Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coasters, Doilies, Easter egg, Snowflakes, Edging, Pendants, Flowers, Bookmarks and Motifs

Sharon decided that size 5 gave her the coaster size she wanted and she found a ball of size 5 Cebelia in her stash which she used her tie dyes on, but it tatted up like a size Lizbeth size 3. She found several full balls of DMC 30 Coronet in ecru and she has joined the 2016 Spring doily /tat-along by Renulek.

Marthanne shows us her favourite tatted egg, but she's not counting it for her challenge because she's done it before in different colours. She's working on snowflakes from Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflake Collection, Carousel, Milky Way and Twirly.

Eliz likes how Lene Bjorn uses ball and shuttle for block tatting in the 8th of December Snowflake, which she executed in DMC Size 80, colour #67 (Variegated Baby Blue). She's made a correction to her Dorothy Edging diagram. Renulek's Spring 2016 WIOSNA is coming together nicely, but when she joined to the wrong picot and had to cut out part of her work, she decided it was time to take a break. She emptied out some shuttles to play with  Ninetta's Little Pendant with Curled Rings, making them both with Variegated Manuela Size 20 (shades of blue and green with a little white and pink--# unknown mixed with Lizbeth Size 20 Coloor #628 Medium Salmon for the one on the left and Cebelia Size 20 Colour #818 Baby Pink Beads - soft pink for the one on the right. WIP Wednesday tatting just wouldn't feel fully satisfying without some progress on her Spring 2014 Renulek doily, even if it was just one more repeat.

Nikki decided on Renulek Spring 2014 napkin in a solid colour for her first doily and chose green because it's her favourite colour.

Sarah tatted a "snowflake" otherwise known as Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat using an unlabeled vintage thread which she's guessing was either size 20 or 30 and it was just over 3.5 inches across. She made it again, removing some of the picots to make a more streamlined version and she's thinking she might follow Batty Tatter's suggestion of doubling the length of the arms to make a larger project.

Batty Tatter made the large flower for her Mom for mothers day and the rest she hopes to sell at the farmer's market. The Rainbow bookmark is from the Handy Hands catalogue done in Lizbeth Rainbow Splash.

Elsa dyed some threads and then tested them out. Her first test was done with a traditional wheel. Then she made a celtic motif by Rosemarie Peel from "Tatting for pleasure". The Medallion with woven dots also by Rosemay Peel is very pretty. She did another one with a different outer row, but ran out of the HDT. And of course, the final test, wet blocking, and the colours are perfectly fixed. She used her personal variation of the medallion No. 50 by Nellie Ellison working in Lizbeth size 40 cotton and tatting 7 motifs to make this doily.

Melanie used the Jewelry Medallion by Muskaan to practise making curled rings.

Sue finished this bookmark that reminds her of nasturtiums in colour. Now she's on to making another bookmark.

Diane's next Spinning Wheel Glass Mat is done in size 20 Omega that she doesn't know the colour number for, but likes the colour. She didn't have a lot of tatting time today, just a little more on the Mat. And a wee bit more. Her it is in lovely spring green, Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat. The next one is in some size 20 Manuela that she's had for several years.

Fox has had another mishap with her doily and it does seem as if it's doomed. She ran out of the hand dyed thread and had to order more, then the replacement thread seemed to make a detour on a slow boat to China, but it did finally arrive, except that the dye lot appeared to be a little off. Now it appears as if the whole doily has gone missing taking two of her favourite shuttles with it when she only had 4 more repeats to finish the row, so she's thinking of throwing in the towel. She's being persistent though, and starting again, 2 done eighteen to go. Working with 2 blue threads is making this project larger and stiffer than the size 80 she has been using recently but it's sturdy and has presence.

Marie loves this little, dainty cross pattern by Elaine. She has another row added to Jan's pattern. On to row 4. Feresa Harold's adapted Cro-Tat cross pattern. There are only two more rows to go on this doily.

Martha shares the logo for this year's Palmetto event. A tatted shuttle wrapped around a shuttle announcing an out of this world event. How clever!

Muskaan shares several ways to keep your project clean while working on it. She has been playing around with Ninetta's curled rings, experimenting with them and taking pictures to show us her trials.

HisKid tatted Elain P Gan's Love On High cross in size 40 Lizbeth Coral Splash. Elain's My Portion cross is done in size 40 Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus. Fowerpiece by Mary Konior from her book Tatting with Visual Patterns is done in size 40 Lizbeth Coral Splash, Salmon Med and Lime Green Med. as "flower stems". She started Renulek's new 2016 Spring Doily in size 80 Lizbeth Summer Fun. She chose white for the next round.