Monday, September 30, 2013

Earrings, Motifs, Snowflakes and TIAS,

Cigdem has created a new earring design which she has named Yellow Tulips using Daffodil Field colour DMC Pearl cotton thread working with Czech beads. The pattern for it is available from her blog.

mb duke worked the first two rounds of an Anne Orr doily from the Star Book of Tatting Designs in vintage white Star tatting thread size 70. She also tatted this beautiful snowflake with vintage Star thread size 70 in Shades of blue using a pattern from Festive Tatting published by DMC.

Laurie tatted Kira's Star in Lizbeth white, size 20 and only has one more motif to go to finish her challenge.

Fox used the last of Karey Solomon's size 30 HDT to tat these 2 square designs from my Marvellous Motifs book. She used some of the pre-wound shuttles that Ninetta sent her filled with DMC #80, and loaded with some nice beads, so she tatted until the thread ran out. TIAS day 3 is done.

Margaret has day 3 of TIAS done, but it has cupped and she's not sure if it's supposed to do that.

Orsi finished  her "Prize work" and sent it to London. In November she will follow it but now it's time for her happy dance to celebrate.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flowers, Edging, Motifs, Doilies, TIAS, Snowflakes, Bookmarks, Angel, Scottie, Snail and Garter

Aysh has a lot of bits and pieces that she attempted previously, but she doesn't know for sure what she has completed and what's languishing half done. She could finish off UFO's but she's not sure what thread she used and if she has any more of it. She has been testing two of the flowers for the Jan Stawasz pattern that she's working on using size 5 crochet cotton and improvising some techniques along the way.

mb duke is working on Sherry's TIAS and has no idea what it might be. That's kind of the fun thing about it.

Lelia has two lengths of trim completed in Lizbeth Size 20, Color 603 using Marguerite, from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior for the Lafayette Lacemakers at the Feast of the Hunters' Moon festival.

Jessica was shown some lace tatted with ribbon and she thought she would give it a try. It worked, sort of, but the lace she saw used thinner ribbon without the loops along the edges, so her own version didn't look as good.

Nancy started Sherry's TIAS. Day 3 of TIAS is shaping up. She's also working on a Doily from Nancy Tracy's at Be-stitched using Lisbeth's new colors of Rainbow Slash for row 1 and Coral Orange Med. for row 2.

Linda is also working on Sherry's TIAS, which requires using a picot gauge. She has chosen size 20 Lizbeth 679, Lime Green for this project and wonders if it might be a heart, or a balloon. The glass mat is a pattern adapted by Kendra Goodnow from a Semco Book, which she has done before, but this time she worked CTM using size 20 Azalea Med Lizbeth #620.

Ancolie finished her vintage doily and now she's looking at Christmas patterns to tat some decorations.

Carrie thought she'd sign up for the TIAS, but she immediately had some challenges, like, how do you make a split ring? and what's a mock picot? So she grabbed her Learn to Tat book and practiced some split rings. Then she Googled climbing out with mock picots and launched into Day One. The time spent on a plane gave her a chance to tat a couple more of Birgit's Small Star, in size 10 white and green. Aunt Lydia's size 10 Victory Red was used for Crazy Mom's Cross which will be going to the pastor. The return trip gave her time to finish her bracelet (the tatted part, at any rate) worked in Lizbeth size 20 black. Day 2 and 3 of TIAS are also done.

Diane tatted the Guardian Angel by Kathy Hodge for the online tatting class with Georgia Seitz. She used size 20 Lizbeth #171, Green Coral Sea and omitted the beads because she put hers away in that safe and secret place where they are so safe and so secret, she can't find them.

Fox has had an issue with the Mystery Doily, where it seems that the count is out of whack and she's working in Cebelia #30. which is floppy so she's not really enamoured with it. She wanted to try this Tina Frauberger pattern for a while and this seemed a perfect time to do so, since she started the Mystery Doily... again. We know you Fox. If it isn't perfect it's doomed to be trashed again and again. After 6 tries, round one is completed. She was totally blown away by Ninetta's generosity. She simple enquired about the lovely little shuttles Ninetta uses and suddenly she received this package in the mail with shuttles and tatting. Of course she had to try them right away, without even a pattern, just winging it.

Kristen started Sherry's TIAS...several times. Even with the picot gauge, things didn't want to work out, but she eventually got Day 1 finished. The spiderweb doily is growing although it isn't evident at first look. Day 3 of TIAS was a fun tat. The Spiderweb doily continues to grow.

Margaret has Day 1 and 2 of the TIAS done using Lizbeth Purple Splendor.

Marie tatted the cute little Scottie dog from a pattern by Sherry Pence, in Lizbeth, size 20, black. The doily is from a pattern  from the Sp/Su 2012 Handy Hands newsletter, "Tatting By Penelope, Bk 5", Oval Mat and was done, in time for her parent's Anniversary.  The Snail by Nancy Tracy is another Shuttlebird challenge, done in Lizbeth, size 20, Mountain Breeze. This Shuttlebird challenge was a the Remembrance Ring  by Yarnplayer made with two strands of metallic sewing thread.

Martha has posted lots of Palmetto pictures. Stephanie Wilson tatted this gorgeous doily and won best of show. This is her own handkerchief with tatting added to a vintage  embroidered hanky won a ribbon in last year's State Fair. She doesn't remember who made this 3D flower, but it's lovely. This is Randy Houtz's mouse in bobble tatting. This lovely collar is by Patty Markley, from a Jan Stawasz pattern.

Mica tatted this little flower in early September then sat on a shelf for a long time waiting to be finished. Blogging gives her a reason to hide ends and finish off her projects.

Wanda tatted the cross on the left with Perfect Quilter thread #085 Sunrays; the cross on the right was tatted with King Tut thread #922 Harem. Although the patterns are slightly different, it's still easy to see that the King Tut thread is definitely finer. Over all, Perfect Quilter was better to tat with, didn't break as easy and was easier to re-open rings, but Wanda plans to keep on using both types of thread. These are the edgings she was working on, only now they are assembled into a garter for her niece's wedding.