Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tons of Terrific Tatting

Gail has started this doily again and she has reached the point where she's wondering if she should stick to the pattern as written, or let creativity take off and go in a whole new direction. See the shuttle? It's one of Sherry's ceramic shuttles and it looks like it tats very nicely. Ceramic!, think of all the possibilities.
Jon has been working on an edging that she plans on attaching to a tablecloth. She doesn't like the way the outer row looks so she's leaving it off for now. She plans on attaching the edging to the centre section, and not the outer edge. So far, it's looking really great.

EeKoon has laid aside the cross stitch for a while to do some embroidery. As for tatting she has picked up Iris Niebach's book "Tatted Doilies" and has begun to work on one called Beatrice. Stay tuned for pictures as the lace develops.

Marilee attended a day put on by the Prairie Mill Lacemakers. It sounds like it was a totally Victorian day from the laces to the sumptuous tea they enjoyed. Check out the pictures on Marilee's blog and keep a bib handy to catch the drool.

Marty has done a square motif from "Tatting together square motifs" edited by Iris Niebach. This one is made in DMC Cébélia size 20 in green and white. She has also been working on this lovely oval design also by Iris. Should she add more blocks to it or design a complimentary border? Any ideas?

Sylvia passed the time on her coach ride tatting a cross from the Mary Konior book Tatting with Visual Patterns. On the coach going to Ostend she tatted a snowflake from book by Lene Bjorn called 24 snowflakes in tatting.

Melissa and her husband both learned how to shuttle tat this weekend. They are working on a MOM bookmark.
Sherry posts a tribute to her great grandmother and a picture of the tatted flowers given to everyone at the Shuttlebirds convention.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Motives and Butterflies

Gail purchased some ceramic eggs than she wanted to tat covers for. Her first design doesn't want to work as an egg cover, but it's making a pretty little doily.
Sharon posted a motif and thinks that you have to tat several motives just so you can see what the corners will look like.
Laura has framed some of her purple tatting for a friend who loves purple. What a lovely idea. Laura has also done her first block tatting in a bookmark using size 10 thread. The pattern is one of Karey Solomon's.
Charlene has created her own Thread comparison chart. It's so hard to know which threads can be used as a suitable substitute when the manufacturers all use different standards. Check out Charlene's chart and let her know if you have suggestions to add.

Patti has been getting ready for some local festivals and hasn't had time to tat and blog recently.

Sherry has posted a marvelous butterfly she designed using all of the new techniques she learned at the Shuttlebirds Tatting Convention. How delightful to absorb a whole bunch of new tatting ideas and immediately create something wonderful with it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Butterflies Bookmarks and Tatting to drool over

Gail enjoyed her trip to Las Vegas and managed to do some knitting while she was away. She returned and her daughter gave her the first handspun yarn that she has made and wanted it turned into something. Gail obliged by knitting a nice bag for holding lots of projects.

Mark spent his lunch hour teaching a lady at work how to tat. That's the way to do it. One at a time we'll get the whole world tatting.

Snowy was one of the nurses attending a group of patients who went to Lourdes and during her spare moments she tatted Lenore English's bookmark in a beautiful variegated thread. She also managed to teach one of her colleagues to tat. There's another one to swell the ranks of tatters.
Donna is working steadily on knitting her first sock and with much perseverance she has managed to turn the heel while only dropping one stitch. Just think of all the things she'll learn doing this one sock. Knitting in the round, turning heels, picking up stitches. After this it's all downhill.

Laura has added a bevy of tatted beauties to her blog. She added beads to the flowers of the blue Sunbonnet Sue and it really makes it stand out. The celtic button butterfly is from the May 2007 "Tatting Times" by Karey Solomon and was made in size 20 DMC Cebelia using a 3/8 inch button.

Charlene has been working on a selection of tatted bookmarks. She used Finca perle 16 for 2 of them then did a finer one in DMC 80 and then she tried a new thread from Paraguay she won on ebay. Rubi size 20 in white seems a bit stiffer and fuller. Charlene watched a program promoting aid to impoverished places and decided to take the money she had earmarked for a craft trip and give it to people really in need instead.
Marty tatted another of Iris Niebach's designs. This little one is called "Cactus" from the free patterns at Iris Niebach's Tatting Online made with DMC Cebelia size 30 thread. Melissa has been working on her quilt block and ordered a lovely little pincushion to hold all her needles. She has embroidered embellishments on the quilt block and even added a tatted dagger bead dragonfly to it. The block is truly one of a kind since Melissa designed the dragonfly herself.Sherry attended the Shuttlebirds workshop and met a lot of friends for the first time. She shares pictures of all the happenings on her blog that you will love to see. Keep a towel handy to wipe the drool off your keyboard as you watch the pictures of the lace displays.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Square Motif, Butterflies and a Garland of Daisies.

Barbara has added another lavender motive to her blog. This one is tatted with a variegated Anchor thread in size 20. Just a few more to go and then this shawl can get assembled.
EeKoon has posted a revised wish list of treasures.

Marilee did some butterfly bookmarks into the store to sell on consignment, and received orders for more of them. She has also shared with us her pattern for them. So simple yet so pretty.
A lanyard to hold the hook she uses for tatting makes Charlene's 25th motif. The garland of daisies was the project from the Palmetto Tatters guild project and now she thinks she might just join in an exchange. That sounds like fun.

Melissa has been perfecting some silk ribbon embroidery roses to go on a CQ block.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Orchid, Rose, and a Doily

Clyde has a new family member, a Congo African Grey parrot.

Mark has been furiously tatting to get these 2 gorgeous flowers done in time for the GLLG Spring Fling. Wow.

Donna has cast on a sock and tatting has taking a back burner while she explores a little more knitting.

EeKoon is excited about the news that some of the stitching samplers she likes are about to become less expensive.

Eliz was home with a sick child and got to do a lot of work on the Cecelia doily. Motif #40 of the doily is completed and it's looking great.

Melissa has been hard at work on her CQ blocks.

Patti shows us a period looking dress from a more modern pattern. Hmmm, where's the pocket for your tatting?

We've been having so much fun with our challenge that Sherry decided she had to join. If you love post style shuttles, check these out. Sherry does them in ceramic. How cool is that?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Butterfly, Bat, and a Gaggle of Geese

I'm in a rush so this will be quick. There's a lot happening in blogland that I don't have time to mention, so use the links at the right to check things out for yourself.

Mark has completed a Milanese hummingbird. He's working on patterns and worksheets for a workshop this weekend and in between he's been checking out the garden and corralling dust bunnies.

Jon had a reunion and got to meet a lot of old classmates and the lovely doily that she did was exchanged with one of them. Now she has been working on hand-phone ornaments. Aren't they clever?
Carol shows us the bat necklace she made to go with her bat mask. Both were shown off at the lace day. They're just marvelous.
Pamela has tatted up a gaggle of geese. Her first samples are Martha Ess's block tatted critters done in Flora 10 and 20. Isn't is wonderful how changing the thread size gives you goslings instead of geese. Jane Eborall's pattern was done in Flora 20 then Pamela tweaked the design a little to create a new species. Now she's experimenting with adding in some variegated size 80 to change the colour a little. It will be interesting to see where this leads.

Eliz is working on the online class homework, Tina Frauberger's Edging published in 1913, tatted in size 30 crochet cotton. I neglected to mention it in the last post but Eliz has cataloged a lot of useful links at the bottom of her blog so that everything is neatly organized in one place.
Patti has been playing with the thread she won on ebay. Her first motif is a beautiful pattern by Sherry Pence made with a #5 needle using #10 DMC Cebelia for the body and #10 Flora for the body. Patti has been checking out the vast resources of the public domain tatting books and she has listed a number of sources on her blog.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bat, Butterfly, Dragon and Meercats

Mark has finished the Half Ring Butterfly and now he's looking for another lunch break project.
Riet's has posted pictures of her new project, her granddaughter Nora.

Carol has been working on some secret projects. One of them is a 3D dragon necklace for Sherry. What an awesome project! Her other creation is a bat mask made for the Lafayette Lacers meeting, where their theme this year was masks. Wonderful work, these are must see pieces so go check out Carol's blog and the link to all the other pictures.

Laura tatted Eliz's egg from the Tatting Pattern Calendar. And another Sunbonnet Sue, this one is done in size 10.
Charlene has been reading up on blocking and she picked up some artists frames which she used for blocking and then she sprayed them with stiffener. One of the projects she did was a bookmark that she created. It all looks good from here.

Pamela has added a gang of meercats to her collection using Jane Eborall's pattern in a variety of threads. After she had done several she asked Jane for permission to create one looking in the opposite direction. Pamela is getting a real menagerie. Eliz decided to change her blog around and doesn't have any eye candy to show, but she has been working on the Cecelia doily.

Melissa show us pictures of her hubby and herself at the military formal they attended. Melissa is wearing the lovely heart she tatted and it looks just perfect with the dress.

Patti has just joined the challenge and although she hasn't posted any new motives yet you can see all other things she has already been working on. One of her recent posts shows a huge number of balls of thread she won on ebay, along with some pieces of crochet a bit of tatting and an attached shuttle.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tatting for a Pashmina, Butterflies, and Sunbonnet Sue

We have had a number of people who have completed the challenge and originally I planned to remove them from the link list, but many people have just jumped right back in and started another 25 motives. So, if you finish your challenge and you'd like to be removed let me know. You can either post a comment or send an email to me - sharon at gagechek dot com

Mark and Kim finished the cake. You should check it out, it looks yummy, but too marvelous to eat.

The new cutie has arrived! Riet has laid aside her tatting to pick up Nora, her beautiful new granddaughter. Congratulations Riet.

Barbara has tatted 2 of Jon's designs. The first is done with DMC Cordonnet 20 and the other with a variegated lavender Anchor size 20. That makes 18 motives done. This pashmina is going to look marvelous. Hurry up and tat, I want to see the finished shawl!

Sharon has add a lengthy reference on blocking, stiffening and storing tatting. If anyone has more information, let her know and she'll add it so that it's available as a permanent reference.

Carol's page is full of puppy love. She will be attending the Lafayette Lacers Lace day on Saturday and will have more pictures to show of tatty surprises.

Laura has been tatting butterflies from the Big Book of Tatting by Darlene Polachic. The gold butterfly was tatted in #20 DMC Cebelia, the purple one in Altin Basak and Cebelia. Sunbonnet Sue from the same book, done in the same threads as the purple butterfly completes Laura's second set of 25 motives. At this rate we'll cover the globe in tatting.

Charlene has plans to join the online Beginners Tatting course.

Eliz has put aside the Cecelia doily for a while to tackle the Tatting Proficiency Program. No doubt we'll be seeing more tatting soon.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tatted Buttons, Bears, Eggs and Crosses

Kathy has had problems with her old blog, so she has changed to Blogger. If you are linked to her blog don't forget to update the address. As she has time and opportunity she'll add more. For now she has tatted a motif from the the September 1959 Workbasket using size 30 Cebelia thread. Also shown on her new blog is a picture of some of the things she has received in exchanges.
Sharon has added a tatted cross to her blog but she doesn't like the colour.

EeKoon has been doing lots of stitching but had a scare when she had an attack of Bell's Palsy. Take it easy and get the rest you need EeKoon, you can always do more fibre arts later.

Marilee has been working on some tatted Easter Eggs. They're really pretty.
Charlene tatted a bracelet for her cousin's daughter for Easter. I hope she liked it. Also posted are some pictures of tatted buttons or is that button tatting?

Marty tatted another of Jan Stawasz' designs. This one is a six motif doily done in Gutterman Cotton sewing thread. She's also done one of Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies, this one is called Nora. She used King Tut quilting thread "Wisteria Lane" and remarks that it seems finer than Coats quilting thread.
Eliz has a great idea for using tatted motives, she scans them and uses them for artwork on her greeting cards. I'd thought of using the tatting itself, but with a colour printer you can use the same picture over and over again. Melissa added some embroidery to a jacket and had it finished in time for Easter.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Butterfly, Penguin and Dragonfly Earrings

Mark is working on another half ring design all done with one shuttle. This is half of the butterfly filled with small HRs in a criss-cross fashion. Interesting effect. Almost looks like little clunies in a trail, but it's just 4ds HRs. The project is made with variegated purple and green tatting cotton size 80. I can't wait to see the finished butterfly!
Sharon has been tatting with black thread and having a lot of trouble with it. She's also posted some pictures of an embroidered skirt.

Jeanne tatted Sue Hanson's Viola heart in size 20 Flora and sent it to her sister who plays the viola.
Laura tatted another of Mark's Easter Egg pattern in Easter colours. The first picture taken with the new camera looked kind of blurry. The second one taken with the old camera looks much better.
Pamela has another group of critters tatted up. This time it's penguins. She did a colony of block tatted penguins from Marth Ess' book 'New Critters on the Block' done in size 20 Flora and bigger ones in size 10.The Lace Guild's 'The Penguin Pattern Book', the book contains a tatted penguin by Pam Palmer. It's made in 4 sections and Pamela says he is fairly easy to tat. She did hers in size 20 Flora. A bigger one in size 10 is about 4 inches tall. Does anyone know of other penguin patterns?
Eliz has 27 motives done for her Cecelia doily and it's going to be so gorgeous. She also worked on Ruth's bullion stitch cross. Melissa has tatted 4 new motives. She took her dragonfly design and turned them into earrings. Very clever. Then she saw the Cecelia Doily by Cherie Wheeler and tatted it up using yarn on a size 3 needle. It would make a nice shawl wouldn't it? Next she made Birgit Phelps Sweet Heart motif in a lovely pink, then she made another white Clover leaf heart to wear to a military formal.