Monday, August 28, 2017

Doilies, Button Motifs, Ice Drops, Bookmarks, Edging, Yoke, Techniques, Motif

Vera finished the 7 repeats of the 4th row and started the 5th row even though she has some pain in her palm. She really likes how it's turning out

Marthanne started 2 of Renulek's 2017 doilies; one in size 20 white, and one in size 40 Latte Foam. In size 20 it's 18 1/4 inches and in Latte Foam it's 15 1/2 inches. Either way it's gorgeous.

Cindy is still working on 2017 lucky pennies, most recently for expected babies - one of unknown gender, and one expected girl. She likes the Springtime Lizbeth – it has the perfect colours for any baby. She had this interesting button that was perfect for a button motif, but when it was completed it didn't look as neat as the ones Fox did. After some explanation she tatted it again with superior results.

Diane still has plenty of Lizbeth Jelly Bean left and it goes well with many of the glass gems she has. It's also easy to coordinate ribbons with it. It's been a while since she worked on Renulek's Wiosna 2017, since she misplaced the pattern. Lots of other things are claiming her time, so there's only a little tatting of Ice Drops happening. She's back to subbing, but did manage 2 Ice Drops.

Fox loves the light silver thread she's using for Renulek's doily which is on the penultimate row.

Marie made a mistake adding an extra ring on this Iris Neibach design. She found the woven picots challenging. She saw this pattern in the Handy Hands news letter and wanted to try it.

Martha thought of adding some small motifs in the large empty spaces of her yoke and when Sherry sent her a picture of the one she did 20 years ago it was evident that Martha and Sherry had the same idea.

Muskaan started out trying to hang a large crystal bead inside a ring - a thrown/floating ring and she couldn't find a tutorial. She was tempted to ask her beading friend but decided to work it out on her own. There were a lot of mistakes, but she finally had success. She had her idea tested out. Gradually the floating beads method evolved. It works not only in thrown rings, but regular rings. It even works on a string of beads inside the ring. Then another idea struck - how about using the string as as a central picot? One of her patterns, Curly Cross Pendant, has been published in a Dutch magazine De Frivolit√©(k)ring. She experimented with tatting around a gem in gold metallic thread. After working on floating beads in a ring, she did it again in a chain.

Sue has a start on her tatting, but hopes to have something more impressive later on.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Ice Drops, Button Motifs, Angel, Bookmarks, Edging and Crosses

Diane planned to tat several Ice Drops, but only managed to tat one in Lizbeth #119, Jelly Bean. Another day, another Ice Drop, again in Jelly Bean.

Fox tatted a button motif, added a tail and had an instant bookmark.

Marie wants to make a choir of angels like this one designed by Mark Myers. She wanted to make a few challenging bookmarks and she started with Sherry's Chatelaine.

Muskaan took another vintage pattern made it modern, with 2 separate rows converted to continuous tatting.

Sue was looking through her book, Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach and in the Francesca doily she saw crosses on the outer edge. She loves the first one, but the second needs work, both tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Doilies, Hats, Crosses, Bag, Ice Drops, Button Motifs, Fair Entries, Techniques and Tatting Conventions

Vera found time got away from her and she didn't accomplish what she expected or blog as often as she might have, but she did tat.

Marthanne has row #12 finished on her size 40 doily, which only has one more row and it is done. Here is the doily made in size 20 thread and Row 13 is going like greased lightening row although she had to remember how to do the onion ring. It's going so fast she only has 7 more repeats to go. Well, she did, until she let her mind wander and then this happened. Really, really close to the end, and doesn't that just feel like somebody moved to goal posts?

Batty Tatter is getting ready for the fall market with a lot of tatted hats. Think it's enough? She spent some time at a craft fair and was visiting with one of the vendors who gave her some balls of tatting thread, so she tatted a cross for her, but now she can't decide which cross to send.

Elsa was charmed by the frivolity pouch design created by Sumi Fujishige and published in the book, Exquise Frivolité although she removed a lot of the beads for a more sober look. She modified the flap making three triangles from a design by Pascale Provost and mounted the finished work on fabric for more stability.

Diane measured the Hanging Garden doily and it's already 7 inches across. Tollway Tatters got together again and Ana worked on her very first Ice Drop using a red glass gem and white thread. Barbara also worked on an Ice Drop. Sue brought the box of Ice Drops she made for the Christmas tree that Denise is setting up as a library fund raiser. Mary was needle tatting, but the ladies are trying to persuade her to try the shuttles. Denise worked on flowers for one of the classes she's signed up for at Palmetto Tat Days. Sue Anna was tatting, but Diane can't recall what she was working on, although it's usually one of Marilee's designs. Marilee was sporting a beautiful necklace from her second Craftsy class and also had on very pretty earrings. She was working on this technique from a Japanese book. Diane worked on her Hanging Garden doily, but she's not quite finished yet. Having neglected her Ice Drops, she decided to concentrate on getting a few done and she has been working in size 20 Lizbeth #131, Vineyard Harvest. Staying inside and watching the solar eclipse on TV left her hands free to tat the Hanging Garden doily from Tatting lace with your life. The rings are in Lizbeth Green Coral Sea, while the chains are in Azalea Lt and the finished size is 8 1/2". She still managed to tat another Ice Drop in Vineyard Harvest.

Fox has been tatting up some Magic Buttons. They don't take long to tat and they make nice little gifts.

Marie cleaned up in the awards department at the fair. She wanted a smaller flower doily based on a Jan Stawsz design.

Muskaan shows how to hide ends in a multiple colour Quatrefoil design. (How awesome is it that she takes the time to tat and photograph all these techniques?) More pictures of how to do it. Check out Muskaan's blog to save me just copying the whole thing! Using picot gauges.

Sue tatted these flowers in size 20 Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy using an online pattern. A friend wanted the Root Beer Fudge Ice Drop with a purple gem and at the Tollway Tatters meeting, Diane was able to oblige with the purple gem, so Sue tatted this one just for her. Denice shared with the group his fabulous tatted toy horse which she will be sewing to this baby onesie. Diane worked on her doily. Everyone is so involved in their tatting, no one looked up for the picture.

Wanda is getting ready for Palmetto Tat Days, but somehow her shuttles have gone missing, or she thought they were until she realized there were a lot works in progress with shuttles attached. Three clovers and an Aerlit with some spare bobbins should be enough.