Monday, August 08, 2011

Necklace, Edgings, Doilies, Flowers and Bookmarks

Garyo wrapped half of a ring with double stitches one after another, and wrapped the other half for this experimental necklace with minimal embellishments, but she'll do another one with more.
Isabel has been working on an edging of flower shapes that lean to the left and created a modification of the pattern to go around the corner, but when she got to the second corner, it didn't work because the flowers needed to lean to the right. She ended up cutting the first corner and changing how it was worked. the end result isn't blocked yet, but she couldn't wait to show it. Isn't it scrumptious?

Diane's favourite colour is blue. Bree figured it out and sent her a box full of blue treasures. Diane is test tatting Bree's pattern for Shaded Sun and used size 20 Lizbeth, color #621 and #103 for her first one.

Fox has also tested the pattern for Bree's Shaded Sun and had difficulty because she didn't follow directions. She used #40 Lizbeth and Milford and found that Lizbeth thread twisted on the long chains, but that seems to be typical problem she has with it.
Gina's test tat of Bree's Shaded Sun size 20 Coates variegated and size 20 Lizbeth dark purple. The trim adapted from Plate 2, figure 12 is done but she's going to pin it to the pillowcase and make sure before she cuts the thread and hides the ends. Smart move! She figures that the 66 inches of trim took her 5.5 hours to tat. Gina tatted the motif design by Jennifer Williams from the last ROT newsletter which is meant to be tatted onto a sew on plastic snap, but she missed that part and she needs to figure out what to put in the centre.

Liyarra tatted Jon Yusoff's Bookmark with Overlapping Chains in Lizbeth Spring Garden in 20 and Anchor Liana 20 dark green.

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