Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bookmarks, Celtic Motifs, Edgings, Snowflake, and Doily

Joy has an opportunity to sell some tatted bookmarks, so she is on the hunt for patterns to use looking at some on the net and experimenting with creating her own. She started with a pattern her grandmother taught her. Then she tried her hand at being creative and ran out of thread on the last few rings and was happy when she found some that matched...only it didn't quite. Then she tried for an off centred pattern that seemed to work on paper, but didn't in thread. Then she tried this idea but had some issues with the zigzag chain. There are several on my blog that are free to use and can be found under the label pattern.

Anika was gifted Celtic Tatting by Rozella Linden aka Ruth Perry, and has been enthralled with it. She had almost forgotten that she was in an exchange and was delighted with what she received from Joy. Her hanky edging is galloping along and she has only one more side to do. This snowflake was done in ecru size 80 and she stiffened it with glue and took pictures to show you how. Personally, I pin out the snowflake wet and then work in a small amount of glue with my finger tips.

Prabhjyotsaini participated in a bookmark exchange and used the Supermodel bookmark pattern by Brooklynne Michelle. The first one she did in pink with beads, but it was given to her MIL who was visiting. The second was done in black but she thought it didn't show detail the way she wanted. The one she sent to her exchange partner was done in Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple thread size 10.

Cindy has never used size 70 thread before, but the colour was a perfect match for this hanky. She decided to keep the edging simple because it is her first time with such fine thread, so she's doing Mary Konior's Clover edging from Tatting with Visual Patterns.

Fox received this eye popping thread from Ladytats and paired it with green received from Monica to make this lovely motif, except that she missed a ring in the middle. The socks with the Bunnies and Flowers edging are in the mail. She loves the Lenore English bookmark that Krystle sent her done in #30, Zwicky silk. So she did the same pattern in the same silk in light green and Marilee's Stardate #30 with The lavender Delica beads in the centre and the outer ones are silver-coloured beads from Suneeti.

Orsi has tried out her silk threads in both needle and shuttle tatting. She tried the size 8 with the needle and then with the shuttle and noticed that it was looser and larger done on the needle than it was on the shuttle. Then she tried the size 20 thread on the shuttle. There's quite a difference in size.

Wanda decided iced tea was the best choice for a hot Tatting Tea Tuesday. The doily is one she tatted a few years ago and she's not quite sure where the pattern came from and although she's done some tatting this week she doesn't have anything ready to show.

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