Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easter Egg, Clovers, Hearts, Motifs, Necklaces, Doilies, Letter and TIAS,

JB used Raspberry Ripple with Vanilla HDT by Tatskool for this egg from Tatted Easter Eggs by Kirsten Wind Hansen.

Frivole found Mariya's tatted clover to be perfect. An In Tatters' member made her Happy Heart tatted with a tiny flower in the centre and it gave the centre a lovely heart shape.

Lelia was delighted to find the Cathy B had made a pincushion with her Mom's tatting.

Anita used a chopping mat to create a usable double bobbin shuttle.

Prabhjyot wanted to use Jane Eborall's Winsome Drop earrings as a Valentine's day gift for her daughter's teacher but once she got started she decided to create a matching necklace to go with them.

Marta's newest creation is a sunburst of egg yolk yellow in a sea of carnelian.

Linda is over the moon to win first place at the CQ Quilts Are Quilts Too Show World Wide Competition. It's a gorgeous quilt with tatting accents of course.

Bonnie has been using more of her stash like the size 30 Peaches 'n Onions from Yarnplayer that she had left on her shuttles and worked perfectly for Nancy Tracy's Tatted Rose Heart.

Diane used a 4" cotton center and Yarnplayer's "Forest" in size 20 for the Norma Benporath edging to create this doily.

Fox decided that her Catherine Wheel joins weren't very good so she tried them again. Then next sample was better, but still not what she's hoping for. So she took a break and tatted a something different from the book by Taiko Fujito.

Kat is working on the letter "Z" to make a wedding present for a friend.

Kelly has been busy with knitting and crocheting baby gifts for family members, but she did find enough time to tat a doily from a book she won on ebay using size 20 HDT from Karey Solomon called "Willows by the water".

Martha has joined the Tat Along and chose to make her flowers like the original pattern with the lock joins down to the base of the rings because it has such an interesting effect. She has also posted her TIAS results a very vibrant yellow goat with a bright red nose.

Marty used Lizbeth size 40 thread for this doily from the DMC Book of Charted Tatting Designs. All of the picots are separated by 3 ds and she thinks it makes for a hairy doily, so she's thinking of doing it again without the picots, as soon as she can find the misplaced book.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flowers, Leaves, Edging, Heart, Earrings, Motifs, Bookmarks, Butterfly, Doilies, and Necklace

Frivole found she had to pay attention with the leaf instructions and only one out of three was satisfactory and it was easy to attach the flowers in the wrong place. Then when she was assembling them she found that either the leaves won't lay flat or the flowers bunch up. Judging by the number of people having trouble with it, it seems to be a design that looks easy, but isn't until you've had some practice.

Mariya has been designing rather than just tatting and the result is this charming wavy braid for which she has provided the pattern.

Jess worked out a split ring alternative to her One shuttle chevron Heart Lizbeth 40 Azalea Md. She has been playing around with colours using 4 shuttles just to see what it would look like, but keeping track of them all might just drive you mad.

Prabhjyot tatted Yarnplayer's Carnival earring pattern using her Sugar Maple HDT and that makes it her first 25 done.

Kristen hasn't been tatting a lot but she finally got back to it with Lyn Morton's 4-petal "Peggy" from her book Tatting Patterns.

Jessica tatted this glove as a custom order with the rings in ecru and the chains in natural for a very subtle alternative to pure white.

SunshineCraft tatted the Riego grapes bookmark, as interpreted by Martha Ess. This was followed by the Beaded Jabot from Yusai Shokoin's Tatting Ideas. Finally she did the Flora butterfly from Adelheid Dangela's Tatted Butterflies book.

Diane used the Scottish Heather collection of Oliver Twists hand-dyed machine thread to tat Kersti's Stumpy for some motifs to be make Chris's "Tatted Shuttles".

Fox, in true Fox style, chopped off a necessary picot while doeing some tatting surgery to correct an earlier mistake. All I can say is, better you than me. In spite of this the "cookie monster" progresses and finally is completed in Lizbeth #40 with small, green, outer Delicas from Tatting Fool and large green beads are from Crazy Mom. Teiko Fujito's pattern is in process with all it's myriad little pieces, and here it is, all done in Lizbeth #40.

Orsi has joined the Tat Along which she finds very interesting because of the leaves.

Sherry gives us a sneak peak into her new book Branching Encapsulation with this design called Wisteria.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bookmarks, Christmas tree, Hearts, Flowers, Doilies, Snowflakes, Necklace, Edging, TIAS, and Butterfly

JB shares some laces made by Gina- Threads of a Tatting Goddess. The tree ornament designed by Jane Eborall was tatted in Lizbeth #144 Leaf Swirl with red glass seed beads.

Lyn tatted the heart by Claudette Pomroy in size 20 Anchor Thread.

Mariya has made her patterns available using the links on her blog. She joined the Tat Along ans started with a single flower. She wanted to tat 4 flowers, 4 leaves and make a square of them. Then she tatted another flower in pink which looked different and another in red. Her husband decided to show off the flowers and leaves.

Laurette finished this piece using Lizabeth Mountain Breeze #134, Leaf Green Light #683 and Leaf Green Medium #684, but she's misplaced the pattern and doesn't know what it was supposed to be, so for now she's calling it a coaster.

Jess tried a new HDT and started a Stumpy bookmark from memory, but forgot precisely how the pattern went. Then she played around with her one shuttle chevron pattern to create a heart.

Heather shows one of the designs from Lyn Morton’s Christmas Book she made with Oren Bayan thread and beads. She has also included a video showing you how to block a project.

Jessica has more half circles done for the tea cloth. Now she has switched to the "real" tea cloth that she is doing in size 50 Flora. There are a lot of ends to hide because she was working mostly in the car or on the airplane where there was too much motion for sewing in ends.

Marta has another enchanting necklace design done in muted natural tones.

Linda has done a CQ birthday card for a friend which includes a little tatted heart.

Bonnie has been on a spree to use up her stash but just had to buy some size 30 HDT from Yarnplayer called Peaches 'n Onions to tat Jon's Heart 'o Daisies.

Carol participated in a Secret Santa exchange in 2005 and when her partner dropped out, Gina stepped in and did a special package for her. Just one of the many thoughtful things that Gina did through the years and why so many of us remember her fondly.

Cindy has been working on the Tat Along but was having trouble with the leaves. The she switched to some humongous size 3 thread and she could finally see what she was doing. Now she's going back to her size 40 brown thread that seems to be the only thing that blends well with her my Kopper Patina HDT.

Claudia posts her tribute to Gina, a heart full of tatted hearts.

Fox shares talking over tatting experiences with Gina like this piece that both of them tatted. She loves this Karey Solomon design which is both fiddly and challenging. She finally has this round done and is ready to go on to the next with beads.  Karey Solomon's pattern from Hearts Belong to Tatting is her newest favourite heart.

Kat shares her tribute to Gina. Thanks to Gina she was able to tat Irene Woo's Heart of the Butterfly.

Kelly remembers Gina, most especially her laugh, her smile and the warmth she shared with everyone.

Marty remembers Gina's giving spirit, her delightful blog posts and all of her encouraging comments.Her picture to accompany her thoughts shows tatted designs as flowers.

Michelle tatted Frivole's Iris edging to grace a hanky for a bride. She also did Frivole's Happy Heart.

Sherry has been having fun taking macro photos of tatting impressed into mugs and on shuttles.

Sue is delighted that the Sidekick doily from Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carrol is done. She used size 10 Passionata in Aunt Lydia's thread and her daughter has already claimed it.

Vanessa finally realized when she was part way through her TIAS that she had one shuttle wound with blue size 30 and the second shuttle had been loaded with green size 20. It still ended up looking like a goat.

Wanda is another tatter that will be missing Gina. She posted the 'Southwest Butterfly' by Regina A. Brummet that she had tatted a few years ago from the pattern on Gina's blog.

Wendy introduces Billy Goat Gruff, her completed TIAS.