Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bookmarks, Baby Booties, Doily Pattern, Motifs, Doily, Necklace and Shawl

Joy is still tatting away at bookmarks. She spent a fun evening at her local "knitting club" at the library and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the funny stories being told by the older ladies.
Michelle was able to finish one pair of the Mary Konior booties during the trip to North Dakota, then when she got home she had surgery and was able to spend the rest of her time tatting and managed to do another pair.

Ninetta designed this bookmark working in the central line with two shuttles and the ball, in pearl tatting, with two connected chains of 4ds alternated black and green and she's trying to write out the pattern.It's done in DMC size 80 thread and the length is about 12cm.
Jessica has been working out the connecting pieces for the shawl and she thought it would be better to draw a possible connecting strip rather than try to just tat it. She's planning on doing a smaller sample bit that she can experiment with, so that if it doesn't work she can cut it off without damaging the shawl.

Bree has posted the pattern for her Shaded Sun pattern. Check her blog for the full pattern.
Fox got so frustrated with this tatting that it got pitched into the garbage, and then retrieved as she was determined to just get it finished. She had plans on doing the whole thing in the lovely vibrant thread and started the centres of all 4 motifs, but just couldn't face that much tatting with sticky, floppy, fuzzy and breakable thread. So she switched to Lizbeth and after a monumental effort to NOT obsess over making it perfect, it's finally done and looking lovely. Ladytats suggested that she doesn't have to make knots when she does a mock picot and that's simplified things for her.

Mica tatted these baby booties in Cebelia DMC in 3 colours for a friend and since they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, she used neutral colours.
Wanda is bouncing up and down with glee at the results of her two fair entries that both won firsts. The Antique Motif Doily which had to be entered in the crochet category not only won a first, it also won grand champion. She has been playing around with a motif, using split chains and adding beads and changing the stitch count. Her husband thinks it looks like a spaceship.


Unknown said...

where can you get the pattern for these projects? Specifically for the different booties, I really want to make them as a gift for someone who just had a baby girl.

Sharon said...

The pattern is Mary Konior's Goodie Two Shoes.