Thursday, August 04, 2011

Bookmarks, Leaf, Edging, Ornaments, Snowflake, Heart and Necklace

Joy found that my Easter Cross pattern wanted to curl. I found it curling on me too, but it straightened out when the second side was added and blocked out just fine. Then she tried one of the beginners patterns because it's always good to know a few easy patterns to teach beginners. This one worked out fine and she liked it better than the one she die the previous day.

Prabhjyotsaini tatted this beaded maple leaf designed by Tammy Rogers as my 18th motif. She made all the free picots beaded using red beads.

Jessica started a very, very ruffled edging, with the idea that it would work well around the crown of this hat frame she bought. Only when she thought about it, the frame really needs to be covered and she's not enthusiastic about sewing. However the secondary purpose of the edging was to keep her hands busy while she did her masters degree in accounting, so she kept it up until she had both sides of this very ruffly edging done. In the interim her mother gave her a blue hat with a narrower brim and the two seem made for each other.

Nancy has decided it's not to early to start covering baubles for Christmas. For the large one she used size 20 Flora thread and for the smaller ones, Lizbeth size 20 thread. She used a snowflake pattern by Kaye Judt from the book 'A Little 'O This A Little O' Tat for the gold one and the red one is a pattern from Mary Konior's Anniversary Motif.

Bree is very excited to have a an original snowflake design completed. She has named it "Shaded Sun" and it's done in spring green and spring garden, both Lizbeth size 20. It's a delightfully delicate design that looks like flower within flower, within flower and Bree hasn't decided if she will share the pattern yet. I bet we could coax her!

Fox has admitted, sometimes surgery is necessary. Seven just wouldn't do, but here is is with all eight and looking absolutely scrumptious. This heart is also from The Classic Collection of Tatting Patterns and Fox is finding she really likes this book.

Gina has posted another teaser from Martha. She isn't showing the whole thing just so there is some surprise. Like all Martha's books the new one is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Orsi is designing a necklace in brown with beads in shades of brown. Very intriguing!

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