Monday, November 28, 2016

Doilies, Pumpkin, Necklace, Ice Drops, Christmas trees, Cross, Snowflakes, Brooch, Earrings and Pendants

Nikki debated on ending her doily after completing row 7 but the shuttles were still pretty full of thread so she went on to row 8. She may just stop here because she's not sure that she can figure out row 9. She modified Mark Myers apple pattern by creating a thicker, more pumpkin-like stem with a split ring at the top and used them for her Thanksgiving cards.

Elsa created the BABO (Baroque-Bohemia) bracelet earlier this year and her sister wanted a longer version for a necklace. To make it more adjustable she added a string of split rings and finished it off with Swarovski drop colour "Erinite", together with 4 mm round beads.

Diane tatted this Ice Drop, but it was too large for six rings so she did 7, which made it kind of loose so that the gem pops out easily. She researched tatting with a cabochon and than tatted this little piece as a backing, but it was too small so she just tied it off and hung it on the tree. Her next attempt was much better and she likes the way the back encloses the cabochon. She couldn't remember how she did the last one, but luckily it doesn't matter because it still looks great. Another version of the Ice Drop that adds a little bulkiness. This one ended up with three layers on the edge, (personally I think it makes it look more like a rose). She keeps making variations because she can't remember what she did before so she went back to the original design which shows more of the gem, but she misses the pretty backing. She finally wrote out her instructions and has included pictures to show how it's done on her blog. She wanted to have one Ice Drop on each branch or her little silver tree so she's done them all in an assortment of colours. Here's her tree all decked out and ready for gift giving.

Lilas has done a review of Kou Nanami's book of Tatted Lace Accessories which have been translated into French, although the one on shuttle tatting oya has not been, the diagrams are very clear.

Margaret has been having some eye injections so she scheduled some posts while she was away and hopefully when the procedure is done she'll be able to do more tatting. The first is the Mary Konior Spinning Wheel mat she completed in Lizbeth size 20, Falling Leaves. The cross is a pattern, Cross of Sevens by Robin Perfetti, done in Lizbeth Green Coral Sea size 20. The 14th Day of December snowflake is in Lizbeth no 20 white.

Marie made her Bow Tie Brooch with a slight variation in a different colour. Another variation, this time to her "Royal" earrings. The "Princess" pendant pairs up with them nicely. Her Christmas tree is already decked out with tatting.  This snowflake called "Vierling" is from "Happy Occhi," by Petra.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Doilies, Ice Drops, Snowflakes, Techniques, Bracelet and Brooch

Diane is tatting her Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior in size 50 Oren Bayan #058, dusty blue. She's still working on filling her tree with Ice Drops. Subbing for pe classes doesn't leave time for a lot of tatting, just enough for two more Ice Drops. Subbing for the pe teacher left her a little limp so she only managed one Ice Drop with points that have 3 gold beads. She made another red Ice Drop and finished off the spool of 1/8 inch satin ribbon. Her next Ice Drop is hung with a grosgrain ribbon. The Spinning Wheel hasn't progressed as much as usual, but it's still coming along. She received a lovely note from Eliz with this beautiful little snowflake enclosed and she loves the block tatting in the design. The dusty blue Spinning Wheel is done and measures 5 1/2" in Oren Bayan size 50, which is the same size as Lizbeth 20. Different brands - different sizing, the bane of a tatter's existence and why I either write the info on the inside of the cardboard core or tape the info on a piece of paper and stick it inside the ball because 10 years from now when the label's gone I still want to know what I'm working with. She has another Ice Drop finished and figures if she tats one a day from now until Christmas, she should have plenty to decorate her own tree as well as enough to give away.

Fox is on to row 14 and the ruffling seems to be under control. It's amazing how the outer rows of a large doily can have you in a panic as you imagine the ruffling, or cupping, not straightening out after you've invested all those hours of work.

Lilas discovered some interesting oya tatting on Pinterest which inspired her to play with the technique. Once she got started it was kind of addicting and she had to give lots of things a try.

Marie sold out of these shuttle bracelets and had to tat more. She did these with size 3 thread. They aren't selling out that fast, but she needs to keep a few on hand. This last design she is calling Bow Tie Brooch.

Sue has had some tatting time and is just zipping along through her doily...not really, it's still just one stitch at a time one repeat at a time, but it's coming and she did get 3 whole repeats done. Horrors! She found a mistake. The mistake met up with her scissors and all is right with the world except that the dark and stormy weather resulted in a dark picture. Flash and zoom gave her a better picture and today we can see significant progress.