Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doilies, Ornaments, Snowflakes, Motifs, Birdies, Edgings, and Necklace

Ginny has the fair results for some of her entries. The amazing large doily only got an honourable mention! Are these judges blind AND stupid? Her imaginative spider got a blue ribbon for first place in the original design section, and this snowflake also got a first place blue ribbon!

Michelle is working on her table runner and has the 5th row done, but lots of the same motif tatted over and over again can be boring to blog about.

Anika is glad that the hanky edging is finally complete. The edging pattern is "Svea" from Tatting Patterns and Designs and it's 2 inches wide, so it's a lot of tatting. She might might find a square motif to put in the corners, or she might not. Once you finish with a big project it's hard to pick it up and start again.

Jessica has the first connector piece done for her test section and it's worked out so far. The real trial will come in adding on the other pieces.

Marta has created necklace of tatted baubles in violet.

Isabel is making a gypsy dress for her niece and is making a long insertion to go with it.

Fox has noticed that after several washings all of the tatted edgings added to kids socks look the same. So this time she was pleased just to tat a simple edging without even adding beads.

Gina has found tatting little birds very addictive and she did these birds in some sample Kimono Threads that Val sent her.

This is Orsi's 5th motif and she has plans to modify it to make it larger and a square shape.

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