Sunday, July 26, 2015

Necklaces, Earrings, Motifs, Heart, Rocking Horse, Enterprise, Doilies, Crosses, Edging, Pendants, Bracelet and Angel

Dorota took a lovely romantic medallion and crafted delicate lacework around it to beautifully display the piece both front and back. Encapsulating a cabochon in beading and adding beaded tatting made a gorgeous pendant.

Mary Lena created a new pair of earrings for the holidays.

Julie created a tutorial showing how to tat a simple daisy flower with the last folded ring.

mb duke received from Sally a lovely gift of a rosewood pop-a-bobbin shuttle in a little burgundy bag with a beautiful heart motif on the outside.

Grace donated this wall hanging, with the tatted rocking horse from Pam Palmer's Tatting Treats 2, to an online drawing.  The Enterprise tatted in size 20 thread and designed by Bat Tatter, Carol Amich, was given to a dear Trekkie friend. Here's the finished mystery doily from the Craftree tat-along done in size 40 thread.

Cindy tatted Mary Konior's Large Cross in Sulky Blendables which is the perfect size for this cross.

Claire used Lizbeth 20 charcoal med #607 on Norma Benporah’s doily, a darker grey than the one used in the first row and the long chains of the third row were worrying, but it seems that she managed to keep quite a similar tension all along the multiple sittings.

Diane needed some wrist exercises before doing more work on the Jan Stawasz doily. Setting small goals for this doily does seem to help. Round 7 of the doily is done. Round 8 is started. However, it looks like there was a little too much enthusiasm at work and as a result there will be a little snipping going on, but at least it's a -little- snipping. She's almost caught up to the point where she had to start snipping. Lots of tatting time has resulted in another round half way done.

Fox used size 80 Lizbeth, Wildflower on this Pascale Provost pattern and it looks quite different that in does in the Fikkert pattern. Robin Peretti's border that she's using for this beautiful hankie is a great travelling piece. The Fikkert doily is ready for joining motifs. & more motifs to go and then the border row!

Jenn is test tatting Elaine P Gan's At the Helm pendant pattern.

Kristen pinned the edging to "stretch" it around the hanky. It seems to have worked as the edging is now attached and behaving itself.

Margaret tatted the remembrance ring pattern by Marilee Rockley. Her hands are a little larger so she added a couple of rings to make it fit.

Marie created a Bridal Swirl necklace to match the set. Here is the matching bracelet. This single clip earring is one of her favourites. Another clip earring turned into a pendant. This clip was cupped so she allowed her tatting to be slightly cupped as well to enhance to form of the clip. This choker matches the bracelet she did from a pattern in the Handy Hands newsletter. She used a leafy green size 80 thread for this cross from Lene Bjorn's Tatted Bookmarks, Cross Shaped. She used the same thread for the Universal Bauble design from her book Baubles and Motifs.

Martha's book of tatted angels is almost ready, just needing some tweaking of the front cover.

Muskaan shows the progress of Renulek's Wiosna Doily 1. She played around with several colour choices for Renulek's Wiosna Doily 2 and shares her thoughts on what worked and what didn't.

Phyllis is almost halfway through round 11 of the Jan Stawasz doily.

HisKid test tatted this necklace for Elaine P. Gan in size 40 Lizbeth Caribbean and Royal Blue with tiny dark purple beads. Tatted in size 40 Red and Blue HDT from Yarnplayer, this design from Elaine P. Gan, called Hope Cross was made for a friend who is in his 70's. Another Elaine P. Gan design for a necklace pendant tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Boysenberry Dk. with tiny gold beads.

Wanda wanted patriotic colours and chose a red, white and blue Flora size 20 thread, but the white she wanted to pair it with didn't match the white in the thread so she worked with just the variegated thread and doesn't like the results. Some 3/16 inch twisted poly rope in pretty colors made a super size sample for teaching tatting, but working with the rope required getting her feet involved. For perspective, she used size 5 thread on the shuttles for her students.