Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doily, Edging, Dolphin, Iguana, Dragons, and Bookmarks

Ginny tatted Jane Eborall's dolphin and then she did Jane's iguana a TIAS from 2009 from Palmettos. She has also posted a shot of her spectacular doily, before it got taken to the fair.

Axa tatted Anne Bruvold's dragon in size 20 Ancore Artiste and as soon as it was done she wanted to tat it again. So she did. The second time it was tatted in finer Cérnát 40 with beads.

Jessica has finished the lace for her hat. Six inches bunched up doesn't look like much but it was 2 feet of tatting. Now if she only had her hat with her she could start sewing it on.

Bree had forgotten to take a picture, but she finally shows us a the blouse she made with the tatting she did to match it. It's just perfect.

Cindy has been studying different types of chains, zigzag chains, spiral chains and lock stitch chain. In the meantime she did a couple of bookmarks. the Spiral Bookmark, with a lock chain tail and a charm done in size 12 pearl cotton in brown and pink, On the right is the bookmark pattern from Jane in South Africa, done in a dusty pink size 8 pearl cotton with a spiral chain and a charm.

Diane thinks the students will be fascinated with the beads in this bookmark she received from Lily.

Fox tatted the bookmark pattern designed by Ladytats, in Tatskool's hand dyed Rainbow Bright thread and now she's ready to send it off to her grand daughter, who is reading up a storm.

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