Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Motifs, Baby Bonnet, Bookmarks, Doilies, Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings

Ginny has two motifs from Karey Solomon's Tatting Y2K calendar. It's a bag pattern but after the first side she did the second with beads instead of chains and she thinks it turned out OK.

Joy was fortunate enough to find a tatted bag which appears to be the "Bag with Coronation Cord" from Tatting Patterns by Julia Saunders, which is a reprint of the earlier Priscilla Tatting Book. Coronation cord was a peculiar type of cording that has regular spaced sections of fat and thin cord, which is no longer produced. It adds substance to the tatting without a lot of extra work and is ideally suited to this kind of project.

Kristen started on a baby bonnet, but got stalled when the babies turned out to be boys, So when one of her friends had a baby girl she decided to finish it, only a #5 needle and this gorgeous Pearle 8 Turkish cotton resulted in a bonnet too big for a baby. (Just a note, if you follow the thread size recommended for most vintage patterns, the bonnet will fit a large orange. Babies used to be smaller.) Sew on some sparklies for glitz and it would make a lovely bridal cap. The Lacy Square from Rozella F. Linden's "Easy Tatting is much, much smaller and less intricate, but still very pretty. She just found out today that all 4 things she entered in the Iowa State Fair are on display. Both the doily and the bookmark received Best in Show ribbons.

Jessica was just a wee bit depressed about all the tatting she was going to have to do, just to work out the best connector strips to use for her shawl, but after she got into it, it wasn't so bad, and when she's done she'll have a miniature shawl to use as a display piece.

Marta has discovered that tatting is like candy, hard to stop, once you get started. This is her third necklace variation called Halva and in the same colour another bookmark.

IsDihara is working on an Interlocking Ring Lanyard and has
begun the "braid" technique described in Jane from South Africa's Interlocking Ring Choker pattern. She's using Lizbeth 40 #157 Raspberry Frappe for the foundation row and Lizbeth 40 #638 Christmas Green for the Interlocking Row.

Bree shows several pieces that she has had framed so that they can be displayed in rotation. Her most recently framed piece is her Shaded Sun design.

Gina was intrigued with the effect of working a ring on the picot of another ring and had to try it our herself. It made an interesting little motif, but it was a little cramped, so she did it again with better results, but thinks she might have to give it another go with fewer picots. Then she went back to Bree's doily in 2 colours, but she isn't happy with it mostly because she doesn't like her colour choice. She may end up doing the outer row in white just to salvage it. She finally used some thread she bought from Lady Shuttlemaker she thinks it's Rainbow Sherbert.

Isa has done the whole tri colour set of necklace, bracelet and earrings, complete with beads.

Marty made this Blue Diamond doily in two colors of blue Lizbeth size 20 thread and a bunch of little blue and white shirt buttons. It's about the size of her hand and it won a first prize.

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Mrs. Fink said...

Full disclosure...the Best of Shows were from the Southern Iowa Fair, at the Iowa State Fair I only earned a Honorable Mention...but as it was my first time entering, I'm ok with it :)