Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Snowflakes, Motifs, Baby Booties and Bonnet, Hearts, Bracelets and Earrings

Laurette got sidetracked last year and didn't get to finish her challenge so she has decided to give it another go. Snowflake 8 from Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments edited by Barbara Foster is done is size 80 white thread. The Tenth Day of December snowflake from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn is done in white size 20. On the Eighth Day of December snowflake from the same book she used white size 20 for the rings and Lizbeth 143, Royal Wave for the chains. The Flowers bookmark by Jill Hanna published in Tatted Bookmarks edited by Barbara Foster was done in Lizbeth 120, Denim Whisper and white in size 20.

Mary has been getting caught up and finally blocked and photographed some tatting like this little Hummingbird motif by Heather Designs tatted in Lizbeth Caribean size 20 and these hearts which she did in DMC red perle 8 thread although she can't remember where the pattern came from. To finish off her left over red thread she did up a couple of little heart earrings adorned with a pearl. Now there's a cute idea for a quick tat.

IsDihara is using Tatskool's Nutmeg HDT on this Christmas camel which is almost done.

Wanda designed a motif for her Design-Tat homework and then she decided to see what several motifs would look like together and it's pretty but even better when she added little corner pieces.

Bev is thrilled learning new techniques especially when they go as well as this one. A bead inside a split ring.

Claudia shared her first original design with the online class and it's called the "Lochness Monster Flower", with rings and chains which include a wide picot, using Dan Rusch technique, and inside it a floating ring using DMC perle cotton # 8 in pink and lilac. Then she kept on playing with the wide picot, with inner picots and this one is called The Lochness Monster Picot.

Fox admits to trying to infect everyone she meets, with tatting that is, and she's not even apologetic about it. This is Petite Snowflake, tatted in lilac #20 Cébélia and Olympus purple from my Tatted Flurries. Then she did my 2009 Christmas snowflake in Krystle's Midsummer Night's Dream HDT size 20 paired with red Cébélia to make one outstanding snowflake.

Gina has been playing with the same vintage motif, tatting it as written and then doing it as we would now with rings thrown off chains and using mock picots to climb out. She shows the original picture and the begining of a motif done in size 70 that she had thought was 40, but it was on the shuttles so she continued for a tiny daisy shape. She did another motif in size 40 DMC and shows it here with the first 3 in size 20. She liked the look of it so she did a small coaster size design in size 40 using Chocolate Sauce HDT by Tatskool and the outside motifs are from some variegated she had dyed herself.

Kathy tatted the Four-Pointed Star designed by Marion T. Leyds from the classic DMC "Tatting for Today" book. It was tatted using size 10 thread stiffened with Alene's fabric stiffener and some added glitter and a long 'crystal' bead, making it a perfect sun catcher.

Lily did several of the Trefoil Collection bracelet and earring sets from Lyn Morton's Tatting Jewelry. She didn't like the "dead space" between the trefoil clusters so she added a bead to fill in the gap, which looked really pretty on the bracelet, but left no place for the ear wire on the earring. So she tatted a short chain around the bead.

Sherry's new little treasure gets to show off the booties and hat done by VicTats.

Vinnie has been obsessed with beading lately, but she still had time for a little tatting fun making this long red edging.


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Me encantan todos los trabajos, son preciosos.

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I want to be part of the 25 motiv Challenge. I have my blog here:

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