, the lovely piecework ornament embellished with orange pumpkin tatting. The two butterflies are Wanda's pattern, made with Lizbeth Falling Leaves and Lizbeth Black in size 20 as the body and the edging. The heart is Tracy's Heart, by Heather from The Tarnished Tatter, in the same threads. The heart is again Tracy's Heart by Heather, done in Lizbeth thread size 20 black and Victorian Red. Wanda used two shuttles and adjusted the pattern just a little so the bottom ring was in black instead of red. The butterflies are based on a pattern by Monica Mancenido, aka soyloquesoy, found on Intatters. Ellen was a lucky last winner in Clyde's Garden Tour Giveaway, and she received this fine bookmark Clyde tatted in size 100 HDT, and the skein of thread too! Meanwhile she has been working on more ATC's like this one with a moveable kitty chasing a tatted butterfly.

Aileen has a prototype ready, a modified version of her lip balm case, but this one is designed for lipstick. This one is done in size 20 Omega thread and she's thinking of doing more for her Etsy shop. Arlene is back after a long hiatus with another podcast.

Bev has her shuttles out and her new computer working so she is able to post pictures again. Her tree designed by Pam Palmer from, "Tatting Treats 2" has beads, but they are hard to see. It was done in dark green Valdini, size 12 and the bottom is red DMC size 30. Her big project this fall is a doily from "Sheep May Safely Graze" by Karey Solomon. The roses are in HDT "Pizzazz" and the leaves are Valdini a dark green soft cotton in size 12. The Butterfly is from Palmetto Tatter's Book of Butterflies in a rose Valdini size 12. The snowflake is from a book by Debbie Munoz tatted in Lizbeth Snowy White in size 30. The little motif in Pamela Myers Chocolate Raspberry HDT is Bev's own design from the Design-Tat class. Bev has also finished a bit of tatting for Rebekah's wedding head piece which Zena Herbert is designing. The pattern is Mary Konier's "beauty spots" which incorporates all rings and Josephine knots and it's tatted in Anchor, size 30 and is about 3/4" wide.

Carol tatted a few edgings and motifs out of Rebecca Jones book for IsDihara's giveaway. Diane didn't get as much of the spinning wheel glass mat done as she thought she would, but it is progressing nicely.

Eva shows us the treasures that were displayed at a recent meeting.

Heather has received a lot of donations of Hearts for Tracy and she was busy taking pictures for the shop. Then she tatted Jon's motif from her book Tatting with rings in brown and pink. Then a free form design in pink and brown. She has taught her daughter to tat and there is a collection of pretty butterflies to show for it. Then there is a sample piece done in shuttle and needle tatting. Can you tell which is which? An itty bitty clay shuttle - would you tat with it? Finally there is a display of Heather's HDT stash and pictures of some craft items she is de-stashing.

Jeff has created a chainmaille and scissors fob which is now in his Etsy shop. Here he has embellished it with Marilees's Carnival Earring. His other tatting project is Gina's Gingerbread Boy made with Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #692 brown and DMC Cordonnet size 20 white for the frosting. Yum! Cookies without calories. Kathy used the 1872 edging and Valdani thread to jazz up her comfy slippers.

Margaret has been offline for a while, but tatting although she didn't get a chance to take pictures of some of the things she did. The three tatted butterflies are all from the pattern, 'Flat Butterfly' from the book "Christmas Angels and other Tatting Patterns" by Monica Hahn tatted in Altin Basak #50, one green metallic, one yellow, and the middle one a variegated yellow, white, and green. The card uses the same pattern tatted in valdani 12 variegated thread with a few simple flowers and her own version of grass.

Martha has tatted several of Heather's "Hearts for Tracy" combining a solid and a variegated thread. The first uses Shuttle Trend Lab thread from Palmetto and the rest are Lizbeth thread. She tweaked the design a little so that more of the variegated thread shows.Nita has been away from blogging for a while having back surgery with complications, but while she was between hospital visits she tatted this lovely doily in size 20 purple and lavender Lizbeth thread. She didn't remember to write down the name of the designer so if anyone recognizes it let her know.
Sherry has been a busy lady since our last update. Check her blog for the winners of her giveaway. There is a new selection of retractable hook pens available in sizes 9 to 14, displayed with a lovely tatted butterfly. A new batch of HDT in "Tuscany" and "Honey Amber". Her thread sizes are in 100, 80, 50 and 20 in cotton and size 20 in silk. All of this in addition to the first new batch of ceramic shuttles since she returned from Korea.