Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interseasonal tatting - of Christmas bells, pumpkins, autumn leaves and more

It's been snowing at Heathers! I wish I had snow. She shows us her furry little babies as well as some lovely bells that she's been tatting for. I think It's a lovely idea!

Alan's won a whopping 16 blue ribbons at the state for for his work! That's a whole lot! He shows us his award winning booties (by Lenore English) and the baby bonnet.

Kathy's in the mood for some pumkin carvings!

Tattingchic is taking part in a blogapalooza (did I spell that right?). Post a pumpkin and share a scary story. Tattingchic shared a horrible experience… as well as the pattern for the pumpkins (kindly provided by Kathy) They're cute. I wanna make em too!

Ellen's done a doll for her daughter and shows us some of her other daughter's craft works. She also shows us her heart doiley hot off the blocking board.

Stephanie shares some lessons of life learnt from lace - take a gander.
Barbara's done up Tammy Roger's maple leaf. Autum leaves are still floating to the ground!

Iris is working on a collar and a sixstar. She has kindly shared the patterns on her blog.

Wendy's making some lovely aprons.
Carolyn shares her 8th motif by Lynn Morton done in Lizbeth thread. I've seen so many tatters use it I'm tempted to get some.

Arlene shares her Glow in the Dark tatted Xmas balls and shares her supplier too!

Check out Carol's halloween costume. Not to mention Rebel's!
Diane's done another spinning wheel. This time in Knitty Gritty (one of my favourite HDTs from Marilee)
Laura's done a spinning wheel too! In Rhubard Pie.
Marilee's tempting us with another new pattern!
Riet found a forgotten book in the attic - the next best thing to getting a brand new one!
Ruth shares a star of david pattern.
It's Sherry's birthday! Happy birthday Sherry!
Snowy's done one of Anne's dragons as well as an Aladdin snowflake by Jon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Patterns

Well Tattingchic's blog is a must see for all lovers of hand dyed thread and original shuttles. She is showing of a collection of threads that she received from Lady Shuttle Maker and Tatskool and shuttles from Hankering for Yarn.

Nita has tatted a Ben Fikkert snowflake as motif #22 for the challenge and is very proud of completing it.
Aileen is asking herself and others what to do about her UFO'S and she is restarting the 25 motif challenge and is only going

Iris has designed a pattern for a pentagon and she will be sharing the pattern with us all soon.
to use new patterns.

Joy has made a beautiful hand towel as a present for her sister.

Wally has made motif's 7,8,9 and10 and they are all beautiful little hearts.

Clyde has special Maple leaves falling in his backyard and a picture of a snowflake from the future.
Gina talks a bit about her cruise and tatting.
Ruth has been very kind and posted a pattern for a Star of David that she designed.
Sharon is generously sharing her pattern for a Snowflake Sun-catcher.
Sherry has done a spectacular job tatting a pineapple doily (can I get the pattern?) and her four o'clock class is making amazing progress. It must be the teacher.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More Snowflakes, Doilies, Hand Dyed Threads and Leaves

Heather says,"These are just some leaves I came up with... Hubby says they don't really look like leaves, but I think they do LOL" I think they do too!

Jeanne has been inspired by Clyde to look for more HDT. She shows us a picture and a link to a new supplier. Very pretty thread.

Tattingchic has some lovely new threads and HDT's. She also has a beautiful new Lady Hoare style shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts. She says she wants a cure for her addiction, but I don't believe her!

Amie has tatted motifs 11 - 15, these motifs being beautiful snowflakes. Beautiful work Amie.

Nita has tatted Jon's rose doily in lovely pink and green. She enjoyed the pattern very much and plans to tat it again.

Ais has tatted a coaster from Doilies and Coasters - a book of tatting from Burda. It is size 20 Cebelia.

Barbara finally decided to use one of her HDT's. It's a leaf design by Tammy Rogers tatted in Marilee's Sugar Maple. She made a mistake, but worked it into the design and already has her shuttle loaded to tat it again.

Jeff has really been busy with Ruth's Celtic snowflake, Beanile lace and invisible tatting. His work is beautiful!

Bob is tatting cute, (I mean EVIL), halloween masks. Sorry Bob. They're cute to me!

Meme' has tatted one of Iris Niebach's collars in white. It is lovely.

Terry has tatted a lovely broach in Altin Basak pink with pearl beads. It is from a Japanese book.

Connie has a challenge for us. Can you answer her question?

Joy just finished tatting a lovely hanky edging to make a bonnet for a friend who is expecting a baby. The color is so soft and pretty!

Wally has tatted motifs 3, 4 and 5. They are three beautiful pink hearts. The patterns are from Sue Hanson and Karey Solomon.

Carol received a cute skull bracelet from Martha. Lucky Carol. She also tatted Anne's dragon.
Clyde is in hand dyed thread heaven with 3 - 200 yard skeins of Marilee's Tourmaline!
Diane has tatted another Spinning Wheel Glass Mat in Sherry's Terra Cotta. Another jewel Diane!
Gina wants us to keep in mind that change is good!
Jon's blog wouldn't let me in so don't know what's there. Maybe you can get to it.
Laura has been busy with snowflakes and thread winders.
Marilee is working on a new design that has beads on the 2nd half of the split ring. She gives us a good tutorial.
Mary shows us 9 year old Meagen's blue ribbon state fair entry. It is amazing!
Pamela is showing us all of the Rainbow Bright snowflakes that are falling on her house.
Sherry is tatting a beautiful purple pineapple designed by Camelia Crapo Lambert. She was working on this while sitting on the Great Wall of China!
Zarina is laying in supplies for 2009. Way to go Zarina!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Motifs, Jewelry and The Rainbow Christmas Tree

Heather has tatted her own simple butterfly for motif #14 of the challenge. She also gives us the pattern.

Kathy shows us her third, forth and fifth motif and begins the story of how she learned to tat.

Tara has entered a doily and gloves into the fair and has been busy tatting a bookmark and working on baby boots.

Shirley has been busy tatting and has now finished 16 of her 25 motifs. She has tatted a ballerina, a snowflake with beads and a rosary.

Ellen has been very busy with her children and their pets but still has had time to tat some pretty little flowers and butterflies.
Martha has designed some rather unique Halloween jewelery. Any one who likes Halloween would like to tat these and she includes the pattern.

Wally is on her third 25 motif challenge and this time it is hearts. She has tatted a heart designed by Sharon Briggs as her third motif.

Carolyn has completed her 7th motif of 25 it is a cross designed by Rodger aka Freedman.

And now for the rest of them.
Gina is using the automatic post feature of blogger to do some posts while she is away. There are 2 posts with nice music and messages.
Laura has put up her Rainbow Christmas Tree and it is a sight to see.
Pamela went to the 25th anniversary party for there Wild Life Animal Park. You have to go to her blog and see the pictures of the cake they are not to be missed, it is amazing.
Sherry shows some interesting mother of pearl buttons.
Snowy has written a piece about using peoples real names on the Internet.