Thursday, January 13, 2011

Necklaces, Bracelet, Earrings, Motifs, Flower Basket and TIAS

Isa has her first entry for the challenge done. It's a lovely pair of earrings of her own design, in marine blue with pearl beads in size 8 cotton thread.
BevM did this miniature dressing table set in size 50 thread which she calls the Serenade Doily Set. She did the set again in size 100 in white.

Fox has been doing her homework and I think it's giving her a headache. Wanda's Elcie deserved another chance so Fox re-tatted it in dusty rose and pale green with pastel pink beads.
Gina is waiting for spring and this flower basket by Faith Dunn from I.O.L.I. The Charter Pattern Book 2002 was just the thing she needed. You can see how it would look with some colourful flowers and a pretty butterfly.

Katherinne gives us the before and after shots of these motifs. The round motif from Free-Tatting .com was done twice, the first in solid colours following the pattern and the second doing her own variation. The square motif is from the same site and she has plans to use it in a larger project. The last pattern is Tatted Earrings #4 and they were interesting to tat. All of the designs were done in the Lizbeth colours from previous projects because they were the colours she had in her bag.

Lily has another Trefoil set done in sunny yellow in Coats Tridalia size 20/30 and pale yellow Czech beads. She did my Merry Christmas Snowflake 2009 in Copper Patina HDT by Lady Shuttle Maker to make earrings and then used 2 strands to make a matching pendant.

Vanessa has day one of TIAS done. I wonder what this one will be?

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Jessica said...

Katherinne, those earrings are gorgeous!