Friday, April 09, 2010

Crosses, Pendant, Earrings, Shamrocks, Edgings and Seahorse

Carolyn has tatted the Medallion Cross by Roger aka Freedman unknown multi-color size 30 thread.
Alba Alicia has tatted a pendant and earring set a beaded bracelet, a shamrock and a seahorse.

Paula tatted a name tag in Lizbeth Island Breeze size 20 and used Jane Eborall's technique for "Adding a bead to the center of a split ring", and then she used the same thread to start a lanyard. The cross she tatted for her MIL was made in Flora HH in a lovely purple color.
Claudia tatted an edging from Mary Konior's book TATTING WITH VISUAL PATTERNS, called Maids of honour. The corner of the pattern was used to create a small fan. She chose this pattern from the book Die Schiffchernarbeit for Georgia Seitz' challenge to write out one of the patterns. She added beads on the outer row and she tatted in Coats mercer crochet # 40. Diane is re-doing Primrose Path from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior, but this time she's paying attention to where the colour changes are in the variegated thread.
Fox has received her exchange package from Krystle and in addition to the lovely bookmark, she also received some silk HDT in "Earthy Rainbow" Maebh demanded a pink trim for her skirt with green beads, so Fox has obliged.

Shirl purchased a sheer black scarf and thought it would be even prettier with a tatted an edging. She chose to do a Hen and Chicks in DMC 80 in black and right now it is 4ft 8in long.

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