Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Motifs, Butterfly, Bookmark, Snowflake and Edging

Heather has a tatting kit available for a giveaway with a sweet tatted motif on the top. Check her blog for details.

Ninetta created a little butterfly in DMC 80 but there are two parts which she had to work in reverse using a method similar to that used by Edda Guastalla. Those are not onion rings, in fact only the inner is a real ring, others are long chains joined at the base.

Marta has tatted in yellow over a blue bauble and a green bookmark trimmed in yellow and blue.

Fox has tatted another of Jon's designs. This one is called Galuh
which she did in Finca size 16. It took 3 tries to get it done, which may have had something to do with reading instructions. The final result looks good of the hat.

Gina is continuing to tat from the DMC Tatting publication and this latest sample she found a little bit tricky to tat so she has labeled the sequence so that it's easier to follow.

Orsi showed us a motif earlier that she wanted to modify to make it square and here is the results.

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