Sunday, July 30, 2017

Motifs, Doilies, Tatting Conventions, Ice Drops, Crosses, Runner, Bookmarks, Earrings, Necklaces and Heart

Vera found this design challenging and took several tries to finally get it and she still noticed some mistakes when she was done, but she did finally finish it with a lot of frustration. Here are all three designs.

Melanie decided what she'll enter in the Fair for judging and display and as part of that, she finished round 4 of the wonderful design Renulek created for this year’s Spring doily.

Cindy attended the Twin Cities Tatters retreat which looks like it was a great success.  They spent time decorating our own tatting bags starting with using Frivole's Twinkle Twinkle pattern - and then the ideas got to flowing. AS you can see by the pictures of things being worked on.

Diane also attended the Twin City Tatters event, for which Cindy provided tatting bags and here's the bag Diane decorated. Diane has shown the bags individually on her blog, but Cindy showed in the collage shown above. While there Diane tatted... Ice Drops!!! This one is done with a tiddly wink. This one is done with a widow's mite. This was a fun tat done with a faceted bead. She likes working with cracked glass gems. She wasn't sure about the white beads but it did show off the thread nicely. She has tatted Christina from Tatted Bookmarks ~ cross-shaped by Line Bjorn many times, this one gave her fits! She finished one more motif on her sister-in-law's runner. On the last day when everything was packed up she started another cross. She bought some Lizbeth Green Coral Sea #171 to use at the retreat and tatted "Monica" from Tatted Bookmarks ~ cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn. With the thread left on the shuttles, she tatted an Ice Drop. She used up the Green Coral Sea that was on her shuttles to make this Ice Drop, but she thinks the white glass gem and ribbon really mute the colours.

Margaret has another round completed on Alenalea's doily and she used Lizbeth thread in Grape Pizzaz size 20 for this round. The project she has been working on in Tenerife is worked in size 20 Grape Pizzaz. And the finished product is a bookmark. This is her final part of the Pin,  it was going to be a pair of earrings, but the red Lizbeth thread is her try of the pattern, only the bead in the middle is too big. She started again with the blue Lizbeth thread Niagara Falls in size 20, with white beads and turquoise beads on the outside. She only did one and she'll do the second at a later date. Here is the picture and patterns as it is on Pinterest.

Marie wanted a new doily for her grandma's cedar chest and this is Renulek's 2014, spring doily.

Muskaan has started posting the patterns for the patterns she has been working on, beginning with Quatrefoil Triangle Medallions. As for the Quatrefoil Magic Square – she is working on it at intervals and it is throwing up some interesting patterns (and difficulties) because of 2 colours. Is this the Rubik's cube of tatting?

Sue has recovered from her headache but the tatting is going slowly, Still she finished her second necklace in Lizbeth size 40 Caribbean, with flip-flop buttons and a tiny tear drop bead. Here are the two necklaces side by side. A quick test tat for Elaine P. Gan on Renewed Heart with lovely, lacey looking, frilly picots tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Coral Splash. She has been tatting red and white Ice Drops for a friend to decorate a tree. Elaine P. Gan's Hope Cross tatted in masculine looking size 40 Adventurer HDT from Yarnplayer was created for a guy she knows.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Motifs, Doilies, Yoke and Snood

Vera has been working through the Magic Square and found that it required a lot of concentration. Of course doing one was not enough so she had to start again.

Fox thinks Robin Perfetti's Magic Square is a great pattern. This one is 2 inches across and was done in #40 Lizbeth. Alenaleah's tat-along is a lovely pattern and she thought she'd join the fun.

Martha found after fixing the offending motif she showed last time, she has now completed the inner neck edge, all "Yoke Circle 1". A few fill-in motifs on the front or maybe it's the back part and now she just the outer edge to go.

Muskaan recently found an interestingly shaped needle threader that also works well as a beader. She pulled out the old stand-by book “Tatting Patterns and Designs” by Blomqvist and Persson and tatted a couple of the medallions in Anchor size 40 thread. Most vintage patterns that start with a central ring will require tatting that ring first, but as Muskaan notes, a design like this one can be started with a chain the the central ring is thrown off it. This one cups because she didn't make the joining picots long enough. The next one worked out perfectly and is a very pretty medallion. She found Linda Davies split chain doily pattern and tatted in to make a hair bun (snood). Rather than encapsulating an elastic she did a Lock Chain string with a black wooden bead at either end and ran it through the outer edge of the doily.