Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Motifs, Techniques, Leaves, Ice Drops, Runner, Edging and Doily

Usha recently found way of overlaying another colour of thread while working on normal rings. Her group gave the technique a try and Vrinda did a variation with only 4 rings making a square motif. The PDF for the Encircled Charm is available on her blog. The process is similar to the Ikuta Picots by Muskaan. Of course what is any technique without pushing the envelope to see what can be done with it.

Vera has tatted some maple leaves in autumn colours.

Diane thinks the sparkle of this thread doesn't show up well in the picture and the Ice Drop is much prettier in person. She met with the Tollway Tatters and worked on her sister's runner, but noticed when she got to the last ring, that she had tatted the first ring wrong and had to snip. Denise finished Karey Solomon's Ice Drop from Palmetto Tat Days. While Diane finished one of her Ice Drops, so the day was not a loss. She had a mistake in Erin Holloway Moseley's Josephine Chain Square Motif done in size 20 Lizbeth #131, Vineyard Harvest, and she was just going to continue on, but in the end she decided to start again and finally had success on the third try. Her little tree of Ice Drops is full so now this batch of Ice Drops is safely tucked away in a little tin ready for the holidays. She started another right away using a cat's eye cabochon that she found on Etsy, but the cat's eye doesn't show up on this orange gem. Barbara gave them glass gems with the little floaty things in them and whatever they're called it still looks pretty.

Fox used AlenAleaDesign HDT, #40, and a Nancy Tracy pattern to make this adorable sock edging. Here's the pair done, photographed and mailed.

Marie found that this round of her doily tatted fast. Round 6 was pretty quick too. She's finished round 7 and the next rounds will be in the same colour.

Muskaan is making progress on her doily a snowflake morphed into a motif. She has found that it's not enough to just tat the next round, she has to consider the one after it and how it will connect. The tiny shamrock is Simple Shamrock earrings pattern is by Stephanie Wilson from the 52 Earrings Project. Rounds 5 and 6 of her doily are done with some of her design thoughts posted.

Wanda shows us the costume she wore for Palmetto Tat Days. She didn't have a lot of time to work on her costume since she didn't decide to attend until the last minute. Her outfit includes tatted earrings, tatting on the sleeves, a tatted fascinator, tatted cuffs and tatted leggings.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bookmarks, Doodles, Doilies and Snood

Batty Tatter hasn't tired of these bookmarks yet, she's still enjoying the colours and those beady eyes.

Melanie posted samples of things she made for the New Tat class with Cyn.

Diane tried out the Rexana metallic thread and she likes it.

Marie posts round 3 of her doily which she is working in size 20 thread. Round 4 is going quickly.

Muskaan used Linda's Split Chain Doily to make a snood for herself and her mother liked it so much she asked for a small one, which Muskaan made with the Flowery Meadow design from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Blomqvist and Persson, although she removed the decorative picots to make it more practical. She has set a goal for herself to design a larger pattern.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Edging, Buttonieres, Doilies, Lucky Pennies, Ice Drops, Motifs, Necklaces, Button Flowers, Collar, Dangle, Techniques, Earrings, Groot and rnaments

Usha tatted two variations of the vintage pattern from Tatted Edges and Insertions for Underwear published in a Needleart 1921 publication and shared by Georgia Seitz on BellaOnline. Both variations are single shuttle creations with the special effect of Dot Picot Strings or Dot Picots. The summer homework from The Tatting Newsletter of The Boutonniere from Antique Pattern Library done with Dot Picots, look like beads when they are tatted uniformly. The second Boutonniere was tatted with 2 threads simultaneously to match the fabric.

Vera has finished her doily and in size 20 thread it measures 23 cm across and took 10 grams of thread.

Sharon made this decorative sleeve designed and taught at Palmetto's Tat Days by Phyllis Schmidt of Phyl's handwork. It's an easy pattern of rings and lock chains ... or sometimes lock rings when you forget which part you are tatting, but they were easily undone and the finished work show here wrapped around her water bottle.

Cindy finished another Lucky Penny which she gave to a co-worker that is getting married. She's planning to give her hair stylist a penny for the baby she's about to have, and an ice drop for the big sister. She has been experimenting with methods of storing photos online so that she can easily use them in her posts and these are some of the Ice Drops that she has added to her cloud.

Diane won one of the raffles at Palmetto Tat Days and amongst many treasures was this pen on a retractable clip with a tatted fob. All of the excitement meant she didn't get many Ice Drops finished, but she thinks this one is her  Minty Fudge without picots. She was subbing and managed to finish another Ice Drop and found an additional one she had been working on in the bottom of her bag. She was too tired to post, but not too tired to tat. She wanted to try out this metallic thread that Lisa had at Tat Days and found it's really nice to work with. The thread is size 30, so it tats up smaller than the 20 and luckily, she had a glass gem that fit beautifully. The back is just as pretty as the front. This little fleur-de-lis designed by Linda Reiff is the only project she managed to finish on Thursday. Saturday morning class was with Erin Holloway Moseley and her Josephine Chain Square Motif was a challenge, but she finally got it figured out. Saturday afternoon started with Sharren Morgan's Chain of Violets. Sandra Eichelberger's Elegant Clovers Necklace is a challenge for Diane because of all the split rings. Wally Sosa's Button Flower Oya Igne Style was really interesting. The most difficult class for her was Linda Reiff's Mekik Oyasi Turkish Tatting.

Fox started this edging, but the beading was too much of a bother. She set that design aside for this one.

Laurette tatted the Pretty Petal Doily from Traditional Tatting Patterns by Rita Weiss, to enter in the state fair, using the magic thread trick to avoid any knots and being careful to do down joins so all the blips would be on the same side. The result is that she won the best of show ribbon!

Margaret updates us on the tatting project, a design for the neckline of a dress using Lizbeth thread size 20 and the pattern is from Jan's book Tatted Treasures.

Marie, playing with the oval motif and added another section, created a triangle.  Using up the thread on her shuttles, she loves making these little angels. She's in the mood to make another, smaller doily, this one from Jan's, "Tatted Treasures" book.

Muskaan shows a profusion of floating beads. Jane McLellan's Cascade Earrings adapted to make a Cascade Bracelet. Doctor Who inspired Red Bow Tie Tatted Necklace by Anita Barry was meant to be a necklace with jump rings and chain attached, but she intended to sew it on to a hairband. As usual she has posted step by step instructions for tatting it on her blog.

Phyllis was selected to test tat and be class helper to all of Wally Sosa's classes at Palmetto Tat Days (bottom left - suncatcher, angel, button flower oya igne style, and hybrid tatting bracelet). The final photo is Baby Groot, a crochet pattern that Phyllis converted to tatting and which won Best of Theme.

Sue made these Autumn earrings in Lizbeth size 80 Falling Leaves, using patterns for Ice Drops & Yarnplayer's Small Maple Leaves. She took the pattern from http://koroneczka.pl/ and created another ornament. Ice Drop earrings in Lizbeth size 40 Elderberry Jam with plastic purple beads.