Monday, August 24, 2015

Pendants, Earrings, Doodles, Lamb, Motifs, Fair Entries, Doilies, Needlebook, Heart, Coaster, Hairclip, Bracelet, Necklaces, Pincushion, Lanyard, Cross, Snood, and Edging

Julie enjoyed the online course she took and was delighted t with the techniques she learned making the Shell Pendant by Marilee Rockley. the design called for size 10 thread and she used the nearest size she had which was Deco 8. For her final version she used Lizbeth size 20, #165 and a 4 mm pearl and Miyuki seed beads.

Sue tatted these cupcake earrings in strawberry chocolate!

Lelia empties her shuttles making doodles for Lafayette Lacemakers for    business cards which are handed out at community events. Her Leaping Lambie attempt from Karey Solomon's Tatting Times wasn't quite right the first time, so she plans to tat it again. This small motif was made by her friend from Peikko's book on Tatting Small Accessories, as were these motifs which were attached to a note.

Linda won several ribbons at the county fair including one for a tatted doily designed by Nancy Tracy and one for a cross stitch needle book with a tatted edging and tatted motifs.

Claire has been tatting a heart a month for her mum and the most recent is Mary Konior's Queen of Hearts pattern in Lizbeth size 20,  Ocean Sunset #155.

Diane has finished rounds 10 and 11 of her monstrously large masterpiece doily. Here's the beginning of round 12. She only had an hour for this bit. In the international mail she received this beautiful coaster made by Wendy at Umi & Tsuru. Just a wee bit more done. Her Mom wanted a picture with a yardstick for reference, so she obliged and you'll notice one more repeat completed. Putting her work in a plastic bag while she worked on it was a great tip for keeping things clean. The 4th repeat is almost done. Five repeats and half way through the round.

Fox has all the little motifs done and tatted around and Buttercups is coming out much smaller than she imagined. From Karey's recent Newsletter she tatted this sweet design. in size 80 Lizbeth. She tatted it again being mindful of her picot size and eliminating the split rings which she finds sometimes distorts the shape of the work a little. Tatting the same piece again she notes that the Lizbeth Wildflower thread looks very different depending upon which colour it is tatted with. Working with another pattern from Karey's Tatting Times she found that she had to add a vibrant red to keep the pale yellow from being so anemic as to look white. She is more than half way through the Ben Fikkert doily although she is really having to concentrate to maintain the bare threads to the right size to keep the motifs from cupping. Here it is at the halfway mark.

Kristen has done a book review of Tatting for Pleasure and Tatting: Basic Patterns, both by Rosemarie Peel, showing some of the pieces she has tatted from both books. She was thrilled that her tatting received not only a first ribbon but also Best of Show. Her other pieces were also well received.

Margaret won a beautiful tatted coaster from Wendy's blog.

Marie has created more bridal bling with this pendant created from a recycled earring. Tatting turned an ordinary hairclip into something lovely for a bride. This tatted bracelet is part of her garden collection. This is the necklace of her garden collection.

Martha shares a bigger picture of her tatted pincushion which is totally awesome. Her Wiosna doily is coming along and she should have it done in time for the state fair.

Muskaan is experimenting with hanging clunies, rolling cluny braid, curled cluny leaf and freestyle leaves and tallies with beads.

Phyllis tatted this necklace in her own HDT with sparkle beads using a pattern called Collana by silfoxestating from facebook. The blue doily is something quick that she made to enter in the fair from Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito.

HisKid found this Elaine P. Gan doily design quite the directional challenge tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch and size 40 Yarnplayer's HDT Celery. She's working on this Beaded Lanyard from Patti Duff tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Rainbow Splash and some larger orange beads which a friend wants to hang a cross on as a necklace. She completed another Hope Cross by Elaine P. Gan tatted in size 40  Yarnplayer's HDT Red, White, and Blue. The goodie package she received from Carollyn was full of lots of little treasures.

Wanda found this Spider Web Snood from Twinkling Stars and Small Tatted Gifts that she made years ago in size 30 DMC Cebellia thread and it's sized for a doll. She is working on another runner edging in Lizbeth size 10 #603 Ecru and #698 Fudge Medium using her Hanging Basket Edging that she designed in size 20, but in size 10 it isn't laying as nicely.