Sunday, December 31, 2017


You may have noticed that some of the posts for the 25 Motif Challenge are extremely long. That happens when I get busy with things like vacations and renovations and can't do updates in a timely manner. From my perspective it means that when I do get to the update it's going to take an enormous amount of time. For example, Dec 30th's post took over 5 hours to complete and when I'm busy, that seems like an enormous time suck.

I have noticed that we have gone from just under 100 participants down to 25 and that most of the items displayed are also being posted on Facebook. So I'm wondering if this challenge blog has become redundant and if so, maybe it's time to close it down.

Your comments and input would be appreciated. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Only some of the people signed up for the challenge provided feedback. Only two or three really want the blog to continue, but most are ambivalent, so it seems like it's time to let it go. I have tried to keep up with all the lovely tatting since August of 2006 and have been introduced to some people I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise. Those who are still actively pursuing their goal of 25 motifs in a year can still keep up with one another by clicking on the links in the sidebar on the right. As for me, I think my time can be better spent elsewhere, so I will no longer be doing updates.

Thanks for your participation and all the wonderful laces you have shared with us over the last 12 years. Sharon Briggs

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Motifs, Bookmarks, Ornaments, Bracelet, Necklace, Snowman, Ice Drops, Runner, Doilies, Box, Earrings, Bell, Snowflakes, Leaves and Wreath

Vera has posted some of the motifs she has been working on like these that can be used as bookmarks or ornaments. This one is something that she's been wanting to tat for a long time. For Christmas Vera has her stars all assembled and put into small bouquets.

Pop Maria's last tatting for the year is this simple ring and chain edging turned into this gorgeous elegant two tone bracelet.

Batty Tatter enjoyed this Tree Top Ornament from the book Tatting for Today by Marion T. Leyds, but her points didn't quite meet the ring. She added one more ring just below the clover on either side of the points so that it fits the ring better and she's thinking she might just keep this one.

Elsa tatted Robin Perfetti's Magic Square which was translated into French and selected DMC 80 special thread, colours 437 and 169, but the design seemed too airy to use as a bookmark. She added in some tiny inserts to fill the voids. then capped it all off with a tatted triangle and some chained arches to finish it. She found this lovely design for a brooch on a Russian site, but since that's not something she would wear she changed it to a necklace.

Melanie found that keeping track of very small picots used for joining tucked in among a plethora of beads very challenging until she used tiny little loops of contrasting thread.

Diane received an Birthday Ice Drop from Denise in her exchange package. After a marathon of tatting she managed to finish her sister's mantle runner in time for Christmas and of course her sister loved it.

Fox had to face up to it, the row of split rings was wonky, so she bit the bullet, cut it off and started again. she has now completed the first split row again. Sigh.

Margaret tatted another Cosmic Ice Drop in Lizbeth size 20, with green beads and green glass gem using the pattern by Nicola Bowersox.

Marie had to make a few more trinket boxes to replace the ones sold at her shows. She designed these earrings for her baby sister, who has gorgeous blue eyes. Her gift from the tatting exchange included a tatted bell.

Muskaan tatted Snowflake for the Christmas tree by Agnieszka Michalowska, and in size 40, it measures 2¼” across. Round 9 of Agnieszka’s Doily #10 “Pikotek” done in aqua blue without the excess of picots.

Nikki forgot to post her Thanksgiving motifs and it seems a little out of season to post them now, but she's calling this 15 out of her 25.

Sue had this idea for a Christmas wreath. it's done in size 40 Lizbeth Christmas Green with 3 different sized picots randomly tatted along, but it would have looked better with more seed beads in more colours. She found a small motif she tatted that she's not sure what it was for, but it would made a great back for an Ice Drop. After all the snow they got she wanted colourful flowers, not more white stuff, so she tatted Diane's Pink Fudge Ice Drop pattern in size 40 Lizbeth Wildflower Garden.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Vera has had a very productive time with lots of snowflakes done and even a few Christmas balls

Sue returned from her lovely sunny vacation to a house that was freezing due to the gas going out and the heat being off and the leaking water from a burst pipe...but she did get some tatting done while she was away. This last one stayed behind with a lovely lady they met.

Diane is making progress on her sister-in-law's runner and she has calculated that she has 11 more rows to go a 4 hours per row so it's going to take a lot more work. Her Christmas tree is decorated and all decked out with her favourite Ice Drops.

Fox is slaving over this row of split rings that meanders around the doily making sure to check it carefully where it joins to the centre motifs.

Marie has tatted a festive Christmas box complete with a tiny pearl knob on the lid. These icicles are beautiful and easy to make. Another wee box in pink and red.

Muskaan has round 7 of the doily completed and it looks simply marvellous. Round 8 is pulling it all together.

HisKid has more Ice Drop earrings done, with this pair in size 40 Lizbeth Raspberry Frappe. And this pair in size 40 Lizbeth Honey Drizzle. She puzzled out how to get the diamond of beads at both the base and the points of this design from Marie's page and included the step by step instructions on her blog. She still loves these Birthday Ice Drops done in colours for Christmas like this one tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Snow White with gold and red beads. Here they are side by side reg with gold and gold with red. She tatted these Ice Drop earrings in size 40 Lizbeth Purple Splendor. She finished this pair in size 40 Lizbeth Purple Splendor and then another pair in size 40 Lizbeth Snow White. Diane's Pink Fudge Ice Drop pattern is tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Rainbow Splash with a yellow gem centre.