Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ornaments, Doily, Snowflake, Earrings, Bookmarks, Butterflies, Motifs, Edging and Heart

Ginny has posted the pictures from the state fair. Knitting, crochet and tatting were all under "lace" and tatting only got honorable mention, which sounds like the judges weren't knowledgeable about tatting. check Ginny's blog for more pictures.

Heather has been posting some beginner tatting lessons and in this one she has been talking about picots and showing where they are in a piece of lace. She has also been coaching her Mom long distance on how to tat and this is her Mom's first ring. Yay Mom!

Axa created a Nina Libin style pair of earrings.

Jessica has the second connector strip done on her test piece and so far it's looking good.

Marta has been making a series of bookmarks. First one with a caribbean flavour, then one with paler northern colours, then one to match the cover of an album and finally one for the end of summer reading.

SunshineCraft tatted this little motif from Tatted Butterflies by Adelheid Dangela, done in hand dyed Cebelia 20. She took a butterfly she made last year and finally attached to the little one's sun dress, using a spray adhesive that washes out, just to hold it in place while sewing down the picots.
Linda tatted the Glass Mat adapted by Kendra Goodnow from the Semco Book, in Lizbeth 20 Juicy Watermelon #156 and Azalea Medium #620. It won a blue ribbon at the County Fair. When she couldn't find the right size, her friend, Ruby, mailed her some 3" brass rings for the Summer Daisy Tatted Sun Catcher by Nancy Tracy. The blue is #30 Omega and the unframed one is worked up using Tropical Punch #132 in size 40.

Bev is packing up and getting ready to move across country, but she had time to tat a lot of edgings for socks.
Kathy, Carol and her mother Peg, joined Evalyn, doing a tatting demo at the Vicary Mansion along with some leprechaun friends and Miss Scarlet decked out in tatting. Kathy brought along her tree full of beautiful tatting for display.

Fox tried a pattern from Susanne Schwenke's Spitzen Kreationen and although she was intimidated at first she found it easy to follow. It worked perfectly when she tatted it without beads, but when she did it with beads, it seemed to pull the pattern out of shape. She tatted a heart from Tatting Patterns from Workbasket Magazine in some skinny 2 ply Finca Perle 16. and she's finally comfortable with the pattern, but the next piece of tatting needed to be cut off...several times. Thanks to a productive summer, the display lamp is covered with lots of new lace.

Gina tatted a pattern in Rhubarb Pie size 20 from a Tatted Originals 12 Butterflies by Phyllis Klosterman which she borrowed from the I.O.L.I. library. Then she tatted a pattern by Nancy Tracy at Be-Stitched which has long picots that are frayed. She used Rhubarb Pie & Celery, both HDT threads by Marilee aka Yarnplayer. This is the last edging of Plate 2 in the vintage D.M.C. Tatting publication, which is a commom design and she's shown a sketch of the stitches. She used DMC Special Cordonnet size 20 thread and while cleaning up she found an article in Sew Beautiful from 2000 the uses a similar edging as a border on a pin cushion.

Lily took pictures at the fair, but they turned out blurry. After wiping a fuzzy coating off the lens of her camera, she's now able to take some nice sharp images of the Celtic Friendship Bracelets by Jane Eborall done in Size 20 Lizbeth Black, Boysenberry Dk, and Hakelgarn White.

Sue tatted this ornament for a friend. The pattern is from the antique library Butterick Tatting and Netting No. 8 Tatted Rosette and it's done with Lizbeth size 20 Christmas Delight. She started a doily from Traditional Tatting Patterns Edited by Rita Weiss, but as it was a library book she had to return it before she was finished the doily. It's tatted in size 40 Celery HDT from YarnPlayer and has been mounted in a photo coaster.

Wanda tatted a few more snowflakes over the last week, but she thinks she's getting carried away with the beads. They look fine to me.

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