Saturday, August 27, 2016

Motifs, Ornament, Doilies, Butterfly, Snowflakes, Brooch and Earrings

Jane tatted motifs 53 to 57. Motif 54 involves self closing mock rings, but the others all have double picots. Motifs 58 to 61 are from part 5 of the Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito, which are inspired by nature and all of these involve twisted picots, which she's already got the hang of.

Melanie thinks she's got a solid idea for the bell cover, but she may add a row of rings in the centre.

Diane didn't get much tatting done as her time was taken up giving sewing lessons to three little girls. She finished her Spinning Wheel glass mat today, tatted with Scandal organic cotton sewing thread. It's only 2 3/4" across. For perspective it's  next to the size 80 Lizbeth in blue. The yellow size 20 Lizbeth is huge in comparison. This little butterfly done in the same thread is only as big as her thumbnail. Her next Spinning Wheel is out of this wonderful Japanese thread in size 80.

Eliz thought she was ready to start the last round of motifs, but had not paid enough attention to the pattern and she had to cut this all out and start again. The Eighteenth Day of December from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn is tatted in Manuela size 10.

Fox is still chugging along on row 8, since the sad thing about doilies is that each round gets larger and takes longer to tat.

Marie has graciously provided the pattern for making her 3-Layered Flower Brooch and this is the design done in blue with pearls instead of seed beads. She made the brooch pattern into a pair of beautiful earrings and entered them in the fair where they won first place in the earring category.

Muskaan did a modern rendition of the pattern for this Snowflake aka Six-Pointed Motif by Louise Hauck in Tatting of To-day. As well as providing modern notation for the design she has given step by step visuals for tatting it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Motifs, Owls, Doodles, Butterflies, Ornament, Bracelet, Pendants, Doilies, Cross, Pin, Rocket and Cuff

Jane tatted motif 50 that is one of the advanced motifs using split rings, which was pretty straightforward, but she missed a picot at the beginning of round 2, where she should've had a false picot to get to round 3. Motifs 51 and 52 use twisted picots, which weren't as simple as she thought.

Sharon made the tiny owls in size 10 thread, while the larger owls are Needle tatted using a size 1 needle and worsted weight cotton yarn.

Batty Tatter had a little trouble with this butterfly which she was supposed to start the body with one antenna and finish with the other antenna, but she didn't know how to do it that way. It's still a lovely flutter.

Melanie is intrigued by lace framing other things, like a hanky or a picture and the negative space in this ornament cover from Tatted Christmas Balls by Nadine Nunnelly
really draws her eye, so she's thinking of maybe creating something like it to cover a bell she picked up.

Sue tatted this bracelet and pendant from a Jennifer Williams pattern that she had to try. Jane's Starry Button pattern, with a few beads removed along with the button and replaced with a Tibetan spacer, used some of the green seed beads a friend gave her.

Diane felt like her retirement was official when the kids went back to school and she got to stay home and tat, a Sinning Wheel Glass Mat, of course. The finished piece, done in discontinued Perfect Quilter #070, Denim, is 3.5 inches across. She spent a rainy day using up thread on her shuttles making butterflies. The funky butterfly started out with blue thread that she ran out of, and finished with red thread. She's still emptying shuttles and using up the wound thread making lots of butterflies. The Spinning Wheel is tatted in an orange organic cotton sewing thread she found on Etsy. She is making progress on her Spinning Wheel and enjoying her retirement.

Fox is finding the 2016 Renulek pattern the most enjoyable tatting she has done in eight years using thicker, smooth, purl thread, repetition plus the infrequently added beads are all factors that are immensely pleasing and cause no stress.

Marie loves the way Butterfly Cross by Ruth More came out. The Layered Flower Brooch is one of her stacked ring brooch collection and won first place at the county fair, in the "other jewelry" category. This is the same brooch in DMC floss.

Martha's rocket is her creation for Palmetto TatDays theme "Tatting is out of this World".

Wanda created a denim wrist cuff with denim, buttons, scraps of lace, and of course, tatting.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Train, Cat, Squirrel Edging, Motifs, Butterfly, Doilies, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Suncatcher and Bow

Batty Tatter added a puff of smoke and an edging to the pink engineer's hat which she is keeping for herself. She tatted Mr. Whiskers from Inga Madsen's Tatted Animals. The squirrel is also from Inga Madsen's book and these animals are fun to do.

Melanie discovered a little mistake on her doubleweave sample edging but she's decided to keep on going. This is how she dealt with her design challenge. She plans to enter it in the fair and will show us the finished work after the fair.

Lelia shows the practice pieces / motifs, patterns handed out for the IOLI Tat-Off in Indianapolis, IN.

Diane needs to exercise her wrist a different way so all that she has tatted recently is one little butterfly.

Fox is slowly but surely making progress on her doily which is now 8 inches across.

Marie was given "Il Mio Chiacchierino", number 11 and she had to tat this jewelry set, which she worked in three strands of embroidery sewing thread instead of the size 10 used in the pattern. Here are the matching, curly earrings. To round out the set, here is the bracelet.

Sue used size 20 Over the Rainbow HDT to tat this suncatcher for a friend. You can see her progress on the doily which is pictured here with the Christmas tree edging that she will be using for a bow. THis closer picture shows the thread colour better.