Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rocking Horse, Motifs, Earrings, and TIAS

Alba Alicia took a break from tatting in May last year and didn't pick up her shuttles again until November when she tatted this rocking horse as a birthday present for her sister. She wanted to tat this festive motif some time ago and she wasn't sure how, but now that it's done it seems simple.

Isa created this motif starting with a turquoise bead in the middle of a split ring and adding rows of onion ring followed by rows of ring and chain.

Mary was pleased to have her version of Fox's Maeve shown to the online tatting class.
Mickchick hasn't done any tatting since August, but the crocheted bag needed a little something to perk it up and what better than a tatted motif?

Tattips was afraid her laptop was dying and has been madly backing things up, which is always a good idea. After a worrisome visit to the computer doctor the good news is, it's just a fan. While the computer was being looked at she had time to create this earring design she calls Twirlz.
Isabel shows us her progress on TIAS.

Gina has continued her work on the ground (ground in lace meaning essentially, background) motif and she has posted a diagram of the motif and shows how she joined them together with split rings to decrease the number of cuts required. She also tatted the basket again in another size 20 thread but it came out smaller. Then she noticed that her mignonette rings were much closer though and the spiral tatted handle is also smaller and it, too suggests a smaller size.

Kelly tattaed two motifs from Lyn Morton`s book called Tatting Patterns. The one in the metal ring is called Simplicity and the other is called Elegance, both done in Altin Basak 50. The next motif is the new pattern from Fox called Abigail also done in Altin Basak 50.

Lily ran into a mistake she couldn't undo and had to start her TIAS all over again.

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