Monday, September 28, 2015

Necklaces, Doilies, motifs, earrings, Bookmarks, Bracelet, Pendants, Teddy Bear, Fair Entries, Garland and Tablecloth

Mary Lena has created a delightful necklace in a silky grey thread with hematite beads.

Diane has only three motifs left to tat around on this round which is growing more and more slowly. Round 13 of her Jan Stawasz Masterpiece doily is done.

Fox is tinkering with Armenian lace and hasn't had a lot of time for her tatting, but there is still progress on her doily. She's almost finished with the small motifs in this round. She finished the round and started the next, but didn't like how it looked and cut it off. She used some HDT by Yarnplayer for this motif from Tatting Patterns and Designs to give her a break from the Jan Stawasz doily. When she went back to it she worked on the next row which is almost finished.

Lilas tatted these deceptively simple earrings with size 100 OEKO-TEX thread! Very, very tiny and with many people, it would require using a magnifying glass to work with it.

Margaret tatted Flower Meadow Bookmark in Lizbeth Juicy Watermelon thread size 20 for her September Pinterest challenge.

Marie created this bracelet for her Garden Collection. Some changeable earrings created to go with the set. The earrings inspired this pendant which would also make an excellent Christmas decoration for her small tree.

Martha shows some of the zany fun at Palmettos and a traditional trading of an ugly poncho covered in tatting.

Muskaan is tatting Renulek's Snow Doily because it incorporated a lot of things she wanted to try. At this point she has 4 of the 9 rounds completed. A start on the next round of snowflakes has just begun.

Phyllis was inspired by the projects in Chiacchierino, an Italian tatting magazine, and immediately upon receiving it, she tatted a teddy bear for her granddaughter. The tatting done for the state fair won some awards but her showing wasn't as good as she had hoped.

Sue is working on a Christmas gift in Lizbeth Snow White and Navy Blue. She has just finished the third of four 18 foot long garlands she is making for her friend. She's also working on a tablecloth. Not being able to sleep during a storm, she sat up and tatted this familiar cross. She has another round done on her doily which is from the Basic Book of Macrame and Tatting.

Wanda's last minute choice of a doily, won a first prize and her Autumn Pumpkin wall hanging won third. She was disappointed at how little in the way of home arts were displayed and she's determined to find more categories to showcase tatting for next year.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Necklaces, Bracelet, Earrings, Snowflakes, Doilies, Heart, Pendants, Card, Fair Entries and Bookmarks

Cigdem adapted a vintage edging pattern in Turkish polyester thread  with Japanese seed beads and turquoise tear drop beads to make a necklace she calls Turquoise Waves. This Black Diamond cuff bracelet was adapted from a tablecloth edging pattern in silk thread and delica beads. Silk thread with milky opal white crystals and silver pleated seed beads were used to create Gardenia earrings. These 3 sets of earrings were done with polyester thread combined with glass beads and crystals. This gothic style pendant was adapted from a vintage doily edge embellished with jet black crystals and metal beads. This Royal Jasper necklace was created using polyester thread in brown and cream tones, with more than five types of beads, crystals and natural green/brown jasper. This Green Jade set was made in polyester thread with gold seed beads and the matching earrings complete the look.

Linda tatted Jon Yusoff's Rose Window snowflake in fall colours for Halloween.

Diane has tatted 6 on the 10 motifs in this row and decided on a vertical visual to show us her progress.

Fox has row 2 done and went for another change of colour. With  darker background we can see the lovely coffee, caramel and cream shades she is using for this Jan Stawasz pattern that's being worked in size #80 Lizbeth.

Margaret made these two little hearts with Lizbeth thread, size 20 but there's no name on her pattern so she doesn't know who designed it.

Marie found a pretty plastic button and used it to create a pendant for her Garden collection. Her Mom wanted a pair of pink, changeable, angel earrings to give to someone special.

Martha had to share the charming card she received with tatted flower, bee and smiling face sun.

Phyllis has her fair entries ready, Mock Cluny star with beads, Karey Solomon's pattern from this years Tat Days. A purple beaded necklace done in her own HDT. A purple beaded lanyard using Patti Duff's pattern and a brown doily from the book Tatting with Friends.

Wanda tatted these Tardis bookmarks using Anne Bruvold's pattern in memory of her nephew who was a Dr Who fan.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Earrings, Motifs, Doilies, Edging and Pumpkin

Dorota had some variegated thread and used  two colours of Toho beads and three 3mm Fire Polish beads to make these Bollywood style earrings. One set to keep and one for the store which brings her to 25 motifs.

Cindy used a fabric with a tatting theme for her bag and decided that it needed a tatted motif on the tab closure. The Square Flower Motif from The New Tatting book by Tomoko Morimoto done in size 20 thread was too large, so she did it again in size 80 but it's still a little large and she's wondering if it might look better in burgundy. At least she has a complete set now.

Diane did a test drive on one of the large bobbin shuttles using size 10 Aunt Lydia thread. She's almost half way through the round on her massive masterpiece doily. Still chugging along on the doily.

Fox found this deceptively simple design a bear to tat and eventually had to add 10 ds per ring to make it lie flat. She's delighted to announce that since she has gone with the simpler design she will have enough thread to finish the hanky edging. She has tatted this design before and likes both the look and the process, which is always a winner. Here are several motifs tatted in size 80 thread. Here's the finished hanky edging attached to the fabric and looking spectacular.

Jenn just had to tat this Double Picot Doily Motif pattern shared in a Facebook group.

Marie has added these earring to her Garden collection.

Wanda wanted to tat something for the state fair and one of the categories was an ornament, so she started with Mark Meyers, Autumn Pumpkin, added a stem and some leaves, but it still needed a little something so she mounted it on fabric with some smaller pumpkin motifs and a scroll of tatting with more leaves to make a lovely fall banner.