Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Necklaces, Earrings, Leaves, Critters, Flowers and Motifs

Marta has created an end of summer necklace to make that transition from working with thread to working with yarn.
Nami has some new earrings with tropical green beads in the centre and dripping from delicate chains.
IsDihara has returned from Tat Days with a "bug" or is it a "cure"? Whichever it is, the result is a leaf, a thyme leaf.
Wanda has been busy with family but she did get a chance to tat a motif from an old Workbasket that she made without the suggested cut and tie, then she wrote it out in modern notation. The exchange she was in with Stephanie Grace came with this lovely card embellished with flowers and butterfly. Aileen finally got up the courage to get out her Tatted Zoo from Dianna Stevens and start making critters. The peacock was done in Lizbeth size 20 Island Breeze and Bright Turquoise Dk. The chicken was done in Lizbeth size 20 Berry Burst. Then thinking of Christmas, she tweaked one of Jane Eborall's patterns to create a 3D poinsettia in size 20 DMC Christmas red Cebelia, size 11/0 green beads, a yellow button and some size 40 Milford green thread.
Fox has completed a charming white cap with a lovely motif and a delicate border around the rim. Kelly has tatted a hair clip for an upcoming wedding in DMC Cebelia size 20 in beige and using a similar pattern she made a pendant and earrings in black DMC Cebelia size 30 but she can't decide whether to wear the pendant with the black chain or the gold.
Nita hasn't been blogging much lately because some medical problems had her in the hospital, but she did manage to tat a cell phone holder that holds a phone and many cards like her licence and credit card etc. They take a long time to make, but she may be selling them on ebay.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Angel, Bookmark, Bracelet, Doily, Dragon, Earrings, Edging and Motifs

Kkommy has finished another of Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mats. The first doily was made in Lizbeth Blue Medium 651 the second was made in Lizbeth's Mocha Medium 691, both in size 20.
Marta tatted 3 pairs of earrings using honey coloured beads, green beads and clear beads.
Nami shows us the same motif done in 2 different colour variations.

Magda's booth at Basin Park Museum was filled with lots of tatted treasures. Check out all of the lovely eye candy on her blog.
Orsi has taken up needle tatting and she started with making several bracelets.
Kjellaug had to learn to do SCMRs to tat Terry's lovely Trinka angel for the birthday of an 80 year old friend. It's been tatted in Brukte DMC 30 and mounted in a frame.
Corina tatted Sweethearts earrings from Marilee's Boutique Tatting using Romanian cotton thread. She completed this necklace a while ago but didn't have the findings to finish it. The Celtic Knot Earrings Ruth Perry's Celtic Tatting.
Sue has tatted a centre for tatting with rings in white.
Tatteristic wants you to meet Rosie, the Seahorse Dragon, Anne Bruvold's most recent dragon that was partly shuttle tatted and partly needle tatted.
Cindy is trying out some edgings to be combined with quilting to make a circular centrepiece for her table. This one is Lacey Edging from A Christmas Angel and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn. She was worried that she might not finish 25, but she did it in less than 8 months.
Katherinne was at Tat Days and took Nina Libin's class for the Indian Summer necklace and earring set. She completed one in class and the other at home. Now she just needs to find some sterling silver or 14 kt gold ear wires to go with them, since she's allergic to anything else.
Ancolie has tatted another of Teiko Fujito design with inner rings ad found it a good exercise.
Diane has been playing with HDT. She thinks the Spinning Wheel Glass Mat is tatted with Earthy Rainbow, size 40 HDT by Krystledawne. The wreath pattern from the Tatsy book, Tatting by Carol M. Winandy was done in some unnamed size 20 HDT. Astrid from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson was tatted in Oren Bayan size 50, color #090.
Fox thinks Kersti's Stumpy bookmark pattern tatted in Coron, #40 would make a nice decoration for a little vest or other small child's item. Anne's Dragon Wing doily pattern is also being tatted in Coron from the thread exchange and she hopes she doesn't run out.
Marty's Jubiloso by Yarnplayer was tatted in Lizbeth size 20 in Light and Medium Sea Green and won both a first place blue and a high blue ribbon. She made this pendant using ideas from Jon Yusoff and when her sister nagged her for matching earrings, Marty obliged and the Judges were really impressed and gave them a blue first as well as a sweepstakes ribbon. Way to go!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seahorse, Seahorse Dragon, Heart, Snowflake, Leaf, Doily, Earring and Edgings

Nami has created a cascade of flowers with a silver coloured thread for the tatted flower edged in blue crochet the perfectly matches the fine silver chain and aquamarine droplets in these earrings.
Fiyero has been away from tatting since March, but he's catching up now with a maplele leaf tatting in variegated thread, a small doily in white, a bookmark done in his old high shcool colours, a tatted heart and a snowflake of his own design. Diane has had a wonderful time tatting Anne's Seahorse Dragon that she thinks was done in size 20 Tropicana HDT from LadyShuttleMaker.
Fox wanted to use the same colours for the motif and the edging, but she ran out, so she's using his colour from a thread exchange as the nearest match. She had planned on using this edging from Ruth Perry but it seemed a bit too much for a little hat, so here it is back to a simple row of ring and chain with pretty blue beads.
Marty used Mark's Seahorse pattern on this baby onsie but it needed a little something that wasn't overwhelming. So she settled on a couple of little fish she made up and it not only won a blue first place ribbon, it was considered for the sweepstakes and got a high blue ribbon as well.