Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hearts, Doilies, Edging, Motifs, Pendants, Lady, Dragon and Snowflake

Carrie sat down and tatted Janette Baker's Heart from Learn to Tat in size 10 white for chains and pink for rings.

Laurie was asked to provide an item for the silent auction fundraiser for St. Francis High School, so she's making the Clover Doily by Eileen Stafford. So far she's up to round 3.

Jane made up this edging, using Martha Ess's folded ring technique using size 10 thread for the border of another towel.

Lelia used Lizbeth size 20, color 620 to tat Betsy Evans' Small Tatted Heart. Then she tatted this motif from MiniTats by Patti Duff.

Kristen is pushing ahead with her shuttle tatting and has mastered tatting right handed, but it's not as neat as her needle tatting. She's having trouble getting her picots an even length because she can't see them under the pinch. (I usually solve the problem by pinching back from the last few stitches.) Still, her most recent shuttle tatted motif looks better than her first one.

Marta hasn't been blogging, but she has been busy and finally took time for a photo shoot of her recent work.

Cindy continues to work on the Jan Stawasz doily XI but their seemingly endless ring and chain repeats are hard on the attention span, but she's made it to round 9.

Fox has been playing around with Mary Konior designs while waiting for her thread order. She also took on another pattern by Sumi Fujishigi.

Margaret was thrilled with the pendant the she received in the mail from Wendy.

Marie tatted a pattern by Heather, called "Lady 2", a variation of the first lady done in Lizbeth, size 20, Springtime, Ecru and Green Orchid Med.

Martha has posted another tease, a Chinese dragon.

Mica tatted the swirl snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman made in Kreinik braid no. 4 which is quite fine and she had quite a few difficulties with this thread splitting.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Crosses, Doilies, Angels and Mice

Julie tatted Camilla from Lene Bjorn's Tatted Bookmarks ~ cross shaped in size 20 Lizbeth Sea Scape. Monica was tatted in size 20 Lizbeth in Victorian red and black.

Kristen has been whipping out needle tatted pieces, but she decided that learning to shuttle tat would help her conquer 2 shuttle patterns. Except that being left handed she's struggling with tatting right handed patterns and she can't see any difference in the end results.

Fox was all geared up to tat the border for this hanky. until she discovered that the thread was mysteriously missing and had possibly been thrown out. She's ordered more. The pattern by Sumi Fujishigi that she had started, had to be cut back. apparently the instructions she had followed weren't quite what was written, but she's on track now.

Marie made this angel which she thinks is a Russian pattern from and online pattern and worked it in Lizbeth, size 20, antique violet med and white. Then she made two more Morgan Mice with different ears in Lizbeth, size 20, Fruit Fizz. A variation on Birgit Phelps’ Simple Angel, by Martha Ess was tatted with Lizbeth, size 20, Azalea and Dusty Rose Lt. This mouse's ears were made 6-6 and was tatted with crochet rayon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flag, Edging, Doilies, Motifs, Angel and Mouse

mb duke is using Lizbeth size 20 in Christmas red, White, and Royal Blue to tat this flag for her neighbour. The one done previously had beads added for stars and was mounted on a metal bar and added to a hanger.

Jane tatted Ninetta Caruso's Kissing Minnows edging to add to the border of a towel.

Wooroosa tatted a lovely little doily from The Tatted Artistry if Teiko Fujito.

Diane used size 20 Lizbeth, #684 Leaf Green Medium for the chains, and #171 Green Coral Sea for the rings to tat Mary Konior's Spinning Wheels Glass Mat. Her granddaughter Ella wanted the same Green Coral Sea for the chains, and she chose #119 Jelly Bean for the rings, but she was a little impatient for grandma to get it done.

Fox is working on an intriguing test-tat for a fellow tatter. She tried another edging pattern in the Daiso #40 thread from the Handkerchief Pattern book but it was too heavy for the silk. The finished test-tatting was Jamie, by Liyarra, which will appear in the Danish Tatters Association 50th edition publication. Then she needed something smaller to work on and selected this motif.

Jess created an eye catching red and purple HDT which she has named appropriately Red Hat. The motif is tatted in the colourway along with Lizbeth's Seagreen Light, on the third round.

Marie tatted Riet's Martina Angel, by Riet Surtel-Smeulders in Lizbeth, size 20, white, ecru, and azalea med; and DMC, two strand thread. As soon as she saw Wanda's post, she had to tat Morgan and not having a finding she used a 1/2" button.  The top mouse was tatted in Lizbeth, size 20, Springtime.  The second mouse was tatted with Lizbeth, size 20, Blue River Glades and sports longer ears.

Martha is enticing us with hints as to the contents of her new book. First dragons and now a tatted Unicorn in Captivity.

Sue has tatted 60 Dangles in a rainbow of colours as mementos for the ladies on a retreat.

Wanda tatted Morgan the mouse who is made in Lizbeth #131 Vineyard Harvest and #644 Boysenberry Dk, size 20, with three 11/0 black glass beads.  The center is an 8-point finding with a flat-backed "diamond" glued to the centre.