Saturday, October 27, 2012

Heart, Necklace, Motifs, Caterpillar, Edging, Gloves, Purse, Snowflake and Fish

Cheryl has just learned to tat and she has already jumped on the challenge band wagon, but because I've been busy with other things, I haven't done an update in a few days and Cheryl has been very prolific for a beginner and she's already up to her 14th motif. You may remember that Sue showed us her first ring and chain that she turned into a heart and used on a card for her husband. After that she tatted chains around this angel finding using Marilee Rockley's HDT thread size 20 for her first motif. That was followed by the suncatcher that her grandson calls a snowflake, which is done in layers to make in 3D. Another suncatcher done in size 10 thread, notice that Cheryl is skipping over the reading a pattern stage and going straight to designing. This is her LasVegas showroom girl, again using Marilee Rockley's size 20 HDT. Lizbeth Green Christmas Mix size 20 was used for another suncatcher. She needed a chain for her Dacolores Cross, so she bought 2 pearl necklaces and tatted around them. Don't you love the imaginative way she is incorporating tatting? Finally, here is the Amusement Doily using a real pattern. She started with Lizbeth size 10, Ocean Sunset and didn't realize that on the 4th row she accidentally picked up size 20 of Lizbeth Spring Flower, so it's smaller that it should be, so she'll have to fix that. She was playing around with a long chain and added her first motif to it as a pendant. She made some mistakes on some early pieces and she's decided that she's just going to make them into pendants. Then she went back to more free form tatting for motifs 13 and 14.

Jane tried out several caterpillars Charlene Chongololo was too big, the fancy caterpillar was too heavy, but Jane Eborall's plain caterpillar is perfect to be glued to the top of a bookmark. This edging pattern from Semco Instruction Book No. 16 is a pretty pattern with a nice scallop effect, made here in size 20 thread.
Lyn tatted the Flower Bookmark by Rachael Mohler which brings her to 25 motifs. Like a lot of other participants, this might not really be her last one, we'll have to wait and see.
Jessica had the pattern for these scalloped gloves done and finally got them listed. She has plans to get the pattern for the coin purse listed as well. She also posted the instructions for different non-double-stitch chains.
Nancy tatted Jon Yusoff's Rose Window design in Lizbeth size 20 colours Scottish Thistle and Green Coral Sea.
SunshineCraft finished the Nora Benporath doily in the delicate size 40 thread, but after several attempts at various blocking methods she finally resorted to actually pinning it out and the little one promptly crumpled it into a little fist to carry it around. Kids, ya gotta love them or you'd kill 'em! Gorgeous doily though, even if it is a bit smooshed.
Cindy just has the trefoils left to finish her Lace Mat. She did each row separately because she almost has to when working in two different colours.
Jess created the colourway which Fox named Madder Tatter and Umintsuru used it to tat Nami's Goldfish design in HDT size 40 to show what it looks like. Looks to me like it's a winner. Frivole suggested that she "mess up" her Chilled colourway to make Chilled Mess HDT which she used here with size 40 Lizbeth's new solid Periwinkle to tat Birgit Phelp's SweetHeart.
Sue took a break from tatting snowflakes to tat around a finding and she's not sure whether the results should be called a snowflake flower or a Christmas flower.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Flowers, Angels, Bookmarks, Snowflakes, Motifs, Pendants and Butterfly

Jane's granddaughter needed a new book bag for school and she couldn't resist adding a tatted dangle to it. Jane's Millie Millipede was tatted in large size 10 thread, so she's calling it Charlene Chongololo.
Margaret tatted Leens Tatted Angel in Lizbeth Christmas Delight No 20 but she wasn't satisfied with it, so she did it again adding a round ring for the head. She did another Flowering Quatrain Bookmark by Joelle in Lizbeth Butterfly Breeze No 20. The Spiral Bookmark was tatted in Lizbeth white and Butterfly Breeze no 20 from a pattern posted on Intatters that was adapted from an edging in Tatting Doilies and Edgings. The Fluffy snowflake, designed by Wally Sosa was tatted in Oren Bayan Koton Perle no 8 in variegated blue and white.
Marie spruced up an old filigree heart pendant tatting around it in Lizbeth, size 40, Latte Foam which is a gently shaded variegate. That makes it 25 for Marie.
Nancy Tatted the Gloria's pattern for the Little Black Dress sachet, but her sewing skills aren't as good as her tatting so making the sachet is a bit of a challenge. Part of a motif was used as a decoration on a ball cap and attached with liquid stitch. She used 20 gauge wire to make hooks to hang some of her finished tatted pieces.
Ancolie has been away from home so she hasn't had time for tatting, so when she got back home she caught up by doing these pieces.
Diane has another purple snowflake done and she can't seem to stop tatting in purple.
Fox, meanwhile, can't seem to get enough Lavender & Lace from Tatting Doilies and Edgings made with Krystle's Wisteria Lane HDT. She also did another apple/pumpkin and as usual this one seems to look better than her first rendition. She thinks her colour choice for the Tat Along has too much yellow, so it will be going for a face lift. A take off on Frivole's "cherries" and some free form tatting resulted in this little motif that helped to use up the yellow on her shuttles. She wanted to try out some not quite closed rings which she thinks is an interesting technique in the right location.
Jess tatted this motif in her new colourway which will either be called Sea Glass or Beach Glass, as soon as she makes her mind up.
Sherry's lovely little flutter is posted to let everyone know about her giveaway.
Wanda decorated a little bucket covering over a painted logo with green paint and adding a double layer motif in Lizbeth #638, Christmas Green in size 20. The bottom layer had silver beads added and filled with candy it made a great gift for her boss.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Motifs, Pendants, Belt,Snowflakes, Doilies, Heart, Pumpkin and Apple

Jane tried Jane Eborall's latest pattern, adapting it, because her finding had 8 sides instead of 4.
Marie did free-formed tatting with size 30 thread around an old earring to make this pendant.
Jessica has been working on her projects for the next Shuttlebirds, one of which is a decorative tatted belt attached to a ribbon that will tie in the back. Another project is these snowflakes which use Catherine Wheel joins and Tess Moffatt and Jane Eborall have given permission for Jessica to use their instructions for them.
Diane has one more purple snowflake done although the picture makes it look black.
Fox took 4 attempts to get her adaptation of Karey Solomon's Mosaic pattern done with 12 ds in the added chain, but she's finally satisfied with it. She has been doing Renulek's Tat-A-Long and she was initially intrigued with the colours but now she's not feeling the love. Here is another of Karey Solomon's hearts and this one is called Heartfelt. She used up the thread that she had on the shuttle tatting the pumpkin pattern by Mark Myers.
Kathy's tatting group was at the Erntefest at Old Economy where several ladies demonstrated and one of the displays was a small Christmas tree with Victorian decorations including tatting. Frivole took Mark Meyers’ Apple Pattern and by using Autumn Spice she made it into a pumpkin which inspired Kathy had to make one of her own using size 20 Autumn Spice and turn it into a pendant.
Michelle used Lizbeth dark purple and white, size 20 for her Tat Along of Norma Benporath's Lace Mat, which she did using split rings. She likes some of the other versions she has seen using variegated threads better.
Sue tatted the Back To School Apple by Mark Myers, tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Christmas Red, and size 40 Yarnplayer's HDT Celery. She has done several motifs to fit into these coasters for a Christmas gift.