Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Edging, Necklaces, Heart, Butterflies, Doilies, Motifs and Leaves

Jenn hopes to encourage one of her daughters to read more by tatting her a Floral bookmark by Robin Perfetti.

Muskaan loves the look of Patty Dowden's all rings snowflake made with radiating beams of rings only, which she calls Sunshine Snowflake. Once she started tatting it, she was inspired to used the pattern as a neck edging, which she made with Anchor Mercer Crochet Cotton size 20, variegated Purple with white. She used Anchor Mercer Size 20 variegated Purple and Purple to make the accompanying braid. She comments that the braid which she used as neck ties on the apron could be used as a belt as well.

Lilas tatted the Marie necklace in blue, but she re-tatted in in powder pink that she hand dyed DMC thread to get just the right shade.

Sue tatted this pattern from 24 Snowflakes in bright red Cebelia size 20 and it reminds her of bubbles.

Claire tatted this little heart design by Betsy Evans.

Cigdem started with a vintage dresser scarf pattern motif which she modified then tatted as a choker necklace. She used Lizbeth size 10 thread and black faceted crystals in this necklace

Linda used patterns by Jane Eborall and  Adelheid Dangela to make butterflies for this block with tatted butterflies and appliqued hearts. She used Lizbeth 40 Latte Foam for this doily Eileen Stafford and the edging is in Ben Fikkert's book, A tatting Adventure.

Ancolie has done 2 squares designed by Tina Frauberger.

Fox will be glad when she's finished with this row of separate motifs with it's cut and hide ends.

Margaret was surprised to find tatting in Greece, which the lady in the shop said she needle tatted it in very coarse thread.

Mica is getting towards the end of the snowflakes in Sunderman's book with Spoke Snowflake tatted with Kreinik braid No. 4. Another metallic version of Jon's snowflakes, Oasis, was tatted in metallic DMC floss.

Sue tatted Marilee's Small Maple Leaf in Marilee's beautiful Sugar Maple HDT size 40, at her daughter's request for the earrings.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bookmarks, Flower, Snowflakes, Earrings, Doilies and Zipper Pulls

Dawn tatted Mary Konior's Black Magic bookmark from her book, Tatting in Visual Patterns, in Lizbeth size 20 thread colour 164 River Glades. This bookmark is a work in progress based on the vintage Basket Edge design with a modified stitch count done in Altin Basak size 50 Bright Turquoise #344. Then she did another version with both ends the same in Lizbeth size 20 called Wildflower Garden. Flower motif in the Tatted Treasures book by Jan Stawasz made in Coates Aida in White size 10. Quantiesque snowflake by Jon Yusoff tatted in Lizbeth thread size 20, Wildflowers #109.

Sue spent some of her travelling time tatting earrings. Since she joined several Christmas swaps she has started tatting snowflakes and begins with an Ice Cream Snowflake tatted in Summer sky, and neapolitan icecream colours.

Linda has finished her round robin crazy quilt blocks with lots of tatted embellishments.

Diane is almost halfway around the final round of Mom's Pink Doily by Nancy Tracy.

Fox is making slow and steady progress on Jan Stawasz' Monster Doily working through row 11.

Phyllis entered several things in the Georgia state fair and had wins in each. The variegated doily is Renulek's Spring doily, the earrings are a pattern from Anitra Stone Tat Days 2012, Chandelier Earrings and the pink/purple ornament is from Tat Days 2014 (a pattern by Martha Ess). She was a little disappointed the peacock did not win anything.

Wanda took Lizbeth #136, Autumn Spice in size 20 on vacation and it was a perfect choice for making zipper pulls for her purse in several variations. This one was a gift for a friend to use on a jacket.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Motifs, Jewelry, Snowflakes, Doilies, Teapots, Tablecloth, Cross, Edging, and Dragon

Jenn test tatted the Dome Pendant pattern for Elaine P Gan and found it to be fun to tat and easy to follow.

Lilas loves picots, like this earring design. In preparation for the shop window of the Café Couture and a craft market she had to redo new copies of her models in tatting. These were taken in early morning light, lending them a bluish tinge.

mb duke has been tatting snowflakes. This snowflake is a Jan Stawasz pattern done in Altin Basik 50 metallic gold, but it doesn't have enough negative space to make a stand alone snowflake. This next one is a design by Robin Perfetti called First Snowfall done in Finca Perle Cotton # 12 in colour #8728 which is a silvery/gray color and she plans to do it again in a larger thread. Another beautiful pattern by Robin Perfetti is called Design Tutorial Snowflake, which she thinks might be her favourite. It's written in 2 rounds which is great if you're using 2 colours, but working in one colour, using split rings let her do it in one. Her last snowflake is a design by Renulek with onion rings in the centre that took her a little while to figure out.

Cindy is in the mood for tatting smaller projects right now like this Josephine Ring Medallion done in Lizbeth #154 Wildflower Garden size 20 thread.

Fox has started row 10 of the monster doily and it's going to be a long, long row. Here it is at the half way mark. As she starts row 11, the doily measures 16 inches across.

Margaret tatted this beautiful snowflake by Robin Perfetti called Design Tutorial Snowflake in Lizbeth white thread inside and Ice Blue on the outside. She plans to make more of these next time blue in the middle and white on the outside.

Marie has some new displays for her tatting with the top picture showing her pendants and brooches, while the bottom one is holding her earrings.

Martha has posted pictures of some of the interesting things at Palmetto Tat Days. Notice the clever clock in the teapot on one of the quilts and Georgia's picture inside another teapot. Lots of spectacular tatting was on display. A vintage tatted tablecloth was raffled off to a deserving home. Of course some of the fun was just plain silliness that you had to be there to appreciate.

Mica tatted Jon 's Oasis snowflake in Lizbeth size 40 in black, although she did it in 2 rounds to avoid using an SCMR which she thinks never looks as good as the real thing.

Sue test tatted another wonderful pattern for Elaine P. Gan, the Justification Cross.  worked in Lizbeth size 40 Sky Blue Med. She added a tatted edging to this plaque, in what she thinks is size 40 Lizbeth Autumn Spice and has decided to leave it unblocked as it more resembles a vine that way.

Wanda tried her dragon in four different frames before she settled on this one which isn't too dark or too bright for the tatting and it doesn't leave the dragon lost in a too-big frame, either.